10 Best Perfume Sample Sites [Updated]

Looking for a new perfume but don’t want to spend a fortune? Check out these 10 best perfume sample sites! You’ll be able to find your perfect scent without spending a lot of money. Plus, you can try before you buy to make sure you really love the fragrance. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading below to check out top pick!

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10 Best Perfume Sample websites to use

We’ve listed the most popular and trusted perfume samples sites. So let’s have a look at each of them and understand what they have on offer!

1.ScentSplit (Editor’s choice)


As the website reads “there’s so little time and too many fragrances to test” on its Why decants page, it’s very much true indeed! Depending on how long you want to test a perfume, you can always order a small sample or a large sample accordingly.

Take note that the 1ML cologne samples cannot spray as it is too little but it can be directly applied to your cloth or on your body directly.

So make sure you pick a slightly larger bottle, maybe 10 ML or 15 ML cologne samples if you wish to spray multiple times before picking up your favourite brand.

The best part, Scent Split offers free domestic shipping on all orders above $70 and free worldwide shipping on orders over $150.


While Etsy is popular for handmade items, it’s also popular for perfume fragrance samples as there are various sellers on the platform who are selling perfumes samples. So always prefer the sellers that have the highest rating and good amount of positive reviews to buy your perfume sample.

We recommend this seller Click here for fragrance samples on etsy. He ships fast and do the packaging well..last time i ordered a sample of baccarat rouge 540 from him, the sample i received was authentic..i was very satisfied with my purchase.!

2.ScentEvent.com – Best Perfume Sample Site


If you’re finding it hard to pick the right perfume fragrance samples of your choice even after spending lots of dollars on popular perfume marks, you certainly need the way you shop to select the right perfume fragrance samples. ScentEvent is your one-stop solution if you ever need a perfume sample of any brand from around the world.

The collection it has got is simply astounding and it gives you the right amount of scent to test it out at an affordable price. Starting from 1 ML, 2 ML, 5 ML, 10 ML, and 15 ML, it has got a wide range of perfume bottle sizes available for sample testing!


Perfumes are an essential part of your everyday life and Microperfumes understand the same. Hence, they provide perfume samples starting as little as 99 cents, you can said almost free samples.

This helps you to explore various options at a cheaper price rather than purchasing the ones that are costly.

You often end up not using it if you didn’t like but if it’s a free sample, it wouldn’t cost you much and you can try another one too from Microperfumes as it has a plethora of options to choose from.

The best part about Microperfumes is, if you loved the free samples, you can get the larger ones at the lowest price possible with free shipping! don’t forget they have great customer service too.! Read Microperfumes.com review.


5.FragrancesLine– Fragrance Samples online


This website is pretty much similar to Scent Split in terms of pricing, UI, products, brands, and more! The overall website has more than 100 brands to cater to and hence you get endless choices to pick your best sample perfume to try.

The only difference as compared to ScentSplit is the domestic free shipping starts from orders above $100.

Of course, as the perfumes you purchase do not exceed $100 or even $50, you will surely end up paying a shipping fee when you gonna order your perfume sample, make sure you order for more than $100 at ounce, try new perfumes and get free shipping lol.

6.DecantX – Perfume Samples


The best part we loved about DecantX is the categorization of gender specific perfume samples. We’ve hardly noticed such a unique interface on any other website till date. It just makes it easy to buy the required perfume sample.

If you’re waiting for a brand to try but not sure about going for a large bottle, DecantX is your way to get as it sells most of the brands’ perfumes in smaller samples! There are no membership fees and it mostly provides free shipping to all over the USA!



The overall look of a website reminds you of the retro sites that existed in early 2000s but who does really care about it when you’re there to buy just a perfume sample, isn’t it? The Perfumed Court has a great collection of perfume samples and more than 150K users in the USA trust the website for the same! So what keeps you waiting? Get your perfume sample today from ThePerfumedCourt.com!


It is relatively a new website in the cologne sample niche but it always comes up with some amazing discounts to stay in the cut throat competition.

And this is where you, as a user, can get the maximum benefits because you get the best discounts on perfume samples. You can even send a perfume as a gift with the gift wrap option available.

Well, you cannot get a better way to gift your loved ones if you’re purchasing a larger bottle and not the perfume sample!


When we check the is clean and it always provides a 10% discount code on your 1st order (only if you want to). This website isn’t completely into perfumes sample vials but it does have a separate section for the same.

The options available might be limited but you’re sure to see the most popular brands’ perfumes all over the place.

Of course, it has more than 6500 perfume samples which are more than enough to get started! Besides this, it has a collection of regular perfume bottles too from various popular brands worldwide!


Be it for men, women, or unisex, the sample perfumes are available for everyone at an affordable price.

The interface of the website is pretty much similar to DecantX.com in terms of menu categorization that makes it easy to buy cologne samples you want.

MyLuxuryScent.com is relatively a new brand as compared to the counterparts in terms of perfume sample vials selling but it has competitive prices so you can give it a try!


Microperfumes, ScentSplit, and FragrancesLine are my go to options whenever I need a perfume sample of any brand. Which one of these perfume sample websites are your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below before you make your mind to get one for yourself!

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