What Does Geranium Smell Like?

Geraniums are a type of flower that typically have white or pink flowers. They grow in most gardens and can be found in many homes.

The “what does ylang ylang smell like” is a flower that has a sweet, floral scent. It is used in perfumes and cosmetics.

Geraniums have a green flowery scent with hints of lemon and rose. It has a rose aroma that is typically regarded as manly. Geranium has spicy undertones, such as peppermint and bergamot, that may be detected.

Pelargonium Graveolens is one of the most popular geranium varieties. Its distinct sweet aroma appeals to a broad range of consumers in cosmetics and perfumes. This geranium is combined with other species to generate a fresh smell drydown. When geranium essential oil sets, its bright green flowery aroma, which is similar to roses, becomes mellower and cleaner, almost like soap.

The geranium scent’s complexity

Geraniums come in almost 70 different varieties. They all have a similar yet unique scent. Pelargonium Graveolens, or Scented Leaf Geranium, is a common variety used in gardens and fragrance. This geranium has a general scent with mint, lemon, and rose influences, depending on its growth location. However, it may include chocolate undertones to lend richness to the aroma.

Different varieties of geranium may be used in perfumes based on the notes they want to mix this aroma with. Pelargonium Geranium or Lemon Fancy, for example, is the way to go if a perfumer wants a typical geranium aroma without any undertones of sweet or bitter chocolate. This variety of geranium has a flowery and zesty scent.

This may change the composition of ascension in fragrance. Geranium with a citrus or bergamot scent is great for spring and summer fragrances. Fall colognes might benefit from a geranium that also smells like chocolate.

How can you learn to smell geranium for yourself?

You may obtain a preliminary notion of how it smells by sniffing geranium petals. Geraniums bloom throughout the spring, summer, and autumn, so finding one in a yard or flower store shouldn’t be too difficult.

Rub the petals of geranium in your hands to get a sense of how it smells. This approach tends to bring out the geranium’s concealed pepper overtones. Many individuals who claim that geranium smells like pepper rub the leaves in their palms. This will also bring out the earthy undertones of the leaves, which will help you distinguish between the smells of geranium and rose.

The geranium scent and essential oils are employed in fragrances in this way.

The linear aroma of geranium is commonly employed in manly perfumes since it has a herbal scent profile rather than a complete floral one. It may be used to enhance or accentuate rose notes, but it can also be used on its own.

Geranium flowers with a minty scent are often utilized in traditional men’s colognes. Geranium overtones, whether from natural or synthetic oils, are frequently integrated in that particular hard-to-forget barbershop aroma.

Geranium has a few well-known qualities (not based on science)

Geranium’s flexibility has made it one of perfumery’s most contentious smells. Its smell is commonly used in Fougere perfumes (mostly for males), where geranium mixes nicely with aromatic aromas like lavender and mint.

Geranium has a nostalgic scent to it.

Geranium is said to have a nostalgic scent. Perfumes with strong geranium overtones are often considered vintage. The aroma of your grandmother’s garden, as well as your grandfather’s perfume, come to memory. Geranium, on the other hand, may have a contemporary and enticing scent, particularly when combined with rose.

Geranium has a rose-like scent.

Geraniums have a rose-like scent in certain kinds. This is why, in fragrances, they’re often advertised as rose smells when they’re really geranium scents. Geranium smells, in particular, work nicely with rose, where they play a supporting role. Equal proportions geranium and rose provide a scent that is more reminiscent of the latter.

The molecular structure of geranium explains why it smells like a rose and why many people link it with citrus odors.

Citronellol may be found in large concentrations in both geranium and roses. This is why the scents of these two flowers are so similar, and why they are often misunderstood, particularly in perfumery.

Geranium also contains nerol. Because this molecule has a zesty flavor, citrus is usually the first undertone mentioned when describing the perfume of geranium. Geraniol, a chemical found in geranium and rose, goes well with it.

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Geranium’s place in fragrance

Geranium is a floral note that is often used in perfume heart notes. It binds top and base notes, and is often used in conjunction with other flowers. Geranium marries heart notes like rose, lavender, lily of the valley, or jasmine with base notes like amber or musk and top notes like bergamot, black pepper, or pineapple.

While geranium isn’t inherently fragrant, it does have a stronger herbal scent than roses. This is why, according to common thinking, there are clear disparities between male and female odors. Geranium has a more manly scent than rose, which has a more feminine scent.

Last but not least,

Geranium fragrances, such as Hermes Equipage Geranium, are well-known for their seductive aromas, owing to their pepper undertones. Another geranium scent that comes close to an art-level depiction is Diptyque Geranium Odorata. In compared to the peppery Equipage Geranium, this geranium cologne smells more like peppermint and has a deeper green flavor.

Both of these fragrances demonstrate that geranium may have a variety of scents. However, pure geranium fragrances with this flower as the predominant note are difficult to get by these days. You’d have to go to extremities to get your hands on such a scent. When you want to make the most of this fragrance that is the actual rose competitor, your only real alternatives are cheap barbershop smells on one end of the scale and pricey perfumes that smell like geranium on the other.



The “geranium smell benefits” is a fragrant plant that has many uses. It has been used in perfumes, medicines and food.

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