13 Best Tom Ford Cologne 2022 that Smell Awesome

Even just a few drops of this Tom Ford cologne can have the scent last for hours. What is more, it’s known to be one of the best smelling perfumes in the world! However, if you’re looking for information on which perfume will smell like what and when, we can help. Here are some options that are available now or coming soon!

Tom Ford is a famous designer who creates fragrances for men, women and even children. His oud wood fragrance is one of his best creations. Read more in detail here: tom ford oud wood.

Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men

The fragrance is one of the best & a few of the emotional creations of our Mother Nature. It makes our day great, helps to attract someone towards us, makes people remember you. Plus, fragrances are the things, that we don’t buy every day. So here is the list where we will review the best tom ford cologne for men.

As a result, finding one that is ideal is crucial.

Like other things, fragrances also have a variety of options to go with. But not all of them will fascinate you. Some of them could be respiratory irritants, which may lead you to respiratory or neurotoxic problems. Some may cost you a bit expensive & the other may not smell good to you.


So here in this buying guide, we’ll help you discover & buy the best Tom Ford Cologne for Men.

Does this seem appealing to you?

So keep an eye out!


Tom Ford is a US-based Fashion designer & a film producer, who has helped Gucci to become one of the most luxurious brands in the world. He establishes his own beauty brand now we known him as TOM FORD.

He has launched several luxury gears, outfits, accessories & most importantly Cologne for both men & women. Tom’s men’s fragrances are divided into two major lines.

The signature line-up is a bit Affordable in price with medium fragrance. But the private blend is luxurious in both price & bouquet as well.

So, without further ado, here’s our selection of the Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men:

For Men, the Top 13 Tom Ford Colognes

With more than 60 fragrances, I bet, you cannot make a decision of which one to select. Each of them will be better than the first & you will go crazy for them. But don’t worry, after hours of research, we are here to let you decide which one to choose. So without waiting anymore, let’s get deeper into it.

1Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a film directed by Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

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If you are a late-night man & enjoy spending your time in bars, then this amazing Noir Extreme is the most popular tom ford cologne. It was launched back in 2015 & was offered in both male & female versions. Later, the women version got discontinued but the men version still comes.

Noir Extreme is packed inside a golden box, with NOIR branding at the mid of the box with the Extreme logo at the bottom. The cap is transitional & you can open it just by twisting. The atomizer is smooth & the delivery is panoramic.

It may smell much warmer & richer than the Noir’s old version, the projection is not that great but the longevity is excellent. Extreme has the ability to fill the room. It is more gourmand & a distinctive improvement of its parent Noir. Its resin tone is a bit denser that you can smell easily.

The brilliant use of Sandalwood oil makes the composition extreme. When you open it up, you will feel a little bit of citrus which adds the emotion to the whole composition. It also has some provision of amber & subtle nature resins which you may not get them that strongly as of citrus.

Moreover, this fragrance also contains Mastic resin obtained from Greek trees & you can easily get it if you are aware of that. It is a little shorter but a more dynamic resinous smell.

I would mark its uniqueness in scent. For the age factor, it will suit both the youth & mature persons as well.

It will definitely grab the attention of a lady because of its sweetness, & you can use it casually as well. It would be a great idea to wear this scent in cold weather because it would be overkilling to some people in summer.


  • Gorgeous & sleek design
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Complementing, Bold & the sweet aroma
  • Outside, this is a fantastic choice.
  • Private blend collection & Affordable

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

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If you are a fiancée, with a decent boyfriend, & he loves to wear leather, then I can surely say that Tuscan Leather is the best tom ford cologne for him. The fragrance is just dreamy.

The design is beautiful & attractive. One thing to keep in mind is to carefully remove the box as the bottle inside is not deeper.

Tuscan Leather is a powerful & a strong scent, due to its cocaine note. Once you smell that, you’ll become addicted to it. There are also some fruity notes, with a bit saffron spice along with Jasmine oil.

Its dark leather note, you will rarely find in any other fragrances. The raspberry note is perfectly nailed by Tom Ford. This perfume has some similarities with Noir because of the common DNA of molecules like Golden boy, Royal leather, Italian Uomo, Black Saffron & some other scents.

It is a unisex cologne & suits cold weather nights. It may not last on hot skins.


  • The perfume is strong and lasts for 24 hours.
  • Best for special occasions
  • Feeling of luxury

3 For Men, Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford Noir for Men

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It’s from his designer/signature line, which is a good one to go to. It was launched back in 2012 & it’s considered as a spicy woody flavor.

The whole body comes in a glossy black finish with a silver contrasting Logo. The cap is again crest & can be open easily by a single twist.

It belongs to floral woody amber family with Italian bergamot verbena & violates pink pepper with a fresh aroma. It is safe to use even for asthma patients because Pink pepper is a natural remedy for them.

This is made up of Indonesian patchouli oil, which helps to prevent allergic reactions, and Egyptian geranium, which has a gentle flowery scent that helps you relax. Iris resin with Bulgarian rose has a spicy scent.

It is the best one to wear in cold weather & it would definitely worth the price.


  • Sleek scent that lasts up to 15 hours
  • Excellent for wedding receptions.
  • Affordable & worth the price

4 Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille

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The whole aroma is a perfect compliment that everyone will like. It’s from Tom Ford’s private line once again.

A simple black bottle of Tom’s Tobacco Vanille with a golden base. Outside the box, you can read the concentration & some other safety precautions to use along with its quantity.

Tobacco Vanille has some spicy notes with some correlation with the Noir Extreme. The pink pepper tobacco & the vanilla combination makes a bold fragmented.

Cacao and spicy American Tonka beans are some of the additional supporting elements for the scent. As a result, Tobacco Vanille has a strong scent. The floral tones, as well as some dry fruit notes, contribute to this.

It will also suit the women ranges 25-30years at bars & clubs along with some party guys. Both men & women can wear the Tobacco Vanille due to its both vanillin & floral notes.

This is something you should wear on a date, for an engagement, or for a wedding. It will appeal to men between the ages of 18 and 35.


  • A powerful scent with a Longevity of up to 16 hours
  • Good choice for both wedding & casual events
  • Definitely worth the money.


  • Design isn’t all that interesting.

5Fucking Fabulous Tom Ford

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

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Launched back in 2017 & one of the most luxurious collection of the tom ford’s private lineup. You may found the name controversial but it’s not new for Tom Ford.

The design is simple but attractive. The whole body comes within a dark black color & has some branding on the front & topside of the container.

This F*cking Fabulous has a lot of notes from leather to woody spices & Tonka beans with the salvia. It will a little bit smells almond oil, but you have to be a very strong & mature noise to judge this.

A strong base of gourmand & vanilla makes it sweeter to feel. It’s among the same line of Tuscan leather. It has a really nice underlying leather note on your skin. It has a spicy wood kind of aromatics which is extremely beautiful in smell.

This f*cking thing will surely work for you if you are a wealthy university student.

This is some luxury kind of scent so, I would recommend this to wear this formal not for casual. I would definitely use this one for the fall & winter.


  • a strong scent
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life
  • Design is excellent.

6Tom Ford Orchid Black

Tom Ford Black Orchid

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Black Orchid is a very old & respected scent in the fragrance community. It is one of the leading unisex scents, both for women & among the one of the best tom ford men’s fragrance.

The box is light ceramic colored with black contrast on the front seems. The bottle is black in color with a golden metal plate engraved on the front side & it’s very practical in use.

The notes are a bit complex that you cannot guess them easily. But I am sure that It has dark traces & strong sort of like chocolaty notes along with spices. You can easily feel the French jasmine, black truffle with sandalwood & amber.

The base is rich in its vanilla & vetiver while the side notes may include some sort of floral & fruit flavor. You will need a strong & mature noise to guess the whole DNA of this Orchid.

It’s appropriate for both chilly evenings and the spring season. This isn’t quite as pricey as private label colognes, but it’s quite close. It’s appropriate for both casual and romantic occasions.


  • The projection was flawless.
  • Good for both wedding & casual events
  • Affordable

Velvet Orchid 7TOM FORD

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

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This perfume is a little bolder than the previous one. If you like citrus & floral cologne, this is what you should keep in your collection.

Velvet Orchid has the same design from top to bottom as a black orchid. What makes the difference is only the color of the Velvet orchid. It is velvety purple in color & the body reflects when passes through the sunlight.

When you smell this, you’ll quickly get it’s bold floral & sweetness with a lighter note on Mandarin scent. It’s way ahead than an ordinary floral or fruity cologne & feminine one.

The top notes may include Italian bergamot with honey & rum extracts. Besides that, it also has jasmine extract with Turkish rose & orange blossoms. The base ingredients have a strong proportion of Sandalwood oil with Peru balsam & vanilla.

In the summer, it’s best to avoid wearing the Velvet Orchid since it will fade faster. This may be worn by either a man or a woman, regardless of their age. You may use it on a regular basis or during parties.


  • a strong scent
  • Wearable throughout the summer
  • Tom’s Signature Collection


  • In a hot environment, you’ll burn faster.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, 8Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, 8Tom Ford Grey Veti

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

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This is the scent that was released in 2009. One of the stronger components in this one is vetiver, which is why Tom named it Grey vetiver!

The box is very pretty & looks similar to both black & velvet orchids. The bottle cap is in silver color that has been machined on CNC. The jar is transparent & you can see the cologne inside clearly.

Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver has some strong compositions of Vetiver woody oil along with pink pepper & fruit essence. Grey Vetiver has the same DNA as Greylocke by Phlur. But this is in the smooth category than the Greylocke.

Vetiver & the sandalwood along with amber has played a very nice inning inside & results in a specular aroma. It’s simple to smell each ingredient of the top notes, you can easily guess them on your first sprays.

If you are a guy with a suit & tie on your chest & a good pair of shoes, it will obviously reflect your personality. But you can even use it casually.


  • vetiver is a strong scent.
  • It may be worn in any season.
  • Signature’s budget-friendly lineup


  • Vetiver-based fragrances may be unappealing to certain individuals.

Tom Ford Oud Wood (Tom Ford Oud Wood) (Tom Ford Oud Wood)

Tom Ford Oud Wood

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Oud wood is from Tom’s private line, which was launched back in 2007 & both men & women would love to wear this one.

The package is quite high-end, however you must be cautious while opening it. The container is black in hue, while the top is silver, creating a lovely contrast.

It will really put a high small on your face when sniffing. You can easily get the top notes of Vanilla, Cardamom, Pink pepper & the Tonka beans. Moody wood along with the rose extract is supporting the aroma beautifully.

The cardamom & peppers are very spicy so that people with both genders can wear it. Now the floral & fruit essence is a little bit weaker to guess but it still makes a great impression in the whole fragrance.

Oud is a short-lived wood. I’ll admit that the design is lovely, but even a tiny jolt may destroy the aroma. If you’re a domineering guy or a passionate pair, you can wear it. The scent is ideal for a date.


  • Bold & luxury aroma
  • The most suitable for dating
  • Private lineup of the highest quality


  • Weak projection & longevity

10 Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

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Tom’s Neroli Portofino was launched back in 2016 & it has a sibling named Neroli Portofino Acqua. So don’t get confused between them.

The design is pretty simple & safe. It is very similar to Neroli Portofino Acqua from color to design. But you can differentiate between both of them via their nameplate color & the font.

You will feel a woody, more citrusy & transparent aquatic aroma, & you will say this a clone of 4711 by Moore. It is very light in smell & it’s possible that you may not smell this even stronger.

Lavender, bergamot, rosemary, mandarin orange, and lemon citrus are all plainly detectable. The top notes are supported by jasmine and neroli. Amber and angelica make up the basis.

It lasts longer & projects faster & quicker than its sibling but still, they are not so good. The scent may smell like you feel in babies’ perfumes, but it’s a little bit deeper.


  • a light scent
  • The best choice for a hot environment


  • Weak projection & longevity

11Mandarino from the Amalfi Coast

Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi

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It’s just released back in 2014 & it is from the Private lineup house of Tom Ford. It is from Tom’s Amalfi Coast collection.

Beautiful Rectangular bottle with a square base that is easy to carry as well. It is lighter in both colour & weight. The golden contrast is looking gorgeous.

The top note consisting of Orange blossom that gives a citrusy & floral smell to you. You also find a floral smell like jasmine or white rose that is quite weaker to wear.

It also consists of basil ingredients found in coastal parts of East Asia & it smells absolutely amazing. The fragrance is not a lot of sweat. But it has some kind of mixture like amber & resin.

It also has a mint taste that isn’t as strong as it was at first, as well as a hint of black pepper, which is really difficult to come by.

The overall smell is quite versatile & bossy but isn’t that strong as it expected to be. You should use this one in summer mostly but you can use it in both seasons. If you just have a meetup with someone, it’s fine to wear it but I wouldn’t recommend it to wear at clubs & parties.


  • Wearable in all seasons
  • For adult individuals, the best option is


  • Weak projection & longevity

12Men’s Tom Ford

Tom Ford by Tom Ford

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It is a fantastic Tom Ford men’s fragrance that was debuted in 2007 and is one of the senior players in the Signature collection.

The packaging is again super simple but gives an aggressive look. The bottle comes in a transparent colour & you can see the golden shaded Cologne inside it. The design is the same as the orchid series.

It will take a bit of time to get dry on the skin. In the ingredients, you’ll get citrus, woody & a musky texture. Top notes as bergamot, mandarin, ginger, lemon with basil & tobacco oil. The orange & grapefruit blossom makes the smell extremely delight & sweat.

Patchouli with leatherwood & vetiver are supporting the fragrance amazingly & they get down after some time.  This is a sophisticated & a timeless scent as tom’s Private line.

Personally, I like the perfume; the combination of woody oils and fruity essence created a very wonderful aroma.


  • Cologne is a romantic city.
  • a timeless scent
  • Price that is reasonable


  • Weak projection & longevity

13Le Blanc Soleil

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

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The Soleil Blanc is the last perfume in our Tom Ford cologne review. Tom Ford’s own line was released in 2016. It was inspired by private islands where summer lasts all year, so you may use it for both summer and winter seasons.

It is packed in a durable gold box & feels very expensive. The bottle is white itself & some golden nameplates along with the TF branding are engraved on them. The whole design is quite the same as some of the other cologne in the private line.

It is a unisex cologne & the top ingredients include Bergamots, Pink Pepper, Cardamom with Pistachio which makes the aroma grooming. It is a simple cologne without any complex ingredients to understand.

Besides this, Soleil blanc has some supporting ingredients amber, coconut oil, Tonka beans, Egyptian jasmine, roses & cocoa. It is kind of like a gourmand & floral fragrance.

The bouquet is deep floral & smells fascinating & for its smell.


  • Cologne for the summer
  • Floral scent that is timeless.
  • Longevity is impressive.
  • It’s best for a vacation by the seaside.

Q: Which Tom Ford cologne do you think smells the best?

It depends on your personality & time to wear. If you like to wear it for your date or club, you should go to Noir Extreme. If you want to wear to your office, go for tobacco Vanille.

Neroli Portofino is the greatest Tom Ford Cologne if you want to wear it casually. They’re all Tom Ford’s most popular colognes.

Q: Which Tom Ford cologne is the best?

This is something I’d say to Tuscan Leather. It is the greatest Tom Ford fragrance for guys in terms of pricing, scent, longevity, and casualness. It’s up to you whether you give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Tom Ford is a luxury brand of men’s fragrances and cosmetics. Tom Ford Cologne 2022 is one of the best selling colognes in the world. It has been described as “the most expensive perfume ever made.” Reference: is tom ford cologne worth it.

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