Is Duty Free Perfume A Good Deal

There’s a fundamental truth about the retail industry: The more expensive something is, the better it sells. While this might seem obvious for items such as diamonds and cars, we also assume that high-end perfumes are worth every penny—but does duty free perfume really have to cost so much? Let’s take a look at what you can expect from luxury cosmetic sales outlets around the world!

Duty free perfume is a good deal, as it is cheaper than regular perfume. The price of duty free perfume can be significantly cheaper.


You’ll constantly notice these massive boutiques offering duty-free things, including perfumes, when you arrive to the airport. These might be quite tempting to purchase without paying tax, but are they really cheaper?

Is buying perfume duty-free a good deal? Duty-free shops offer their goods without levying any taxes or duties. This may result in much lower prices for the things they are offering, although this is not always the case. If the bargain is genuinely cheaper than when you purchase online or at another shop, it generally depends on where you are going. 

There are many techniques to determine if the duty-free offer is genuinely less expensive. Here are a few ideas about how to go about it.

How Can You Tell If It’s a Good Deal?

I can’t seem to stay away from the perfume department while I’m at an airport. Tax-free perfumes seem like a dream come true. And there were a lot of them. I can just image myself wandering through the aisles, seeing all of the scents that I wish to acquire one day, and having to stop myself from purchasing them all and becoming bankrupt. The strange thing is that these scents aren’t always less expensive. They might be much more pricey at times.

Almost no duty-free products are genuinely less expensive. In reality, just around 10% of all duty-free things offered in airports are less expensive than they are elsewhere.

What gives that this is possible? Duty-free should imply that there are no taxes, which means that the price should be roughly 20% cheaper. The problem is that the retailers that sell the items are not required to pass these savings on to their consumers. This indicates that the price is 20% cheaper for the one selling it, but only for the person selling it. The individual may sell the item for a fraction of the typical market price or even the same amount while making a significantly larger profit.

As a result, you now know that not all items are genuinely less expensive. Only 10% of the time is it cheaper. This seems to be quite a task. However, looking through them is definitely a smart idea since you may discover a nice price.

I would advise you to go there with a strategy in mind. Decide the scent you wish to buy. There is such a huge assortment to pick from that making a decision on the moment will be really tough. You don’t want to be late for your flight. You don’t have to choose one in particular, but you should have a rough notion of what you desire. For example, I have a mental list of scents that I still want to try. So, when I went on vacation, I thought to myself, “Which of them do I desire the most?” It turns out that I was allergic to two separate scents. But it’s far simpler to simply sample these two and make a selection than it is to look at all they have to offer and then make a decision.


So, before you even go for the airport, find out what the typical pricing for these perfumes is. You may just make a note of them on your phone or anywhere else. Make sure the prices you’re seeing are from reputable retailers. Take note of a couple of the costs and compare them to what most retailers charge.

So you’ve got a rough idea of a few perfumes you may wish to buy, as well as their typical pricing. When you enter the perfume department, there will be a number of testers available, as well as white sheets on which to spray the smell. You may smell them to see what they smell like. This is where you may make some choices. I suggest that you begin by picking the scent (or fragrances) you wish to purchase. Make a ‘top x’ list of things you want to do. After that, you should look at the scent pricing. Compare them to the average price of similar items in online retailers or other locations.

Is the duty-free perfume a good deal? That’s the easy part. You should acquire it if it’s cheaper and you’re planning to buy it anyhow. Decide for yourself whether it’s approximately the same price as the typical asking price. Is it something you want or need right now, or can you wait and find a better deal? It’s all up to you. If it is more costly, just wait till you return and get it somewhere.

Another option is to look into the pricing of the nation you want to visit. They may be able to get it at a lower price than in your country or at the airport.

Why Is It Important To Always Check The Perfume Section?

In most airports, the perfume department is very large. This implies there are probably a lot of perfumes, maybe even those you don’t know about or haven’t considered. As a result, if you like perfumes, I recommend that you constantly check out the perfume department. Take a look around and try a few things. You never know what you’ll come upon.

These airport perfume shops, in my experience, generally contain a lot of the more well-known perfumes or some of the less expensive ones. I haven’t seen any extremely pricey perfumes in one of these perfume areas, but I have seen a lot of smells that I really like. Duty-free shops are where I purchased a lot of my scents and where I first became interested in fragrances.

Related Questions

Is duty-free merchandise tax-free? Duty-free shops are able to sell their goods without paying any additional taxes. As a result, these items have the potential to be much less expensive. These businesses are permitted to do so with the goal of selling these items to travelers who will take them out of the nation.

What are the finest items to purchase at duty-free shops? Alcohol, cigarettes, and cosmetic items have the lowest prices as compared to the regular market pricing. The price gap between them is the most noticeable. Magazines are another excellent item to get.


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