Best Fragrances to Layer

When it comes to fragrances, there are so many choices out there. And adding scent and aromatherapy benefits can help you feel more beautiful with every wear! That’s why this article has a list of the best scents to layer in your wardrobe.

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Jo Malone, Amani, and Aqua di Parma are some of the greatest perfumes to layer. Some scents, such as those by Jo Malone, are designed to be layered and the producer encourages you to do so. Others are blended inadvertently or experimentally, yielding a variety of outcomes.

Perfume creators are either in favor of or against perfume layering. A traditional perfumer will never accept a finished piece of art as a scent to be blended with another. Fragrance layering, on the other hand, is still a thing. This notion has spawned a slew of internet communities.

The best scents to layer

I used to feel that in order to layer correctly, scents needed to be basic. While I still think this to be true to some degree, especially in complicated formulations, it’s almost hard not to discover a decent perfume combination. Here are a few of the greatest layering scents that are also simple to get.

Layering smells that are light and airyCucumber Spray by Kiehl’s
 Man Wood by Bvlgari
 Irish Tweed Creed Green




Layering smells that are sweetCoco Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel
 Armani Profumo Code



Layering perfumes for men and womenFlower by Kenzo
 Jo Malone Sage & Sea Salt



Layering light scentsAmber and Lavander by Jo Malone
 Grapefruit by Jo Malone



Using a lot of scent layersBlack Orchid by Tom Ford
 Encre Noire Lalique


Layering smells that are appealingAddict to Dior
 Code EDP by Giorgio Armani


What sorts of fragrances layer the best?

In actuality, perfumes may be used to create practically any layer combination. You may utilize their notes to enhance each other or to compliment each other. An oud scent like Juliette Has A Gun Midnight Oud, for example, pairs nicely with another oud fragrance like Al-Rehab Al Sharquiah. However, for those living in the West, where oud is still misunderstood, the end effect may be a little too much.

Combining several sorts of perfumes is a simple method. Fresh scents blend nicely with other fresh perfumes or ones with strong foundation notes like woody notes. Sweet scents, to my surprise, combine nicely with various scents, even salty scents.

Many Aqua di Parma perfumes may be blended together, and the majority of them smell fantastic in the summer heat. Layering that works nicely together is the end outcome. If you want to give your final perfume blend a more cologne-like twist, combine an Aqua di Parma scent with a zesty fragrance.

Here are some alternative scent combinations to explore if you wish to experiment with layering your own smells.

  • floral orientals + floral orientals
  • Balsams and ambery scents
  • Perfumes with a lot of musk and a lot of flowers
  • Perfumes that are both fresh and flowery.
  • Perfumes that are both fresh and zesty.
  • Perfumes that are both aquatic and salty
  • Amber and more amber
  • Patchouli and flowery scents

The “how to layer perfume to create signature scent” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is, you should layer your perfumes in order to create the perfect signature scent.

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