30+ Scent Quotes u2013 Perfume Aphorisms To Know as a Fragrance Collector

Quotes are the perfect way to help you remember what a fragrance is all about. Fragrance collections offer different types of quotes which can bring home stories or give life advice that you might want to keep in mind during your day-to-day life.

“Perfume quotes” is a blog post that has been written by a fragrance collector. This blog post includes 30+ scent quotes from perfume aficionados.

Oud is one of those substances that everyone talks about but few people fully understand. Roja Dove is a character in the film Roja Dove

Every time we inhale or smell a perfume, we go on our own unique fragrance experience – Huib Maat.

Without scent, no elegance is conceivable. It’s the unnoticed, memorable, and all-encompassing accessory. – Coco Chanel’s perfume quotes


Perfume is the last and finest reserve of the past, the one that can make us weep anew after all our tears have dried up – Marcel Proust

The beauty of perfume is that it talks to your heart…and hopefully to someone else’s as well. Elizabeth Taylor is an actress.

A guy will forget your bags, but he will remember your perfume, ladies. Olivier Creed (Olivier Creed)


Good manners and a fine perfume are what make a guy a gentleman! Tom Ford, fashion designer

Perfume is like a breather, a respite from the stresses of contemporary life, a moment of freedom, serenity, love, and sensuality. Sonia Rykiel is a writer who lives in New York City.

— Francis Kurkdjian Perfume is the art of making memory speak.

Beauty is a lovely flower, and virtue is its scent. — Giuseppe Ruffini

No one can appreciate the delights of autumn while inhaling the perfume of spring blossoms. – Johnson, Samuel

Scents evoke memories, and many memories elicit feelings of nostalgia. When we plant a garden, we should keep this in mind. Thalassa Cruso (Thalassa Cruso) (Thalassa Cruso


Perfume completes a man’s or a woman’s personality by adding a subtle touch to the appearance. There’s something lacking without it. – Gianni Versace quotes on perfume

Scent, in my opinion, is pleasurable. I suppose expressing a mood or a spirit is important, and I believe that with the women’s perfumes, we’ve evoked various sorts, moods, or sensitivities of a woman – whether it’s Daisy’s sweetness and innocence or Lola’s provocative, sensual, and sultry. Marc Jacobs is a designer that is well-known for

Smell is the most primal sense, more strong, raw, and closely linked to our memories and emotions than any other. A smell may promote healing and wellbeing by triggering spiritual, emotional, or bodily tranquility. Donna Karan is a fashion designer.


Cologne is a clever man’s most potent weapon in the battle for feminine attention. Marcello Mastroianni (Mastroianni, Marcello)

“Fleurs de Rocaille” means “Flowers of the Rocaille.” In the film Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino mentions the perfume Fleurs de Rocaille Caron.

Smell is a powerful magician who can transfer you over thousands of miles and through all of your life’s years.

Helen Keller is a well-known author.

You’re not smelling a scent; instead, you’re meeting a whole country. – Roja Dove quotes about smell

Perfume, like men, is never ideal the first time you use it; you have to let it seduce you — Jean Patou

Creating a scent involves a lot of focus, and I can only work on a fragrance for approximately four minutes at a time before I have to quit. Alberto Morillas (Alberto Morillas) (Alberto Morillas)

Without scent, no elegance is conceivable. It’s the unnoticed, memorable, and all-encompassing accessory. – Chanel, Coco


A good fragrance should have a distinct personality that allows others to associate it with you. Shakira

A scent is like a piece of clothing, a message, a means of presenting oneself in a different garb depending on the season – Paloma Picasso

Roja Dove’s Enigma Auod is my ode to East meets West.


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