10 Best Victoria Secret Perfume Review

The Victoria secrets perfume collection is the best selling scent from VS. Here’s a review of 10 scents that are top in their category, and what people love about them!

The “victoria secret perfume best seller” is a popular and well known brand. Victoria Secret has released a wide range of perfumes that are available in all stores.



Victoria Secret is a premium brand that is on everyone’s wish list when it comes to things that embody fame, beauty, and quality. When it comes to what it has, the item that appeals to the most people is their underwear. This isn’t an exaggeration since Victoria Secret presents some of the most prominent undergarment fashion events in the world. However, there are other areas of the fashion business where it is profitable. The perfume business is one of them. To put it another way, Victoria Secret fragrances are a superb mix of flowery and fruity scents that readily entice the senses.


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This will be a top ten list of the best Victoria Secret perfumes. Allow me to enlighten you on why the items presented here are worthy of your attention.

1.Victoria’s Hidden Treasure

This perfume was developed by Adriana Medina Baez and Mark Knitwoski utilizing at least 12 scent notes. Bombshell is a perfume that is clearly designed for women. This is seen by the perfume bottle. This perfume has a vibrant scent that reminds you of the warmth of spring and lifts your spirits.

Bombshell opens with a delicious smell of strawberry and passion fruit, which is complemented by the zesty notes of grapefruit, pineapple, and tangerine. The beautifully flowery middle tone comes after the refreshing top note. Jasmine, vanilla orchid, lily of the valley, and peony make up the scent. There’s also raspberry to keep the top notes’ delicious scent.

This scent has depth thanks to musk, oakmoss, and woody undertones. These foundation notes keep Bombshell from being too fruity or flowery, even if it contains a lot of fruits and flowers.

Victoria Secret Bombshell’s Advantages

  • It has a fresh fruity and floral scent.
  • Has a dependable projection
  • It comes in a really eye-catching perfume bottle.

Victoria Secret Bombshell’s Downfalls

  • It doesn’t have a very distinctive odor.

Why Should You Purchase Victoria Secret Bombshell?

  • Appeals to the noses of women between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • It has a steady scent and is a good option for those who don’t enjoy complex scents.
  • Excellent fragrance for use outside.

2.Very Sexy Victoria Secret

This scent was introduced by Victoria Secret in 2014. Very Sexy is one of the rare fragrances that comes with a variety of body care items. A stunning lady whose every action, no matter how little, draws the attention of everyone in the club. The glitz, the attraction, and the hazardous personality. Very Sexy is attempting to communicate this notion.

The scent of this perfume is quite simple. When you use it, you’ll notice how creamy and pleasant it smells. This is due to the blackberry, tangerine, and vanilla orchid. I want to underline the importance of the vanilla orchid in this scent. Very sensual would smell honeyed or syrupy if it didn’t have its creamy scent.

Very Sexy is a terrific scent for heading out to the clubs. The first whiff isn’t pleasant. It might, however, be just what you need to stand out at social occasions. It also has a strong scent that appeals to guys. As a result, if you want to enchant someone, don’t be afraid to put this on.

Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfume’s Advantages

  • The scent is sweet and creamy.
  • Has a lengthy lifespan
  • Has a scent that appeals to men’s senses.

The disadvantages of Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy Perfume

  • At first, it has a disagreeable odor.

Why Should You Purchase Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy Perfume?

  • Club-friendly fragrance
  • Dates will love this scent.

3.Victoria’s Heavenly Secret

Victoria Secret’s all-time favorite is Heavenly. This is a light floral-fruity scent that appeals to a wide range of people. Heavenly fragrances on the market now seem to be more sophisticated than past ones. It’s because perfume companies altered their bottles to stay up with the competition and evolving consumer preferences.

This perfume has a light scent thanks to vanilla, sandalwood, peony, and white musk. Peony’s sweet aroma entices the senses. This floral accent is then transformed into a powdery accord by vanilla and white musk. Finally, sandalwood adds a touch of warmth while also calming the senses.

Heavenly is a wonderful scent to use at home. This perfume is just enough to keep you smelling good at home for the whole day. Wear this one anytime you have company.

Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume’s Advantages

  • It has a light floral scent that develops into a powdery texture as it ages.
  • It has a pleasant odor that consumers will like.
  • From start to finish, it smells fantastic.

Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume has certain drawbacks.

  • It has a strong resemblance to perfumes from other brands.

Why Should You Invest in Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume?

  • One of the most popular Victoria Secret Perfumes for everyday use.
  • It has a distinct powdered scent that is pleasant.
  • It has a fresh and basic scent about it.

4.Victoria Secret I’m In Love With You

The beautiful scent is created by Anne Buzantian. This perfume seems to be Victoria Secret’s entry for a competition that took place in 2006. This perfume has a scent that reminds you of a new relationship. That being said, if you want to scent what love smells like, try this product.

This perfume has an incredible flowery scent. It opens with a blast of rose scent, which is followed by notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, violet leaf, cognac, and carnation. There’s a faint sourness to the scent, which helps to tone down the intensity of the rose scent. Overall, So In Love is a Victoria Secret masterpiece in the field of rose scents.

During the summer and spring, this scent should be used without hesitation. It has a lovely bright vibe about it that you’ll like. Nonetheless, be cautious not to overdo it. If you choose to do differently, the rose scent may become overwhelming.

Victoria Secret So In Love Perfume Benefits

  • A strong rose fragrance
  • It has a classic and opulent vibe about it.
  • This perfume has a mature scent and might be used as a night perfume.

Victoria Secret’s So In Love Perfume has certain drawbacks.

  • For young users, the fragrance may be too strong.

Why Should You Invest in Victoria Secret’s So In Love Perfume?

  • When you use this perfume, you will notice a distinct rose scent.
  • Housewives and single mothers will love this scent.

5.Victoria’s Scandalous Secret

Victoria Secret released the fragrance Scandalous in the autumn of 2014. It’s a scent that’s supposed to bring out a woman’s adventurous side. Scandalous has a smell that actually energizes the user. This scent excites the senses and helps the wearer feel more alive.

Scandalous begins with a sweet raspberry scent with a hint of bourbon. The scent of peony soon follows, which is pleasant and zesty. The peony, I believe, works its magic in this perfume because it adds a dark element. Finally, the praline base note creates a complex aroma that ranges from nutty to candylike.

For young and mature ladies, I propose scandalous. It has a pleasant aroma that complements a wide range of outfits. It’s also a scent that lifts one’s spirits. If you’re in a bad mood right now, purchase this scent.

Advantages of Victoria Secret’s Controversial Perfume

  • It has a scent that alters one’s mood.
  • It has a happy and dark scent to it.
  • Wear it at a party, work, a concert, or at home.

The Drawbacks of Victoria Secret’s Controversial Perfume

  • There’s a little alcoholic odor about it.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Victoria Secret’s Controversial Perfume?

  • It smells tempting but not mature.
  • It pairs nicely with citrus scents.

Victoria’s Secret Tease, No. 6

This perfume was released by Victoria Secret in 2017. The vibrant scent of this perfume is what makes it so appealing. Tease, as the name suggests, teases the nose. It alternates between balsamic, flowery, and fruity scents. Tease is a perfume with a rich scent. However, if you’re looking for a unique experience, don’t hesitate to acquire this.

Apple, litchi, and mandarin orange make up Tease’s delicious scent. It has a mild, refreshing flavor that is ideal for hot days. The flowery fragrance, on the other hand, is both sweet and salty. It’s made up of jasmine, freesia, and gardenia smells. Finally, the balsamic scent is made up of musk, benzoin, vanilla, and other ingredients.

Tease is a scent that may be used right away. It doesn’t take long for it to smell pleasant. Tease gives you the ability to fascinate everyone as soon as you put it on.

Victoria Secret Tease Perfume’s Advantages

  • It doesn’t take long for it to smell pleasant.
  • It has a very lively projection.
  • It has a mild refreshing sensation to it.

Victoria Secret Tease Perfume’s Drawbacks

Why Should You Invest in Victoria Secret Tease Perfume?

  • One of Victoria Secret’s most recent fragrances
  • It’s packaged in a chic metallic perfume container.
  • Fragrance oils may be added to the mix.

Victoria’s Secret Night is number seven on the list.

For some, the night is when life really begins. It’s the time when you may relax and take in the scenery. The night is a perfume that tries to personify all of the wonderful qualities about evening. It is, nonetheless, a perfume that demonstrates the enigmas of deep floral smell.

The night begins with a scent that combines fruity, floral, and woody components to create a nose-grabbing feeling. The top note has an oceanic sense to it and is quite light. The middle note is predominantly flowery and fruity, with a fresh and gentle scent. Finally, the base note has a smoky and woody quality to it. It creates a strong contrast between the top and middle notes, ensuring that you are not confused.

Victoria Secret Night Perfume’s Advantages

  • It has a really pleasant and joyful scent about it.
  • When applied, it has a light, airy texture.
  • Ideal for usage at night

Victoria Secret Night Perfume’s Drawbacks

  • The base somehow detracts from the whole experience.

Why Should You Purchase Victoria Secret Night Perfume?

  • It has a rich floral scent that is neither overly feminine nor too sexy.
  • A wonderful scent for ladies of all ages.
  • It’s a nice scent to use while you’re catching up with pals.

8.Victoria’s Mysterious Rapture

Rapture is a Victoria Secret fragrance that was first released in 1992. As a result, it’s possible that this scent is the oldest on the list. Don’t get me wrong, however. Rapture is on par with the latest Victoria Secret fragrances in terms of quality. It is a traditional oriental zesty floral scent that makes you want to go on an adventure outdoors.

The scent of orange flowers and citruses kicks off this perfume. The top note conjures up images of a tranquil beach lighted by the late-afternoon sun. The flowery middle notes of freesia, jasmine, and Bulgarian rose transport you to more tranquil times. Finally, the heliotrope, vanilla, amber, and musk base note creates a highly fragrant and woody feeling that’s difficult to forget.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume

  • It has a warm and spicy oriental floral scent.
  • When utilized, it evokes a sense of nostalgia.
  • It’s a great present for elderly ladies.

Why Should You Purchase Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

  • A Victoria Secret iconic fragrance.
  • It makes you feel powerful and seductive.
  • It has a strong background scent that is difficult to forget.

9.Victoria’s Wicked Secret

Wicked is undoubtedly Victoria Secret’s sweetest-smelling perfume. When you use this product, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The delicious scent of black sugar hits the nose right away after application. The scent of freesia follows, which is delicious and fragrant. The freesia is attempting to balance the sweet aroma of black sugar. The creamy base note of Tahitian vanilla, on the other hand, amplifies the sweetness and prolongs it.

Wicked is a spin-off of the Crush fragrance. If you like sweet-scented fragrances, purchasing this one is a terrific decision. Wicked’s flowery component is very enjoyable. Nonetheless, it isn’t long-lasting. This is due to the pleasant scent finally taking over.

To elaborate, I believe Victoria’s Secret tried with this one. Wicked is the only Victoria Secret fragrance with a sweet scent as the major theme. Nonetheless, I give the producers a huge thumbs up for doing an excellent job.

Victoria Secret Wicked Perfume’s Advantages

  • A scent that is truly delightful to the senses.
  • When compared to other fragrances, it has a unique scent.

Victoria Secret Wicked Perfume’s Drawbacks

  • The flowery scent should be more prominent.

Why Should You Invest in Victoria Secret Wicked Perfume?

  • It’s perfect for mixing with flowery scents.
  • This scent is excellent for disguising smoky smells.

10.Victoria’s Forbidden Secret

Forbidden is a perfume with a fruity, warm scent. It begins with a fresh fruity pear scent that blends with a flowery touch of jasmine to create an exotic attraction. On the other hand, the base notes of amber and woodsy produce a warm and powdery aroma. The scent of this perfume is quite professional and authoritative. If you’re seeking for a scent that matches the lifestyles of professionals, try Forbidden.

The Advantages of Victoria Secret Forbidden

Victoria Secret Forbidden’s Drawbacks

  • Although it comes in a beautiful perfume bottle, it does not have a sexual scent.

Why Should You Purchase Victoria Secret Forbidden Perfume?

  • It’s a terrific scent for business meetings.
  • As a respray, it’s great when combined with different perfumes.

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Last Thoughts

So there you have it, our list of the Top 10 Victoria Secret Perfumes. If you’re new to women’s fragrances, start with Victoria Secret. It’s because they have a smell that matches first-time consumers’ tastes. They’re also fantastic as presents since any lady will be delighted to get them. Check out the items I’ve highlighted since they’re the greatest Victoria Secret has to offer.

The “victoria secret perfume best seller 2021” is a list of the 10 best perfumes that Victoria Secret has to offer. The perfumes are rated on their popularity and how well they sell, as well as how many positive reviews they have.

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