Nautica Voyage Review u2013 The Cheapest Oceanic Cologne

Nautica Voyage is a cologne released by Nautica with an aquatic and marine fragrance. It smells like the sea, but it’s also affordable for most people on a budget.

Nautica Voyage is an oceanic cologne that is available for purchase on for $17.99. This product is the cheapest option for an oceanic cologne, which can range from $30 to $100.

This Nautica Voyage review will take a close look at one of the most affordable summer scents. Voyage was published by Nautica in 2006. Since then, it has risen to the top of the perfume charts at a number of shops, including Amazon.

Many males are familiar with the perfume because of its fragrance profile. The Nautica Voyage fragrance is one of the greatest when it comes to general summery flexibility, thanks to its cucumber and aquatic overtones. As soon as the weather begins to cool, the cologne’s flaws become even more apparent.

Nautica Voyage has a cucumber scent.

The Nautica Voyage contains simply a few (very synthesized) tones. It opens with notes of green apple and cucumber.

Its flowery mid notes include lotus and mimosa.

The base accords include musk, cedar, oakmoss, and amber.

To me, the green apple, aquatic elements, and even a faint flower smell dominate this scent. This is the greatest men’s sports scent and is ideal for hot summer days.

When should you utilize Nautica Voyage?

The majority of guys seem to wear Nautica Voyage outside in the sun, where it shines the brightest. Any other sporting activities would go well with this perfume.

You won’t receive a response other than its freshness no matter how hard you attempt to rationalize why people adore such a cheap fragrance. One of the greatest colognes for getting praises is Voyage. You won’t be able to wear it in public for more than two days without someone inquiring what you’re wearing. This cologne is more popular with women than with males.

100 ml Nautica Voyage by Nautica Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

100 ml Nautica Voyage by Nautica Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

  • Nautica’s design house launched it.
  • This is a scent for men.
  • Apple, cedarwood, musk, amber, water lotus, green leaf, and mimosa notes combine in this fragrance.
  • It is suitable for casual wear.
  • It has a long-lasting scent.
  • Boost your appeal
  • This product’s packaging may differ from that depicted in the picture above.
  • This item is not available for purchase on Catalina Island.


Consider its short lifespan.

On the skin, Nautica Voyage lasts roughly 2-3 hours. If you just use a single spritz, it may last even less time.

You may, however, keep it in your workout bag and reapply it as required during the day.

Some guys, however, are unaware that this is a daytime smell. When it’s meant for bright days out, why would you want it to extend into the evening?

Body Spray by Nautica Voyage

Body Spray by Nautica Voyage

  • 3.81cm Item Package Length
  • 4.064cm Item Package Width
  • Packaged Item 17.78cm in height
  • Weight of the item in the package: 0.2

In warmer climates, voyage is finest.

If you don’t live in a hot area, you’ll find it difficult to comprehend why Nautica Voyage has over 33.000 Amazon reviews. You may not understand the hoopla if you reside in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, or even Canada.

You’ll understand why Voyage is so popular if you reside in California, Texas, Florida, India, Australia, Italy, or Spain, or if you travel on vacation to tropical countries.

Even so, don’t expect the aroma to smell luxurious. It even has a cheap odor about it. It does, however, work.



Is the cologne Nautica Voyage good?

In hot and humid conditions, Nautica Voyage is a nice perfume. It has a green-fresh, almost aquatic scent. Its tones are synthetic, and the duration is just 2 hours. The fragrance, on the other hand, is ideal for hot weather or sports.

Which of the two Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue is better?

Both Voyage and Blue are designed to be worn throughout the summer. In contrast to the green aquatic notes of Nautica Voyage, Nautica Blue is a little sweeter and richer, with pineapple, peach, and sandalwood.

Nautica Omni Eau De Toilette 3 Piece Set, Voyage/voyage N83/voyage Heritage

Is Nautica Voyage a long-term investment?

Nautica Voyage is said to last between 1 and 2 hours on the skin by most guys. For it to last a couple of hours, you’ll need at least four sprays.

Is it possible to get a fake Nautica Voyage cologne?

There are several phony Nautica Voyage colognes to avoid. Because it’s a bargain fragrance, you may buy it at full price from an authorized dealer to prevent getting a fake.

Nautica Voyage is a new cologne by Nautica that releases on September 1st. It’s the cheapest oceanic cologne in town, and it comes in three different scents: blue, black and green. Reference: nautica blue cologne review.

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