Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man Review

It was not until 2015 that the Armaf company decided to enter the masculine fragrance market with the Club de Nuit intense for men. It was an innovative perfume bringing an original scent for men who like to smell different or and leave their traces behind them.

What does Club de Nuit intense smell like?

The fragrance comes from the Woody Fruity Musk family and comes as an eau de toilette. The base tones include scents from Ambergris, Patchouli, and Vanilla, creating the most intense foundation for the Club de Nuit Men fragrance. 

Going on, you can explore the scents of Rose, Jasmine, and Birch that come to your nose as soon as the first impression from the base tones evaporates. That is the main body of the Club de Nuit fragrance and the one that has made it so popular in several markets across the world.

Finally, the last tones to find would be Cassis, Lime, Pineapple Leaf, and Green Apple. These are the final scents you will smell if you take a deep sniff at someone wearing the Club de Nuit fragrance. 

The Armaf company decided to circulate the Club de Nuit only in the Eau de Toilette version with less alcohol inside. This edition is better handled for many men who just want to shower and then spray a significant amount of perfume to smell nice all day long, this is one of the best cologne for men 2022,  and a very good aventus dupe Everyone agrees that the Club de Nuit for Men’s longevity has been its primary key for success among the men population.

What do people think about Club de Nuit for Men?

Club de Nuit for Men has its fans worldwide. The age range that decides to buy the fragrance is between 20 and 29 years of age. The perfume is ideal to use all day without changing your scent during the night for a special occasion.

Men who prefer to buy the Club de Nuit categorize it as a casual fragrance that has moderate masculinity to intrigue sentiments to women and as a cologne that scent like Creed aventus. After all, it is important to wear a fragrance to attract women and Club de Nuit creates the best conditions to promote yourself to the feminine population.

Packaging and Pricing

Club de Nuit Intense for Men comes in a prestigious black bottle with a special chain on the front part. It features a spray dispenser, and the outer package is made from a quality black paper carton that stays intact no matter the times you are going to open it.


Final words

Club de Nuit for men is an authentic fragrance that comes to you at a very competitive price as  which is a lot more expensive to buy and replace.

Women think that the fragrance keeps men smelling sexy and liberated, combining both fruity and herbaceous notes with a heart of smoky birch that gives the perfume its masculine character. 

Explore Club de Nuit for men and let yourself smell better than anyone else at the party!