What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles

Many people fill up perfume bottles with their favorite scents and never use them, or they save them to make a DIY gift. There are so many ways that you can give these empty bottles new life!

The “what to do with empty perfume bottles pinterest” is a question that has been asked for years. In this article, I will be giving you some ideas on what to do with your old perfume bottles.


Do you have a lot of empty perfume bottles around the house? Make advantage of them. Follow along as we figure out how to dispose of empty perfume bottles.

A perfume may make a person smell nice, and a perfume bottle can be turned into something helpful.

You’re probably surrounded by empty perfume bottles because you’re looking for ideas on what to do with them. If you do, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Don’t DISCARD them just yet if you’re not sure what to do. Instead, we’ll show you how to make CARD out of these items: Containers, Accessories, Recycle, and Decorations.

There’s no need to make things too difficult; the items on the list will be simple to follow. Let’s get started with your empty perfume bottles.

Containers, Accessories, Recycled Materials, and Decorations (CARD)



1.Jewelry Stand

If you like scents, there’s a strong chance you’ll enjoy jewelry as well. If you do, you’re presumably aware that maintaining and organizing them isn’t always straightforward. They’re small and hang about because they’re too shiny to stay put.

You may convert your empty perfume bottles into a jewelry holder if you have a lot of them. Even though it’s first on the list, it’s the simplest to carry out. All you have to do now is clean your bottles, dry them, and store your priceless valuables.

You may split your jewelry collection into several bottles if you have a lot of stuff. More organization may be achieved by grouping them according to accessory size, kind, and labeling. You may also add flowers and other embellishments to your bottles to make your collection seem more elegant inside.

Although you need be aware of the sizes of your jewelry—some may fit within, but you will have a difficult time getting out. Calculate and determine which items will go into which bottles. If your fingers don’t fit, you can still check them out with pointed things.


2.Storage of Coins

An empty perfume bottle makes a great coin holder. Its open and attractive appearance tempts you to add additional money. They are, in fact, excellent for keeping extra coins.

If you’re the sort that loves to conserve money as much as possible, an empty perfume bottle is ideal. First, since you’re recycling, you won’t have to buy a coin bank, which means you’ll save even more money. Finally, if you have a transparent perfume bottle, use that instead; you’ll be enticed to put more money in since you want to watch it fill up.

A tip jar is another usage for a perfume bottle. However, a container with a large enough opening for putting money is preferable. You don’t want your consumers to have a difficult time, do you?

In any case, achieving this use case is simple. You merely need to wash, dry, and utilize it, just like the previous item on the list.



You may make necklaces out of empty perfume bottles in addition to utilizing them as containers. While it may seem to be an odd concept, if executed properly, it may be rather successful. Before you begin, choose the most attractive bottles from your collection.

A bottle is frequently designed in a fashionable manner, making it an ideal pendant for a necklace. Furthermore, the aroma stays in the bottle for a long time after it has been drained, emulating the effect of an air freshener for the body. However, use tiny bottles to maintain the appearance more natural and avoid neck pain from the extra weight.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to design a bottle. You simply need to use little ornamental attachments to bind it together. If you don’t mind putting in a little more effort, you may look for additional perfume bottle accessory ideas on other websites.

2.Hand Sanitizer on the Go

Because a perfume container is made to spray liquids, it’s ideal for this purpose. Furthermore, since health equals wealth, it is critical to maintain it. Carrying a hand sanitizer with you while you’re outdoors is a good way to remain safe.

What’s better than having stylish-looking hand sanitizer now that you’ve gotten the idea? You can do that with your empty perfume bottles, at least. Furthermore, it needs very little effort.

You don’t even have to wash them since a nice-smelling hand sanitizer isn’t unpleasant; in fact, it’s fantastic. Fill an empty perfume bottle with the sanitizer from its original container and you’ve got yourself a great-looking one.

Because you can’t compress glass, you’ll have to make do with empty perfume spray bottles. So that it doesn’t attach to the bottle’s straw, use non-sticky or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.



Isn’t it true that you can’t sell empty perfume bottles? No one is to blame; most recycling advertisements concentrate on preserving water and beverage bottles while overlooking other materials such as these. Regardless, you may as well get money from your empty perfume bottles if you want to get rid of them.

You may sell perfume bottles wholesale online if you don’t have a local recycling store. There are several websites where you may sell your secondhand stuff. eBay and Carousell are two of the most popular options.

It’s simple to sell; all you have to do is take good images of your collection and publish them on these websites. Be patient; it usually takes a few days or even weeks for someone to show interest in your things. Also, make sure your bottles are clean so that buyers will find them attractive and, perhaps, purchase them.

Keep in mind that empty perfume bottles should not be thrown away. When you can, recycle or sell them. Take advantage of the fact that it’s a simple procedure.

2.Convert to Perfume Bottles

What better way to repurpose an empty perfume bottle than to preserve your current scent? That’s correct, you can reuse your old perfume bottles by refilling them with fresh or leftover scent.

If you’ve ever bought an expensive fragrance and then emptied it, there’s a good chance you still love the bottle’s elegance. Isn’t it a brilliant idea to repurpose the bottle from the pricey item to keep your current one? Besides, your old perfume’s spraying mechanism could be too excellent to throw away. Instead of tossing away old perfume bottles, reuse them by transferring the contents of your new ones. If you’re not sure how to accomplish it, there are plenty of helpful video tips available online. Not only will you have a blended aroma, but your perfume will also seem more expensive. Isn’t this a fascinating experiment?



1.Photo Frame

You can repurpose your empty perfume bottles into photo frames, believe it or not. Unlike the other things on the list, you’ll have to think outside the box this time. Don’t worry, however; you can still make a sound output without going overboard.

You may print other photographs for decorating if you don’t want to utilize your own photos. To begin, create a bottle by glittering it, attaching little trinkets, and letting your imagination run wild. You’ll also need to measure and set aside a spot for your picture in the bottle’s center.

You may then link the picture to the place you created when you’ve finished creating. On top of that, you may add elements like stickers or glitters. As an added benefit, you may fill the bottle with colored water to produce a more pleasing appearance.


The last item on the list is for fans of vintage design. Empty perfume bottles may be reused as candleholders if you prefer more practical decorations.

When you use a candle, the wax drips down over time, allowing debris or crud to accumulate on the table surface. Everyone should use candleholders for this reason, since they make transporting candles much easier. You may, however, use your perfume bottles instead if you don’t want to buy one.

This procedure does not need you to clean your bottles. Simply remove the lid and anything else that is blocking the bottle’s mouth. Consider the size of your candles and choose bottles with comparable or adequate mouth openings.

You’ll need to make a handle for the bottle if you wish to move your candles. You’ll need something to grasp to protect your hand since it will get heated to the touch. Do you have any wire or thick cloth on hand?

To fit a smaller piece of your bottle, bend or cut them.

Do you have your empty perfume bottles ready to be CARDED?

You’ll know what to deal with empty perfume bottles now that you’ve read our instructions. However, if you’re still wanting for more, there are a number of excellent resources from other websites that are open to the public. Regardless, we hope that our review has aided you in the management of empty perfume bottles.

We made certain that the topics in our guide are simple to understand and execute. They do not need the use of any particular materials or equipment. You don’t want to misuse and force perfume bottles since they’re delicate.

The next time you collect empty perfume bottles, don’t dispose of them. Instead, think creatively and make use of these resources. When you don’t know what to do, always remember Containers, Accessories, Recycled Materials, and Decorations (CARD).

The “can you recycle perfume bottles” is a question that has been asked many times. There are many different ways to reuse empty perfume bottles. Some people just throw them away, but others use them for crafts, such as stained glass projects.

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