9 Best Tommy Bahama Colognes Still Worth Buying

Tommy Bahama is not an American brand but it has some of the best products and scents on earth. They are known for their tropical island-inspired fragrances that capture a sense of relaxation and happiness.

The “best tommy bahama cologne reddit” is a post on Reddit that lists 9 of the best Tommy Bahama Colognes.

Tommy Bahama’s best cologne is St. Barts. Other popular maritime-themed fragrances for men and women are also produced by the Atlanta-based business. The majority of these scents are inexpensive and light, making them ideal for summer days.

Tommy Baha is a men’s and women’s tropical fragrance brand established in the United States. Men all throughout the United States rave about this brand’s inexpensive colognes. Although the majority of its fragrances include synthetic components, considering their low price, they might be a good option for a casual clothing on a hot summer day.

Why do Cologne Tommy Bahamas sell so well?

The following colognes are available in shops and on the internet. Because they are inexpensive and simple to get by, you may use them extensively. Here are three explanations behind the popularity of these colognes.

  • Holidays and days out call for a tropical aroma.

For a few years now, tropical colognes have been popular. There’s hardly no summer vacation that doesn’t include a trip to Cologne. Tommy Bahama specializes in these scents, and a handful of them are really rather nice.

As most critics point out, most Cologne Tommy Bahamas are reasonably priced. You can acquire a perfume that lasts the whole summer for the price of two cups of coffee.

It is not necessary for all colognes to be complex. These perfumes are quite easy to wear because to their simple, carefree style, which is essential while preparing for the hot summer days.

Tommy Bahama St. Barts is number one.

St. Barts is a summery men’s cologne that smells like coconut and is worth trying. It resembles Creed Virgin Island Water, but it has a synthetic quality about it. It is, however, many times less expensive than Creed’s scent, making it a no-brainer.

From the beginning to the end, this aroma is reminiscent of a mojito perfume. The alcoholic cologne notes may play a role in this perception.

The aroma of this Tommy Bahama perfume for men begins with lime and tequila, two complementary notes. There are also sea notes or aquatic notes present, as well as agave, which may be detected.

Its heart notes include salt, green notes (akin to grass), and guava.

The tropical palm leaf, musk, and vanilla in St. Barts cologne help to balance out the salinity.

You’d think this scent would be a dud. On the other hand, it only lasts around 4-5 hours on the skin.


  • It may last up to 3 hours.
  • Men will love it.
  • The majority of the time, it may be worn in the summer.
  • Virgin Island is similar. Creed’s spring water

9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


2. Deep Blue Maritime by Tommy Bahama

The value of Deep Blue Maritime in the Tommy Bahama fragrance collection is recognized in this Cologne Tommy Bahama review. This perfume has been characterized as smelling like the sea, which is a pleasant aroma for the summer.

You may not think of aquatic spicy smells during the summer. Spices, on the other hand, shine in the sun; just look at all of the famous oriental colognes for guys.

In the beginning, Maritime cologne has a hint of spicy bergamot with other fragrant slightly spicy elements like rosemary. The apparent supporting notes are juniper and cardamom.

The flowery drydown of this scent is there, yet the saline undertones remain. Heart notes include water lily, freesia, geranium, and orris root.

The base accords include moss, cedar, patchouli, and musk.


  • Like the water, it’s salty and a little sour.
  • On the skin, it lasts around 5 hours.
  • Suitable for wearing at the beach or while participating in sports.

1653803434_612_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


Martinique (Tommy Bahama) No. 3

Tommy Bahama Martinique is a basic scent that may be enjoyed by both men and women. It is somewhat less flowery and soapier than St. Barts, St. Kitts, and Maritime. It gives you a fresh, somewhat aquatic scent.

Its notes are all quite generic. If you’ve ever smelled Calvin Klein One, you already know what to anticipate.

Its key notes include water notes, lavender, bergamot, and musk.

Seaweed, spices, and woody flavors are also present, albeit not stated. This perfume is somewhat generic, since it smells a lot like Nautica Voyage and other marine scents. But, for what it’s worth, they’re all quite popular.

Martinique Tommy Bahama fragrance has one flaw: it doesn’t last too long. You’ll need to take it with you to the beach or to any outdoor event you’ve booked to reapply the scent throughout the day if you want to smell fresh like you just got out of the shower for the whole day.


  • For males who don’t like flowery colognes, this is a refreshing aroma.
  • On the skin, it may last up to 4 hours.
  • When applied to clothing, it may persist longer.
  • Davidoff Cool Water and Nautica Voyage are similar.

1653803437_194_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


St. Kitts, Tommy Bahama, No. 4

St. Kitts is the perfect choice if you want a tropical Tommy Bahama perfume for guys that isn’t too athletic or too aquatic. It’s also less soapy than Martinique, which puts it above of the pack when it comes to summer flexibility.

Tommy Bahama’s St. Kitts high heat cologne for the mean is without a doubt one of his best offerings. It has a distinct Caribbean feel that takes you to a beach drinking from a coconut almost instantaneously.

Its pleasant tropical initial notes include start fruit, mandarin orange, and bergamot.

The heart notes have watery notes as well, although they aren’t as aquatic as those found in other Tommy Bahama perfumes. Cedar and salt round out the array of fresh tropical mid notes.

The base notes of driftwood, ambergris, and musk give it a seductive appeal.

St. Kitts’ sole serious flaw is its short lifespan. Even though it might be likened to Versace Dylan Blue, it lasts a little less.


  • On the skin, it may last up to 3 hours.
  • Unlike previous Cologne Tommy Bahamas, this one is a little more tropical and less soapy.
  • Appropriate for males
  • Interpretation of a pleasant driftwood note

1653803440_588_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


5. Tommy Bahama Original Cologne for Him

Tommy Bahama for Him was released in 2013 and is one of the colognes with a tropical mood that adds a few additional fruits to the send mix. Fruits are present in all four of the perfumes described above, but in this cologne, it’s all about the stronger notes, which are also appropriate for spring.

One of the key beginning tones is watermelon. Despite being synthetic, reviewers have commended the fragrance, particularly for a low-cost perfume. The scent of the opening also includes tangerine and pear, as well as spicy ginger.

The mid notes include violet leaf and peppery coriander. In the heart notes, there’s a tiny hint of Tiare flower.

Its dewy, sweet, and spicy base accords include amber, Australian sandalwood, and tonka bean.

This fragrance should, on average, stay longer. However, with only a few sprays, it only lasts approximately 3 hours. You may anticipate 7-8 hours of longevity if you spray it more than 10 times.


  • Men’s tropical fruity cologne
  • This is one of the nicest watermelon representations I’ve seen.
  • A refreshing summer perfume for guys.

1653803443_862_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


Tommy Bahama for Her No. 6

The first Tommy Bahama perfume for women on the list is this mandarin-musk scent with vanilla and praline. It doesn’t smell ostentatious, but it does smell pleasant. Cologne Tommy Bahamas for men are very reasonably priced.

The introductory notes include honeysuckle, tangerine, and apple. Mandarin is the most prominent note, while floral notes like as honeysuckle may also be detected in the correct conditions.

Honeysuckle, heliotrope, and gardenia are among the florals that make up the mid accords.

The base accords include praline, vanilla, patchouli, and musk. Praline might be overpowering, yet it contributes a particular sweetness to the aroma.

It’s a perfume for ladies of all ages that can be used in the spring and summer, and it’s definitely a perfume to wear to work.


  • Ladies’ Tommy Bahama scent is sweet and floral.
  • Gardenia note with a lot of oomph for a ladies’ perfume that isn’t too pricey.
  • In the drydown, it transforms from fresh to sweet.
  • On the skin, it lasts for 2 hours.

1653803446_949_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


Women’s Tommy Bahama Martinique No. 7

Women’s Martinique by Tommy Bahama is not the same as Martinique for Men. It has a lovely aroma that makes it suitable for any season.

The introductory notes of this perfume include raspberry, mandarin orange, and red apple. It opens with a lovely fruity aroma that might be described as sweet.

The mid accords are made up of floral notes like tiare flower.

Its base notes include musk and vanilla.

Overall, this perfume is fruity with a musk background, making it sensual and appropriate for ladies on a date night. You may also use it as a nice scent for teachers, attorneys, or anybody else who works in close proximity to people.


  • As a trademark smell, it comes highly recommended.
  • Perfume for ladies that is fruity and smoky.
  • Tommy Bahama fragrance isn’t immediately identifiable.

1653803449_265_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


Compass by Tommy Bahama, no. 8

Compass is a masculine soapy cologne. It has no long-term impact; otherwise, it would be higher on the list. Even yet, there are times when you don’t need long-lasting power. Consider a date or a sporting event; it’s designed for such situations.

Lemon, grapefruit, and violet are the first notes in this fragrance.

Its powerful and antique mid accords include pimento, lavender, and fragrant sage.

The base notes include appealing ambergris, cedar, tonka bean, and labdanum.

All of these tones complement each other well. While it lasts, you could even receive a few praises. However, you should not use it as a cologne that you will wear for more than a few hours.


  • Rare pimento cologne with a pleasant scent
  • Aromatic, but not unique
  • On the skin, it lasts around 2 hours.

1653803452_925_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


9. The A Maritime Adventure of Tommy Bahama

If you’re looking for an excellent unisex Tommy Bahama fragrance, go with A Maritime Adventure. It’s mostly flowery and spicy-aromatic, with a few fruity notes thrown in for good measure.

Cardamom, lavender, and green apple are the first ingredients.

The predominant heart notes are coriander, violet, and wild orchid.

Its basic accords are moss, clearwood, and cedar.

This perfume has a 3-hour wear time and is extremely simple to apply. This Tommy Bahama perfume for man, like Nautica Voyage, is perfect for any weather.


  • Unisex fragrance that smells great.
  • Lavender and coriander are abundant in this dish.
  • As a woody summer perfume, it’s a good choice.

1653803456_899_9-Best-Tommy-Bahama-Colognes-Still-Worth-BuyingIt’s available on Amazon.


Cologne Tommy BahamaSeason
St. BartsSummer


Deep Blue MaritimeSummer


Men from MartiniqueSummer


St. KittsSummer


For Him, UniqueSummer


For HerSummer


Women’s MartiniqueSummer




A Maritime AdventureSummer




Cologne Tommy Bahamas have a very low price. With tropical DNA, this is not necessarily bad. Many people have something to say about their longevity. But you wouldn’t want your cologne to mix with summertime sweat during the day as you have to take a shower anyway.

You could get into the ocean while at the beach, which raises the issue of why you’d need an expensive fragrance for such an event. Given how inexpensive these scents are, there’s little need to go elsewhere for how they smell.



The “tommy bahama maritime vs deep blue” is a cologne that is still worth buying. It has been around for years and has an amazing scent.

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