Top 5 Best Bond no 9 Colognes for men [May 2022]

One of the newest and hottest perfume creators in America has been the Bond 9 fragrances corporation. It has an expertise in creating perfumes for men and women and calls them after their address in lower Manhattan, Bond 9 Street.

Here you have some of the most magnificent perfumes that are eau de perfume and can give you freshness all day long. Let’s go through them and have a look at their qualities, prices, and characteristics.

New York Nights

Here you have one of the most gourmand perfumes in the world. The New York Nights can give you the importance you need when going at an appointment. Or it may accentuate your personality when being out with friends. 

The base notes are coffee and caramel and are revealed right away. The base and top notes are marine accords, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, gardenia, and carnation. These latter ingredients mix with your body temperature and give you the unique scent you have ever smelled.

New York Nights is an Eau de perfume and has an elevated alcohol concentration that can reach up to 50%. 

It comes in a bizarre glass bottle with a sprayer for better and precise application and portioning. If you want to make it become a superb gift there is also the chance to add some Swarovski crystals on top of the bottle.

Its price can come up to $250 for the 100ml bottle. It is the perfume you can wear all day at work or even use it when going out at night. The duration can be anywhere between 8 and 24 hours, depending on how much you sweat. The times you shower within the day is important for determining the New York Nights endurance.

Wall Street

Taking its name from the famous New York Stock Exchange in New York City, the Wall Street perfume is a genuine effort to create a tender and robust fragrance. It comes in a very particular bottle that makes it easy to distinguish. The star-like bottle with several Wall Street imprints remains one of the most extravagant perfume designs of all time.

The base notes are sea kale, musk, vetiver, and ambergris, giving the perfume a scent that you have never smelled before. The middle and top notes are lavender, lemon, orange, and cucumber, giving a more fruity side to the multicultural fragrance.

Men usually wear this when being at work. They like to smell different than anyone else in the office and leave their traces wherever they are passing. Wall Street’s price is close to $190 for the 100ml bottle, which contains enough portion to give you perfect application for several months.

It is a fragrance you can wear at the office, and the duration can come up to 24 hours, especially when you bathe before application. In certain skin types, the Wall Street fragrance remains more and can save you lots of money.

Dubai Ruby

Here we have an oriental perfume from Bond 9 that has a bottle resembling an Arabian Castle. Dubai Ruby has the golden colors of the desert and the lost ruby that has been the relic of all people looking for treasures in the sands.

It has been vastly marketed in Middle Eastern markets for men who like to smell perfect when they are at work. The Dubai Ruby has the base tones of sandalwood, amber, Cypriot, and civet that belong to the world’s rarest ingredients. Going up to the middle and top notes, you can find rose, magnolia, geranium, saffron, and bergamot, which give an aggressive character to the perfume. Remember that it’s an Eau de Perfume, and you only need a small portion sprayed on you to smell great all day long.

The 100ml bottle price can come up to $450, placing it at the top of the most expensive and glorious perfumes in the world.

You can use it almost exclusively when going all night out. It is the perfume that can make you the center of attention. The duration can come up to 24 hours in some cases. However, you are going to enjoy a 5-hour duration, no matter what.

FiDi Eau de Parfum

It is another star perfume from Bond 9 that remains fresh and modern even after several years of its initial release. The FiDi is one of the few Eau de Perfumes from Bond 9 that promises to match ambitious and energetic people.

The base notes are cedarwood, vanilla, and musk, giving an earthy smell to this incredible perfume. As we are warming it on our skins, the FiDi releases the middle and top notes of nutmeg, lotus flower, black pepper, bergamot, and mandarin that give a fruity and herbaceous aspect of the perfume.

You can wear FiDi at any time of the day, and you can smell different each time. The sprayer mechanism remains one of the most reliable and always gives you the right portion to add to your economy.

It costs approximately $380 for the 100ml bottle and can give you exceptional results. You can wear it at the office, and its duration is between 8 and 24 hours. It belongs to the perfumes that can stay on your clothes, giving them the best scent you can ever have.

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street is another great perfume by Bond 9 that has been recently presented to the public. It is an Eau de perfume that has been made for people who are all day on the go and need a scent to make them smell fresh.

The base notes of this perfume are suede, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla, and caramel giving it more oriental and wooden perfumes than anything else you have smelled so far. The middle and top notes are jasmine, cedar, cinnamon, blueberry, violet leaf, and cassis that belong to the youngest ideas of Bond 9 to reinforce the power of their perfimes. It seems like the Eau de Perfume remains a strong asset of Bond 9, and that is why you need the lesser quantity to smell great than any other counterpart.

Although it’s an expensive perfume, you can find it on sales for $180 per 100ml bottle. Bleecker Street is the ideal perfume to wear when you are in business meetings or other social occasions. You may also wear it when going out at night with your friends, spreading around a unique scent that will make you popular.

The duration remains between 8 and 24 hours, always taking into account the physical activities of the person wearing it.

Final Words

With Bond 9 brand, you have more than a handful of perfumes to choose from. All of them have the personality you want to promote and can guarantee you a flawless use no matter what.

Bond 9 has turned out to be the legendary surprise of the luxury and comfort born in America. You can have these perfumes all the time and make sure they fulfill their promise.

Every time you like to become the most prestigious person in the room, it would be plausible to order the Bond 9 perfumes. They will give you the essence of importance and abundance that anyone is searching for when wearing perfume!