How to make your perfume last longer (2022 Tips)

We all usually spend a lot of money on purchasing the costliest and long-lasting perfumes for ourselves. However, there are lots of times when you spray it in the morning and the fragrance fades away by the afternoon. Ahh!!! Quite irritated we all get when such things happen to us. This is why we have today compiled a list of important tips which you need to follow in order to ensure that the smell of your perfume lasts longer. So, here we begin with the must-know perfume tips!!!

  1. Do Not Spray it on Clothes

If you are also one of those who have the habit of spraying perfumes on clothes, then make sure that you stop it here. When you are spraying the perfume on your cloth, you are not only ruining them but also wasting it. Hence make sure to spray perfume on your body so that it stays all day long.

  1. Spray in on the Pulse Points

Most of you must have heard of the pulse points that are present all over your body. Now you can use these as your spots for trapping the fragrance. Well, yes you can spray the perfume that you use on the pulse points. These are present behind the ear, neck, and knees. Also, you can find them on your wrists as well. Once you spray it here, the body heat will help to enhance the perfume notes which will make it last longer. 

  1. Layer the Fragrances

Have you ever noticed that all the lotions, aftershaves, and body shower gels are very much similar to each other in fragrance? If you have got any of these which smell very much similar to your perfume, then ensure that you use both of them. This will help you make the perfume fragrance last for a longer time. 

  1. Avoid Keeping Your Perfume in Bathroom

Do not keep your perfume bottles in the bathrooms. This is because the humidity and moisture present there will weaken the bond of alcohol content present in it. So, make sure that you better store it in the bedroom. 

  1. Moisturize Your Skin

Before spraying the perfume, make sure that you moisturize your skin properly. The creaminess of a moisturizer will absorb the scent and carry it for a longer time. So, do not forget to apply some good scented moisturizer to your body before spraying the perfume. 

  1. No Rubbing of Wrists 

It has been observed that a lot of people apply the perfume to their pulse points present on the wrist and then rub their wrists together. This is totally wrong since rubbing will cause friction. And experts say that perfume fades away when it is under friction. 

  1. Keep Them Stored in Boxes

You certainly must have got your perfumes in cardboard boxes, right? Perfumes need to be stored away from sunlight and moisture. Hence, ensure that you keep them stored in the boxes that you get along with the perfume bottles.

Hope that these tricks and tips will be helpful to you. There are a lot more which we can talk about later on!!!