The Best Creed Aventus Clones

Can’t afford to buy Aventus cologne? We got you covered below is the top best creed aventus clones you can buy online to have similar aventus scent on you..Continue reading below



1.Al Haramain L’Aventure Perfume

The top note of L’Aventure perfume begins with Elemi, Lemon and ends with Bergamot. This fragrance is very similar to Creed Aventus, A touch of Jasmine and Lily can also be sensed after some time of spraying the perfume. Due to the long-lasting capability, this is perfectly suitable for all the men out there! And a good creed aventus clone. Moreover, it doesn’t let your smell go away! It keeps a perfect balance of your smell and the fragrance of the perfume.



2.Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

This perfume is the best creed Aventus clone to buy for 2021, the Club De Nuit Intense retails for just a tenth of the price of Creed Aventus. 

Packaged in a beautiful sable rectangular bottle, this cologne has a mix of fruity aromas on the head. The top notes range from lime, pineapple leaf, and apple while the base has musk, vanilla, ambergris, and patchouli scents. The heart notes for this fragrance are Rose, Birch, and Jasmine. All this makes it such a romantically appealing scent that match aventus and lasts all day.



3.Zara Vibrant Leather


Zara Vibrant Leather is so far one of the best Creed Aventus clone, so if you really want the Creed fragrance but can’t afford it, the Vibrant Leather is one of your option.

It has three notes, Bergamont for the opening note which gives it that citrus scent, then it slowly moves to a woody scent because of the Bamboo and once the scent dries down, it adopts a leathery scent which makes it very unique from other aventus clones as well as the Aventus itself.

Its scent is very pleasant and warm and can be worn for both casual and formal. Compared to the creed, I would say they are very similar save for the leathery scent but well, nothing can ever compare to an original fragrance. Otherwise, its a great pick.



4.Bond No 9 Perfume

The amalgamation of erotic and seductive fragrance make Bond No 9 is the most popular perfume and one of the best creed aventus alternative when it comes to both men and women. The perfume comes with essences of Oud, Musky and Rose as the major ingredients. Of course, there are a variety of fragrances available under Bond No 9.  This NYC grown brand is a perfect combination of modern and ancient essences. The new edition of this perfume can be visible in light when you spray it on your hands and turn your hands towards the light. It’s a long-lasting perfume and you shouldn’t think more if you want a perfume that suits you and your loved one!




5.Glenn Perri Unpredictable Adventure

If you’re looking for a Creed Aventus Altrnative, Gleen Perr’s Unpredictable Adventure is your way to go! Of course, it cannot match the originality of Creed Aventus but the Smokey and Pineapple fragrance are what all you need at an affordable price. It can usually last up to 8-9 hours but you’re working around, it can last around 4-5 hours and I guess that’s more than enough. 

It’s probably the smokiest of all Creed Aventus clone. Well, if you do love the combination of smokey along with a bit of pineapple fragrance, Unpredictable Adventure from Glenn Perri must not be a bad choice either if compared to Creed Aventus!


6.Pineapple Vintage Intense

Pineapple Vintage Intense The Pineapple vintage intense from Parfums Vintage is fruity, sweet, tropical, fresh and woody when it comes to fragrance. It has a high impact notes as compared to the above reviewed best Creed Aventus clones. The fruity fragrance is created by the top notes which include pineapple and apple of course. Whereas the heart of the perfume is dependent on rose and jasmine along with bergamot and pineapple again! With these many notes, it’s surely going to intensify anyone around you! 

As the perfume has a good balance between fruity, tropical and woody fragrances, it can be suitable for both men and women. So if you’re looking to get the same perfume for yourself and your girlfriend/wife, Pineapple Vintage Intense should be your go-to option from Perfume Vintage! It doesn’t last for a very long time but it’s good enough to last for at least 5-6 hours on average!  

7.Riiffs Masculin Leather

best creed aventus clone

Another very close scent to Creed Aventus is the Riifs Masculin leather. Just like Zara Vibrant leather, it is a very popular Aventus alternative.

It starts off with a citrus scent that is from bergamot, then the pineapple, grapes and apple and dries down to a really masculine leathery scent.

It may cost more than the two we earlier reviewed but at $50, the price is still a fraction of what Creed costs, Its still great value if you ask me for a scent that is almost a replica of the Creed.


Clone or original? doesn’t  matter is just comes down to your preference and your willingness to spend. For most people, a clone is just as good as the original perfume, this is true. So the cheapest alternative to aventus is Club de nuit intense man.


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