Can you smell in dreams

You might be able to smell in dreams, and it’s possible that scientists have been looking at this wrong. In fact, a study conducted by researchers from the University of California Riverside has revealed that we can actually detect smells during REM sleep without our conscious knowledge or control. So what does this mean for your next dream?

Smells in dreams can have many meanings and are often symbolic of a particular emotion. For example, if you smell something that reminds you of your grandmother’s house, it might be a sign that you’re feeling nostalgic.



‘Do you have the ability to smell in your dreams?’ Dreams are a collection of events, memories, and thoughts that occur unintentionally while we sleep. These tales may feature thrilling, enjoyable, and pleasant recollections. However, horrible dreams, sometimes known as nightmares, do occur from time to time. Many specialists and professionals are still baffled by dreams. Science has yet to discover the precise reason and sort of dreams that humans might have. Many scientists, on the other hand, have proposed ideas concerning dreams.

The following are four research studies:

There exist studies on this issue, according to our research. Some are favorable, while others are bad. 

1. Promising research:


According to a 2008 research, the odor you smell while sleeping has a significant impact on your dreams. The influence of odor in dreams was investigated using two study components. According to the findings of a 2008 research, nice odor promotes happy dreams and bad odor causes negative nightmares. Many theories claimed that humans may smell in their dreams as a consequence of these findings. Theorists also proposed that this may pave the way for a therapeutic remedy.

2. Affirmative research:

The association between smell function and areas of the brain during sleep was investigated in a 2014 study. According to study, there is a tiny influence on the brain when individuals smell an odor while sleeping. The piriform cortex reacts to odor on a minimal level during the third period of sleep. The results revealed that the piriform cortex has a strong wave activity that contributes to olfactory memory. We may deduce from this data that we can smell when sleeping.

3. Affirmative research:

Many writers, experts, academics, and professionals said that they can smell in their sleep in an essay published earlier this year. A favorable olfactory system, according to one author, has resulted in pleasant dreams while sleeping. It was also said in this literature that studies indicated that sleeping while breathing the aroma of perfume resulted in happy dreams even in the early years. The most persuasive proof of smelling while sleeping, according to the author, came from the memoirs of a prominent deaf and blind novelist. This article claims that individuals can smell in their dreams, although there isn’t much evidence to back up this claim.

4. Negative research:

Sounds, but not scents, may wake us up in the middle of the night, according to a 2004 research. Participants in the study wore an elastic chinstrap that enabled them to breathe via their nostrils while sleeping for two days. As study testing factors, researchers utilized a fragrant peppermint and a smelly pyridine. No one responded to the odors of both the pleasant peppermint and the smelly pyridine during profound sleep. It may be inferred that individuals will not be able to smell in their sleep as a result of this study.


You now know all there is to know about ‘Can you smell in your dreams?’ Dreams are made up of a succession of tales and concepts that your brain creates. Science, on the other hand, has yet to show how dreams function and what causes them to arise while we sleep. Many studies imply that we detect smell in our dreams and that this might have a direct impact on how pleasant they are. Despite this, no experts, scientists, or professionals have been able to provide sufficient data to determine that we can smell in our dreams.

Can you smell in your dreams? I can, and many other people. This is because the brain has a lot of different senses that are active while we sleep. The sense of smell is one such sense. Reference: i can smell and taste in my dreams.

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