Do Scented Candles Expire Or Go Bad

Scented candles are a popular choice for personal fragrance and decorative purposes. However, many people wonder if the scented candles will go bad or expire in time. This article is intended to answer this question by looking at some of the factors that might be considered when determining whether a candle has gone bad or not.

Candles are made to be used, so they will last as long as possible. If you want your candles to last longer than a few months, then you should store them in an airtight container or bag.


Typically, candles do not have an expiry date printed on them. As a consequence, you may be concerned that your scented candle may expire or go bad. You must evaluate the materials used to make candles in order to answer this question.

In most cases, wax and other organic components used in scented candles do not go bad. They’ll keep burning for years after you buy them. A candle’s oils and chemicals, on the other hand, may become bad. This causes a candle’s aroma and color to fade over time.

Fortunately, there are methods for extending the life of a scented candle. After all, you purchase a scented candle for the lovely perfume it emits. In this post, we’ll go over how to store and use scented candles properly so they last a long time!

Is it Possible for Scented Candles to Go Bad?

Candles, as previously said, seldom go bad, although candles composed of organic materials may deteriorate with time. Even a smoldering candle will continue to burn as long as there is wax and a wick. The aroma it emits, on the other hand, is a different matter.

The loss of aroma is generally the first clue that your candle is deteriorating. Essential oils, which are plant-based oils, are used to fragrance most scented candles. These may become bad over time, resulting in a change in aroma. You’ll notice that it no longer has the same scent as before.

This is frequently accompanied by a change in the color of the candle, as the pigment in the wax begins to fade. By correctly keeping your candles, you may really solve, or at the very least delay, these problems. External influences, including perfumes and colognes, may have a significant impact on your candles. As a result, keep your scented candle in an airtight container (like this one found on Amazon). This will keep the candle from drying out in the outside air.

The duration of a candle is determined by the materials used in its creation. But we’ll go into it in more detail in the following section of the article. Regardless of the kind of candle you have, you’ll want to know how to keep and utilize it properly. As a result, your candle will burn longer and preserve its scent and appearance.

Candle wax may deteriorate and stop burning in rare situations. However, if candles are properly sealed, this is unlikely to occur. In brief, candles may lose their effectiveness and expire, so try to utilize your scented candle within a particular time frame and take care of it so it lasts.

How Long Do Different Kinds Of Candles Last?

There are many different varieties of candles, each with a different lifespan. Your candle will not decay, but it will lose its fragrance over a period of time. We’ll go through the average candle lifetime in this section.

  • Beeswax candles are among the most long-lasting. Scents fade with time, but if combined with beeswax, they tend to remain much longer. Candles should usually be consumed within a year after being opened. The aroma of beeswax candles, on the other hand, may last for years. There is no specific amount of years since it is dependent on a variety of circumstances. Beeswax candles, on the other hand, have a significantly longer shelf life than most candles.
  • Soy Sandles are another popular candle alternative. Soy candles are natural and blend nicely with a variety of aromas, but they don’t last as long as other candle types. Soy candles may last for up to a year before losing their aroma and degrading. However, if properly preserved, they may endure up to a year and a half.
  • Citronella Candles are a good option if you want a scented candle that lasts a bit longer. Citronella candles may last up to two years before they start to degrade. They are made up of various grasses and plants. These candles have a lovely fruity smell that is also effective as a mosquito repellent! Beeswax candle products last longer, however these candles may also endure a long time if properly preserved.
  • The Yankee Candle is the last candle kind to consider. Paraffin wax is used to make Yankee candles. They have a five-year shelf life, but the aroma will not diminish if you store them properly. For years and years, the petroleum base keeps these candles smelling and looking excellent.

7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Scented Candles


You want to make sure that your scented candle lasts as long as possible. Candle storage and maintenance are critical for extending the shelf life of your candle product. There are many methods for preserving the aroma of your candle and extending its life. The following recommendations are just a few that you should think about!

1. Make Sure Your Candle Is Burning Properly

It’s crucial to light your candle for the first time. To help lock in the aroma of your candle, build a protective layer of wax. But only if you burn your candle properly will this happen. Fortunately, the first time you burn a candle properly, it’s quite straightforward. All you have to do now is light your candle and let it burn until the wax reaches the candle’s extreme edges. Allow the wax to solidify again after that.

But make sure you burn your candle for a long time. If you don’t, the protective layer will not develop, and your candle will lose more smell and moisture the next time you burn it. A memory ring will form on your candle as well.

2. Keep The Wick As Short As Possible

You don’t want the wick of your candle to become too long. The longer the wick on your candle, the quicker it will burn. It will have a shortened lifetime as a result of this. Trim the wick to keep it short to avoid this! For this, you may want to invest in a wick trimmer. It’s a little purchase that can significantly extend the life of your candles!

3. Keep your candle away from humid and wet environments.

Extreme heat and dampness may damage candles. As a result, you should never leave a candle in a damp or moist environment. The scented candle will decay quicker and lose its effectiveness as a result of this. It will also be more difficult for your candle to remain lit or light up.

4. Keep your candles out of direct sunlight.

Keep your candle out of direct sunlight. If you leave your candle outdoors or near a window with a lot of direct sunlight, it will melt and lose wax. A candle can survive much longer if it is put in a cool and shady location!

5. Never leave your candles unattended outside.

It goes without saying, but don’t leave a candle burning outside for an extended period of time. Not only can sunlight destroy your candle, but other components in the environment may also diminish its longevity. In really hot or cold conditions, you don’t want to keep a candle burning. Keep in mind that candles are temperature and light sensitive.

6. Don’t leave your candle burning for hours.

A scented candle should be burnt for no more than four hours. You should not burn a candle for more than this length of time in a single sitting. If you want to use your candle again the same day, let it cool down for a few hours beforehand.

7. Store your candles in an airtight container.

When candles are exposed to air, they lose their aroma. So don’t simply leave your candle unattended on the table. If your candle comes with a cap, use that to cover it. Put your candle in a jar or plastic container if it doesn’t have a lid. This will assist to lock in the aroma of your candle.

Scented candles are a great way to add some fragrance to your home, but they can also be pricey. If you’re looking for ways to store them, there are many options available. Reference: how to store scented candles.

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