5 Best Perfume Decant Sites for 2021

Today it’s not easy to decide which fragrance is best for you. Even though the big perfume makers give substantial money to advertise their new fragrances, you always wonder which one would be better for your skin and how it will smell on you.

In this short article, we will review the best websites to buy perfume samples online. These are tiny fragrance bottles measuring not more than 10ml and giving you the chance to try the fragrance without paying a fortune.

5 Best perfume decant sites



Amazon has been the number one online retailer to enter the samples business. It has been giving perfume samples since 2000 when people were reluctant to buy a fragrance without trying it first. Here you can find more than 200 different fragrance specimens to choose from. The average price can vary from $4 to $10, so there is no need for a mistake from customers in the selection and ordering process. Amazon will accept a perfume sample that you don’t like and wish a refund only if you haven’t opened it.



Here is another precious site that gives you the chance to order samples from thousands of perfume brands. They can give you these samples at prices below the market ones just to make you acquainted with the procedure. Most of its customers are coming back to order even more specimens to wear as the usual fragrances. Scentsplit has decided that the profit margin sample fragrances have is higher than the real fragrance sales, so they keep on promoting them to particular parts of the population. Younger women and teenagers are more likely to order fragrance samples from this online retailer and become proud owners of the new series of fragrances anyone would like to wear.



Perfume.com has been a reliable online perfume retailer for many decades. It has been the first one to capture the right of the perfume word online, and since then, it takes advantage of the huge domain traffic this name offers. A few years ago, perfume.com decided to enter the perfume samples market as it has been apparent that no customer would spend $130 to buy a new perfume without testing it on his skin first. The majority of the fragrance specimens come in 10ml bottles and usually cost less than $10. The site doesn’t charge you for shipping costs, and you can have extra discounts when you come back and purchase the actual fragrance in its standard size.



Finally, one of the main perfume domains that work as a forum for people who love to buy perfume samples.Scentevent.com gives its customers and members the chance to meet online and exchange opinions about the fragrance specimens purchased and used. For that reason, they have created a great site that can give you discounts on any fragrance sample that can cost no more than $8. On the other hand, they promote the older fragrances providing huge discounts and rebates to people who buy them bulk. You have the chance to order samples from a perfume that has not yet been released if you are a premium member. It has been the number one site to buy your fragrance and find specimens that you could never possibly locate elsewhere.


5. Microperfumes.com

That site has realized that people who buy fragrances cannot spend a fortune to buy the new series. For that reason, they prefer to buy lots of perfume samples that they can use two or three times and then discard them. Microperfumes.com specializes in the perfume samples market and sells them exclusively. You cannot order a regular bottle of perfume here since they will simply not give it to you. The site is only for people who like to have specimens of fragrances, newer or older. Their profit margins are incredible, and you can get a sample from any scent in their inventory that counts more than 1,000 brands!



It would be a wise choice for you to buy fragrance samples before you engage and invest with a regular size bottle. Finding the right sites that support your eagerness to smell a new scent is not a hard job!

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