Buying Fragrances: A Complete Guide

There are many reasons why you might want to buy your fragrance online, but the one that stands out is convenience. By buying your favorite scent and perfume on-line, you can do so with no lines and without waiting in a store.

The “costco perfume prices” is a guide that will help you decide what fragrance to buy. It includes the different types of fragrances, how much they cost and where to find them.


Nowadays, there are several options for purchasing a scent. There are still physical stores, but there are now a plethora of online webstores. What are the greatest destinations to visit out of all these options? And how do you choose which scent to purchase in the first place? Here are some helpful hints!

Consider These Points When Purchasing A Fragrance

There are a few things you may do ahead of time when purchasing a scent. You must first determine what you are searching for. What’s missing from your collection, or which scent do you want to try?

There are a few factors to consider when determining the aroma of a fragrance. The bottle is the first item you should look at. The aroma may be represented by the bottle. A dark container, for example, typically indicates that the fragrance is more of a nocturnal scent, maybe even seductive. A gold container, on the other hand, might signify a sweeter aroma. Of course, you shouldn’t purchase a perfume just on its bottle, but it might help you figure out what kind of smell you’re searching for.

Looking at the name is an even better approach to achieve this. ‘Night,’ ‘nuit,’ ‘extreme,’ ‘intense,’ or ‘fresh’ are all terms that describe what you may anticipate from a smell. These indications in the name might help you narrow down your scent options. If you’re searching for a new evening scent, take a look at these scents with names that suggest they’ll perform well at night. Like a ‘intense’ or ‘extreme’ fragrance, these scents are generally a little deeper and stronger.

You should also keep in mind that you don’t need an entirely new scent if you currently have one that works well for you. These so-called flankers may be found in a lot of scents. Those are essentially variations on a scent you already like. The original Acqua Di Gio, for example, now includes a slew of spin-offs, including the famous Acqua Di Gio Profomu, as well as Acqua Di Gio Absolu and Acqua Di Gio Essenza.

The most crucial thing, though, is to understand what you’re searching for. Recognize your objectives. You may search out what notes a scent has on websites like Look for perfumes with woody overtones if you like woody scents. Simply take your time before making a purchase. A few more hours of study will be well worth it in the end!

Fragrances Can Be Purchased In Department Stores

When I think of buying fragrances, I used to just go to the nearest department store, try a few out, and maybe purchase the one I liked best. Over time, I realized that there are much better and cheaper ways to purchase fragrances. However, Fragrances Can Be Purchased In Department Stores, or any physical store for that matter, can still be a good idea.

If you’re unfamiliar with perfumes, the salespeople in the fragrance area may be able to assist you. They typically have a good grasp of most perfumes and can put you in the proper way if you ask them. You may just ask them if you have a broad notion of what sort of scent you want or if you need some advice, and they will gladly assist you.

These salesmen, on the other hand, irritate the majority of customers. Sometimes all you want to do is go on a stroll and try a few things without being disturbed.

Going to one of these shops also has the added benefit of allowing you to smell the aroma. You may just wander about and sniff the ones that appeal to you before making your decision.

This is also the sole reason I go to these scent boutiques. I simply want to give them a try before I purchase them.

Purchasing perfumes from department shops also ensures that you are getting the genuine article. This sense of calm appeals to certain individuals. However, purchasing online is usually less expensive.

What About Webstores on the Internet?

Online webshops may include a wide range of products. Most department stores have their own online webshops, but many private vendors also have their own.

Department store webshops are fun to browse every now and then since they show you what’s on sale at the moment. They generally provide a brief description of the scent as well as what to anticipate from it.

Individual sellers or other online webshops often provide discount codes that you may use that you can’t get in the store. Simply type the name of the shop you wish to purchase from into Google and add the phrase “discount” or something similar. You’ll nearly always receive a discount if you do it this way.

This is the primary reason why the majority of people currently purchase their perfumes online, and why it is the preferred way of purchasing a scent. They are frequently a little less expensive, and they are just more handy. Just make sure you do your homework before making an internet purchase.

There are a lot of online webshops these days, and I’ll go through the most popular ones, as well as some alternative suggestions.

Amazon is a great place to get your fragrances.


Amazon is the largest internet store at the moment. They offer almost anything in the globe, including perfumes.

They offer not just scents, but nearly every aroma you can think of. So, if you’re shopping for a scent online, Amazon is likely to have it. This is due to Amazon’s policy of allowing third-party sellers to sell on its site. As a result, anybody in the globe may sell on Amazon. As a result, they have a wide range of things to choose from.

However, there are hazards associated with this. All of these various vendors may provide you with a broad range of items and prices, but they can also lead to the introduction of false sellers or fraudsters. There are probably some Amazon purchasers who have complained about receiving a fraudulent goods.

A smell might be watered down at times. Someone removed a little amount of the aroma and replaced it with water, making it last much less time than the original. Some consumers got false or damaged bottles, while others just received a phony aroma.

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing perfumes on Amazon, check out my post ‘Are Fragrances On Amazon Real?’

However, you’ll almost always obtain the actual deal on Amazon. They have reasonable costs when compared to other online webshops, and they are one of today’s most trustworthy and well-known businesses.

Other Major Online Stores

Amazon isn’t the only major retailer with a large internet presence. Other options are Groupon and Wish. All of these places have reputable vendors, so buying perfumes from them is risk-free.

However, before purchasing one, be sure to do your own research. This is especially true if you purchase from a less well-known website. These may be dubious at times. You’ll almost always have a bogus website if you notice a webshop selling their scents as ‘testers.’

These ‘testers’ are scents that are meant to be on display at department shops for customers to try. However, they are occasionally sold before they arrive. The majority of bogus websites claim that their charges are inexpensive because they sell the testers.

Some Advantages of Purchasing Fragrances on eBay

Buying perfumes on eBay is relatively risk-free, thanks to PayPal’s security. If you get a counterfeit, you may simply get your money back from PayPal by returning the item.

Make careful to check the seller’s feedback to avoid purchasing counterfeit perfumes. If the vendor has a lot of favorable feedback, you may believe that he or she offers genuine perfumes.

You can know by looking at the photos and the pricing. Prices that seem to be too good to be true generally are. Also, if the photographs are imprecise and grainy, it’s a sign that the vendor is concealing something. Also, if the scent is only shown in stock photographs, request photos of the actual bottle. If they reject, you’ve learned your lesson.

Another advantage of eBay is the wide variety of perfumes available. People are able to sell their items on eBay, which results in a wide range of products. Full bottles of various sizes are available, as well as decants. These are little bottles of scent that are offered at a low cost.

The Fragrance Buying Secrets of Discount Stores

A budget fragrance shop is exactly what it sounds like. A shop that offers perfumes at a reduced price. The key issue is whether or not these perfumes are genuine. Yes, they are provided you get them from the appropriate place.

The major advantage of purchasing perfumes from these bargain businesses is that they are quite inexpensive, particularly when compared to traditional retail outlets. This is because these budget businesses obtain their scents from the black market.

It all boils down to this with these discounters. They buy their stock in nations or other locations where the price of the scent is much cheaper than in their own country. Prices in an Asian nation are likely to be much cheaper than those in a country like the United States.

They can offer these scents at a lower price since they bought them inexpensively. As a result, certain webshops are able to offer prices that are far cheaper than the market average. And the best thing is that these scents are genuine and genuine!

This method isn’t against the law, but it doesn’t help the fragrance brand. You do, however, receive your perfumes at a significantly lower cost.

Discount Stores That Are Genuine

Fortunately for us, there are a plethora of legitimate bargain businesses. The following are a some of the most well-known:

  • FragranceNet is a fantastic and well-known website. They offer a large selection, and there is usually a discount. There is a good 30% off everything on their site, but there is nearly always a better deal. You’ll almost surely discover a 35-37 percent discount coupon if you Google FragranceNet discount. And 37% off a scent is a significant discount. Make sure to utilize it while making a purchase here! Sorting by New Arrivals is your best option for finding some fantastic bargains. When the perfumes are arranged in this manner, you can see what they’ve just gotten, and there are generally some sought-after scents or some nice offers. You must be quick, however, since they may vanish quickly.
  • Another famous site that offers inexpensive scents is FragranceX. FragranceX, like FragranceNet, features a large selection of cheap perfumes. You can simply search for what you’re searching for if you know what you’re looking for. The New Arrivals tab is your best choice if you’re only shopping for new perfumes or fantastic offers. You don’t need to look at their Hard To Find page since it hasn’t changed in a long time.
  • This site is almost identical to FragranceX. It’s called, and it’s owned by the same firm as FragranceX. The website also has the same appearance. However, if you see anything on FragranceX, search it up on often offers a somewhat lower pricing. It’ll just save you a dollar or two, but it’s something.

The main disadvantage of these inexpensive businesses is that shipment takes a long time. It normally takes one to two weeks to complete. Their service, on the other hand, is rather excellent. You may contact them with any problems, and they will resolve them!

Counterfeit Discount Stores

These bargain shops are fantastic. Unfortunately, many individuals attempt to take advantage of this by selling counterfeits.

Fake websites pop up now and then, and the most of them vanish just as fast. They do, however, sometimes stay a little longer.

The first thing to keep an eye out for is an absurdly cheap price. Some perfumes are phased out, raising the value of those that remain. Fortunately, some of these phony discounters don’t seem to mind and keep the price low. When a scent that normally sells for $300 is presented for $50, you know it’s a fake.

This isn’t only true for out-of-production scents. Some websites provide all scents at a discounted price. A $50 Creed Aventus 3.4oz bottle is almost certainly a fake. However, this is true with many scents. The basic rule is that if something seems too good to be true, it almost always is. Keep it in mind at all times.

Fragrance Websites for a Specific Market

It might be tough to find specialty perfumes. They aren’t as well-known as designer scents, so you may have to look a bit harder.

However, there are a few decent and trustworthy websites that offer these niche scents.

  • The most well-known niche fragrance retailer is definitely Lucky Scent. Despite its popularity, Lucky Scent does not provide any special discounts. They do sometimes give free delivery. Aside from that, they offer the greatest niche scent collection, so you should always be able to find what you’re searching for!
  • Beverly Hills Perfumery has a wide range of unique scents. You can view all of the numerous brands that they carry on their website. You may also contact the website’s owner, who can assist you with certain issues if necessary. Every bottle purchased from Beverly Hills Perfumery comes with a free sample. These are some fantastic spray samples of some fantastic niche scents.
  • Twisted Lilly also features a big selection of unique perfumes. The biggest advantage of shopping here is that they almost always have a discount going on. When you go to their website, the homepage will tell you whether or not there is a deal going on. Aside from the regular deals, they also provide free delivery to the United States on orders of $75 or more.
  • Parfum 1 is essentially a different variation of Twisted Lilly, as previously indicated. Their website, on the other hand, seems to be outdated. However, this does not negate the fantastic bargains available here. They, like Twisted Lilly, feature regular promotions, as well as free delivery for orders over $75 in the United States.

All of these websites offer genuine niche perfumes. It’s possible that you won’t be able to locate the unique scent you’re searching for. This might be due to the fact that these sites rotate their specialized scents. Meaning, they have a certain specialty smell some months and a different one other months. Just remember to check it from time to time or contact the firm!

Subscription Services on a Monthly Basis

Subscription Services on a Monthly Basis can also be a very good choice. These services charge you a monthly fee and in return, they send you a small bottle of a fragrance of your choice.

These Subscription Services on a Monthly Basis always send you enough for the month so you’ll never be without a fragrance. Most of the time, you even get to choose the fragrances yourself. These fragrances can range from the cheaper ones to pretty expensive fragrances.

Because some organizations provide such a diverse range of scents, it may be worthwhile to join up merely to test a few different ones before investing in a full-sized bottle.

These Subscription Services on a Monthly Basis are especially great for people who can be a bit indecisive. With all the different fragrances in the world, settling down with just a few can be quite a difficult task.

These firms fix the issue by sending you a new one of your choice every month, allowing you to check out a variety of them!

The following are some excellent monthly scent subscription services:

  • Scentbird. Scentbird is probably the best known of all these Subscription Services on a Monthly Basis. They send you enough fragrance for a month, and they let you choose the fragrances you want. They have a pretty large selection, around 450+ designer fragrances. You’ll most likely find quite a bunch of fragrances you like on Scentbird!
  • Scentbox. Scentbox and Scentbird are almost identical. They allow you choose from a huge assortment of scents, which they then deliver to your house every month. It’s very cool!
  • Scent Trunk is a scent collection. Scent Trunk is the cheapest of the three, and they also provide something unique. Scent Trunk sends you a sampler of several smells when you join up. This is for them to learn what kinds of smells you like. Then know what you enjoy by the time you actually subscribe to them, and they give you something similar every month!

Decants of Fragrance

Decants of Fragrance are one of the best and cheapest ways to try out new and expensive fragrances. A fragrance decant is basically a rebottled version of the fragrance. People or companies buy a large bottle, which is a cheaper cost per spray, and then divide the fragrance over multiple smaller bottles.

For instance, a 250ml bottle of Tobacco Vanille costs $605. This means that 1ml will set you back $2.42. If the same scent was purchased in a 100ml bottle, 1 ml would cost $320: 100ml = $3.20. You can notice the cost per milliliter difference. As a result, this individual has the lowest cost per milliliter. He then repackages these lower-cost mls into smaller bottles and sells them at a lower cost. He is able to do so since his expenditures are also reduced.

This allows the decant vendor to earn a little profit while offering the consumer with a significantly reduced price.

If you’d like to learn more about Decants of Fragrance, where to purchase them, and how to save money with them, you can read this article I wrote over here!

Decants of Fragrance are my personal favorite way to try out new fragrances. They are cheap, and if you get them from the right website, they are reliable.

Decants of Fragrance are also sold on eBay or any similar online marketplace. You can even buy these decants from Groups on Facebook. Just make sure the sellers are legit.



A scent sample is a little bottle that comes free with most actual fragrance purchases. They’re the cards that have a little bottle in the center. They are used to let you to experience a new scent before purchasing it.

These samples are frequently offered for a low price since they are given free. However, the bottles you’ll get aren’t very enormous. Consider 1ml, maybe a little more, but not enough to last a few days. As a result, buying a fragrance sample might be deemed a waste of money.

Decants, in my view, would be a superior option. They’re a little larger, so they’ll last a little longer, and they typically come in a wider range of scents. A corporation won’t just hand out Creed samples to everyone.

When you do make a purchase, whether online or in person, be sure to ask for samples. Almost usually, you’ll receive at least one sample to test. Simply ask the employees or write an email to the firm, and they may be able to provide you with a few. They’re always a welcome addition!

Groups on Facebook

Groups on Facebook are also places where you can purchase fragrances, decants, samples, or even swap fragrances.

Fragrance Marketplace, Fragrance Swap, and LFSG’s sales, exchanges, and splits are some of the major groups. You may buy or trade scents in these groups. Despite the fact that exchanging fragrances is becoming less popular, you may still exchange yours for someone else’s.

You can also purchase decants and samples on these Groups on Facebook. However, these Groups on Facebook also have fake sellers. Really the main precaution to take is to pay via Goods & Services. This way, if you get scammed, you can get your money back through PayPal.

The main benefit to these Groups on Facebook is the number of people in there. Some groups are really big, meaning that there are a whole bunch of different fragrances. You might even find some of the harder to find or discontinued fragrances.


You may acquire perfumes in a variety of venues. If you’re apprehensive about buying phony scents on the internet or at a bargain store, I suggest going to a department store to put your mind at ease.

However, if that isn’t a major concern for you, I recommend that you look into these other possibilities, as they will save you a lot of money.

Furthermore, there are some other great options for you to try out different fragrances without having to buy full bottles. First, there are Subscription Services on a Monthly Basis like Scentbird. But you can also buy decant from places like eBay or The Fragrance Decant Boutique.

In general, do what seems good to you. You are the one making the purchase, so do what seems right to you!

Buying Fragrances: A Complete Guide is a guide that can help users find the best fragrances for their needs. It includes information about what to look for in fragrance, how to shop for fragrances and how to store them. Reference: buying perfume on etsy.

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