7 Best Plum Fragrances For Men

Men’s fragrances have changed drastically over the years. Between cologne, deodorant, and body spray, there are more options than ever before to suit your taste in smells. We will help you find your perfect scent with these seven best plum blends for men.

The “best plum perfume” is a question that has been asked over and over again. I have compiled 7 of my favorite scents for men.


The plum note is an intriguing one, with a little boozy and fruity aroma. There are many various plum scents to choose from, and many of them are wonderful. What, on the other hand, are the greatest plum scents for men?

What Is Plum’s Note And How Does It Smell?

Plum is a pretty unique scent note that is actually fairly often utilized. Although plum is used in many perfumes because of its wonderful aroma, not every fragrance has a dominating plum note. However, those that do have something genuinely unique.

The plum note has a delicious and sweet aroma. It also has a juicy feel to it, and it may even be a little alcoholic at times. This is a unique fragrance note that may be used to offer a variety of aromas to a fragrance.

There are many different plum scents on the market, and some of them are promoted as a women’s fragrance, despite the fact that it smells distinctly male, if not unisex. Nonetheless, the plum note has given us a plethora of wonderful smells. In no particular order, these are some of the best plum perfumes for guys!

Comme des Garcons (Floriental) No. 1

Comme des Garcons is the scent. Floriental is a lovely fragrance with notes of wood, spice, and fruit. This fragrance begins with a powerful perfume that rapidly fades into a more balanced plum and cedarwood scent. After a few minutes, you’ll detect the perfume of incense, which adds a smokey note to the fragrance. This fragrance doesn’t change much over time, but what you do get is a beautiful, fruity, sweet, warm perfume with a few woody elements.

Sandalwood, labdanum, plum, incense, vetiver, and pink pepper are among the notes of Comme Des Garcons Floriental.

Comme des Garcons is the best choice. Floriental is a wonderful scent to use in the wintertime. This aroma is pretty powerful and pleasant, and it will readily penetrate those frigid conditions. During the winter months, this scent works well as a day and night fragrance. It also works well as a formal scent since it exudes confidence. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Michael Kors, No. 2 Men’s Michael

Michael Kors Micheal For Men is a fruity, sweet, and spicy aroma that is perfect for men. This smell begins with a rich, spicy aroma that has a mature feel to it. After a few moments, you’ll notice a sweet tobacco aroma with a hint of smokiness. The foundation of this fragrance is a sweet plum and other dried fruit flavor with a woody undertone. This leaves you with a smell that is generally warm, sweet, and spicy, with a manly and mature attitude.

Star anise, caraway, cinnamon, tarragon, cardamom, coriander, fir resin, and bergamot are the top notes of Michael Kors Michael For Men. Suede, incense, and tobacco are the middle notes. Plum, patchouli, sandalwood, and dried fruits comprise the base notes.

Michael Kors is the best choice. Michael For Men is a great scent to wear throughout the winter months. A thick perfume of sweet plum and spices pervades this fragrance. This aroma will readily penetrate the frigid weather and leave you feeling warm and welcome. This scent has a little of maturity to it, so it’ll go well with a guy who is a little more suited up and confident. In any event, you may wear this scent at any time of the day or night. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

3. Woody Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule

Aroma: Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Woody is a beautiful fragrance that combines woods and fruits for a manly scent. The aroma begins with a boozy, juicy plum scent. Later on, the plum aroma is joined by a warm cedarwood scent. This results in a lovely, straightforward smell. Green oakmoss scents the base, which isn’t overpowering but helps to bring out the woody, fruity flavor. Overall, this is a basic yet beautiful fragrance with a manly woods and fruit flavor.

Oakmoss, plum, and cedar are the notes in Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Woody.

Karl Lagerfeld is the ideal candidate. Kapsule Woody is a wonderful scent to wear throughout the autumn, winter, and springtime. This scent is a little too strong for the summer, but it’s perfect for the winter months. This is a terrific casual scent for these months, both during the day and at night. The masculinity of this scent, on the other hand, makes it ideal for a formal or serious event. It accurately shows masculinity and self-assurance. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

4. Plum Japonais by Tom Ford


Tom Ford’s fragrance Plum Japonais is a lovely fragrance that smells warm, sweet, and spicy. This fragrance begins with a sweet cinnamon perfume that is combined with a juicy plum flavor. There are some spices in there, as well as a lot of flowery overtones. The scents of cinnamon and plum, however, are the most intense. A slight boozy concord emerges after a few minutes, as well as a very warm dry down. The note of oud is also present in the base of this fragrance, giving it a smokey flavor.

Saffron and cinnamon are the primary notes of Tom Ford Plum Japonais. Cypress, camellia, plum flower, liquor, plum, and immortelle are the middle notes. Vanilla, benzoin, fir, amber, and oud are the base notes.

Tom Ford is the best choice. Plum Japonais is a beautiful cold-weather scent, ideal for wearing in the winter and autumn. This fragrance works well as a relaxed daytime scent as well as a terrific nighttime scent throughout these seasons. This fragrance has a very luxury aroma to it, making it appropriate for both formal and informal settings. Despite the fact that this scent is labeled as feminine, it smells unisex, if not macho! If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Carner Barcelona Tardes, No. 5

Carner Barcelona Tardes is a lovely fragrance with a delicious plum and almond aroma. This smell begins with a somewhat powdery almond aroma that is backed by floral elements. After a few moments, a sweet plum aroma emerges, wonderfully blending with the almond scent. This fragrance’s base provides a creamy, sweet layer, giving it a’milky’ mood. Finally, you’ll have a wonderful aroma with almond and plum notes.

Rosewood, almond, rose, and geranium are the top notes of Carner Barcelona Tardes. Cedar, plum, and celery are the middle notes. Musk, tonka bean, and heliotrope are the foundation notes.

Carner Barcelona Tardes is a wonderful scent that may be used in the spring, winter, and autumn. This fragrance has a sweet, nutty flavor that pairs well with the cooler months. This is a lovely casual afternoon scent throughout these seasons. It does, however, work well as a midnight scent. This scent will keep you fresh whether you’re heading out partying or on a date. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Trussardi Black Extreme, No. 6

Trussardi Black Extreme has a wonderful perfume that is fragrant, fruity, and somewhat woody. The perfume of lemon and other fruits dominates the first few minutes of this fragrance. After this has calmed down a little, you’ll detect a plum note, which adds a delicious, somewhat drunken aroma. This scent has a fresh, aquatic undertone throughout. This fragrance’s base has a lovely woodsy perfume as well as some green notes, giving it an aromatic and warm finish.

Lemon and sea notes are the top notes of Trussardi Black Extreme. Iris and plum are the middle notes. Leather, patchouli, vetiver, and woody notes make up the base notes.

Best for: Trussardi Black Extreme is a wonderful scent that may be worn all year. The fruity, aquatic aroma complements the summer seasons, while the alcoholic, woody scent is appropriate for the winter months. During the summer, keep an eye on your sprays since they may be rather powerful. In any event, this scent is perfect for daily casual use and also works well as a bedtime scent. In a club, for example, the powerful aroma would be ideal. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

7. Ferrari’s Red Men

Ferrari Men In Red is a beautiful fragrance with a young and distinct perfume. The fragrance begins with a sweet apple and plum aroma. Despite the fact that it isn’t specified as a note, you may detect a peppery effect. This scent develops sweeter and fruitier with time, giving it a young and fun attitude. Tonka bean, which has a creamy, sweet perfume, is added to the base of this fragrance. There’s also a warm cedar note, providing you with a lovely scent that has a young appeal.

Cardamom, bergamot, and red apple are the primary notes of Ferrari Men In Red. Plum, lavender, and orange flower are the middle notes. Labdanum, tonka bean, and cedar are the foundation notes.

Ferrari Men In Red is a great scent that you may wear throughout the year. This fragrance’s fruity aroma is appropriate for both cooler and warmer climates. This scent is fantastic as a casual daytime fragrance throughout the year, but it’s probably ideal as a charming midnight fragrance for a young guy. It’s perfect for a nightclub, but also for a date. It’s also pretty affordable. You may check out the current pricing on Amazon if you’re interested!

Should You Wear Plum Perfume?

Plum smells are a dream come true. They have a distinct and appealing aroma, particularly when blended with other notes. It is not, however, necessary to have a plum smell. You don’t need one, despite how fantastic it is.

A plum scent, on the other hand, is a terrific addition to your collection. They’re perfect for cold season smells, smell amazing, and can be used in a variety of ways. You’ll also avoid smelling like the majority of other males, who stick to generic scents. As a result, possessing a plum-based scent is a great option, particularly if you’re seeking for something different to wear.

A plum smell is strongly preferred, however it is not required. I’d suggest looking through your existing collection to determine which of these plum perfumes might work best!

The “sugar plum perfume” is a popular fragrance that has been around for a while. It’s one of the best scents to wear in the fall, and it smells like sugar plums.

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