How to Apply Cologne [Pulse Points, Number of Sprays, and Occasions]

Cologne [Pulse Points, Number of Sprays, and Occasions]

The “how many sprays of cologne should you use” is a question that can be answered by looking at the number of sprays, pulse points, and occasions. Cologne has different strengths for different occasions.

On pulse sites such as the neck and wrists, cologne is applied. It’s sprayed directly on the skin from a distance of 3-6 inches. Each spray is sprayed one at a time until the desired smell strength is achieved.

If you’re wondering how to apply cologne effectively or How to apply cologne so that it lasts a long time, you should know that the procedure always starts with clean skin. Cologne is best applied just after you get out of the shower since your skin’s pores are open and your body odor isn’t competing with the fragrance.

Depending on the composition and how it is applied, cologne may linger or not last on the skin. Some colognes stay on the skin even if you can’t smell them since your sense of smell might fade with time. Here’s how to apply cologne, regardless of how long it lasts.

6 Steps to Applying Cologne

  1. After a shower, apply cologne on clean skin.
  2. 3-6 inches out from the skin, spray cologne
  3. Apply 1 spray at a time, then continue until you reach the desired odor strength.
  4. First, spray wrists, neck, and chest pulse points.
  5. After spraying, avoid rubbing the skin (this damages essential oils in perfumes)
  6. Wearing fragrance on your clothing is not a good idea (perfume is designed to be applied on warm skin)

Why is it best to apply cologne this way?

When using a fragrance with a spray, this manner of application is always correct. Here’s why each step is crucial and shouldn’t be skipped.

Body odor does not blend with cologne aroma when the skin is clean.

Applying cologne on clean skin after a shower is best. You should avoid using scented shower gels or shampoos before applying cologne since you want to obtain clean skin, not scented skin.

By spraying from a close distance, you may avoid wasting perfume.

Many individuals suggest spritzing cologne into the air and strolling through the mist. This is a waste of cologne. Spraying directly on the skin from a distance of no more than 6 inches is the ideal way. It is here that it acquires its long-term and projection power.

Overspraying is avoided by spraying one at a time.

Cologne has used ranging from one to eight sprays. Multiple sprays of eau de toilette are used. Multiple sprays of eau de cologne are also used. Typically, 1-3 sprays of eau de parfum are used. The best way to prevent over-spraying and under-spraying is to spray once and then pause to smell the fragrance.

The smell is developed with the use of pulse points.

Except for pulse points, cologne is not (usually) applied to clothing or other body areas. These heated parts of the body enable the fragrance to completely develop and aid projection, or the ability to detect the aroma from afar.

Rubbing your skin removes the fragrance.

It’s not a good idea to rub your wrists after applying cologne. Under high heat, vital oil molecules may be destroyed. It’s ideal to let the cologne dry naturally once it’s been applied to the skin.

Even if it lasts longer, cologne may discolor garments.

When it comes to applying fragrance on clothing, the most common issue is stains. If you simply use cologne on your skin, you can prevent this. When cologne isn’t applied to the body, it’s also not completely developed, since you seldom grasp the beginning notes, mid notes, and base notes.

How to apply cologne so that it lasts a long time

  • Begin with fresh-out-of-the-shower skin.
  • To improve moisture, apply a moisturizer to the skin.
  • Apply cologne on moisturized skin from a distance of up to 6 inches.

If you want your cologne to linger longer, apply it to clean, well-hydrated skin. Before applying cologne, use a moisturizing shower gel and then a scent-free moisturizer on the skin. This will thoroughly moisturize the skin, allowing the cologne to stay longer.

How to use cologne without spraying it on

  • Begin with skin that is clear, clean, and dry.
  • Spritz your hands with fragrance.
  • Apply fragrance on the body’s major pulse spots.

Cologne may be applied without a spray by sprinkling it on pulse spots on the neck and wrists with your hands. To prevent using too much cologne, it is sprayed in modest doses.

Why do you put fragrance on your pulse points?

Cologne is linked to (some) bodily pulse points. These are the places that have the greatest cologne projection.

Wrists (radial pulse) – putting fragrance on your wrists might generate a pleasant aroma bubble around you.

Carotid pulse (neck) – when you meet someone, putting cologne on your neck suggests that you’re wearing perfume.

Using perfume on areas other than the pulse points (behind the ears, behind the neck, and on clothes)

Cologne may also be used on sections of the body that aren’t considered pulse spots. Cologne is usually applied behind the ears by those who don’t like it on their necks. While walking, cologne applied to the back of the neck produces a lovely aroma trail. Cologne on garments lasts longer and keeps alcohol away from your neck.

Is it OK for males to put fragrance on their necks?

Cologne may be applied on the neck for a powerful projection. Men who shave every day, on the other hand, should avoid putting fragrance on their necks. The alcohol in the perfume promotes skin redness and irritation after shaving. Men who shave should use fragrance behind their ears or on the collars of their shirts (assuming the cologne does not stain).

How many cologne sprays should you use?

There is no definitive guideline for how much cologne to wear. Certain preferences, on the other hand, have been put to the test throughout time.

2 sprays — on either side of the neck, a couple of sprays of cologne are usually administered.

3 sprays – this spraying approach leaves a lovely aroma trail on either side of the neck as well as another portion of the body such as the chest or behind the neck.

4 or more sprays – equally apply 4 sprays of cologne on each side of the neck and wrist. The chest or behind the neck are also included in the five sprays. The inside of the elbow is usually sprayed 7-8 times (brachial pulse point).

Tips for Applying Cologne Properly

  • Only use cologne on freshly cleansed skin.

You should begin with the fundamentals. When body odor or garment odor does not interfere with the scent of the cologne, it is applied to clean skin.

After you get out of the shower, you should apply your scent. This may be done first thing in the morning or anytime you shower. If you shower at the gym (see our list of the top gym perfumes for women), bring your cologne with you since it works best on clean skin.

If you haven’t had a shower in a few days, there’s no use in using cologne since the notes would be misinterpreted.

  • Apply fragrance on the pulse spots on your body.

In the proper application of cologne, heat plays a key function. Perfume may theoretically be sprayed on any region of your body. In actuality, you can be squandering your hard-earned cash if you go this route. Without a doubt, you may save even more money by focusing on the following heat spots.

Some of them, also known as pulse spots, are thought to interact well with fragrance. Natural body heat (37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) is what activates all of the perfume’s notes. When the beginning accords fade away, leaving place for heart notes and base notes, you may appreciate your chosen perfume to the fullest.

How-to-Apply-Cologne-Pulse-Points-Number-of-Sprays-andCologne may be applied on pulse spots such as the wrists.

  • At first, use a little application of cologne.

You should never use cologne on all of these parts of your body. You’ll need to know or try out various body parts to see which ones perform best for you. Begin by spraying the sides of your neck with one spritz. If the aroma begins to dissipate fast, reapply it to the same regions or reapply it to a new pulse point.

The neck and chest regions are the finest in my situation. For me, three sprays (1 on the left side of the neck, 1 on the right side of the neck, and 1 on the back of the neck) is plenty.

Perfume may be applied on the chest by both men and women. I frequently apply cologne on my chest when I don’t want it to stand out since I usually wear a shirt that inhibits part of the scent’s projection. This includes the workplace, since not everyone should wear a strong projecting fragrance on their neck, which might irritate coworkers.

1653803487_734_How-to-Apply-Cologne-Pulse-Points-Number-of-Sprays-andThe most common method is to use perfume on the neck.

  • For every event, master reapplying cologne.

It’s tempting to overdo it after the initial spray and use too much cologne. There’s nothing worse than having to go around knowing you’ve doused yourself with too much scent.

Allowing the initial spray to settle for a few minutes is one of the easiest ways to reapply cologne correctly. This should give you a decent idea of how strong the silage is. The area may then be sprayed a second time.

Cologne layering is one of the techniques for improving cologne application and longevity. If you want a more complex aroma to help you stand out, you may use a variety of colognes.

How to use cologne in the workplace

When going to work, you should minimize the quantity of fragrance you spritz on yourself, particularly if your employment is inside. Cologne should not be obnoxious and should not project more than a few feet, according to unwritten good manners laws.

Consider your cologne application for weddings.

If you’re going to a wedding or other formal occasion, you should think about the sort of cologne you’re wearing as well as where you’ll be spraying it. This indicates you should dress yourself in a formal, stylish fragrance. These formulas add a touch of class to your formal attire.

This is how cologne is applied on a night out.

When going out on a date (see our list of the top date perfumes for guys), use cologne with care. If you intend to get up close and personal with your date, 1-2 sprays should enough. When going out, some people advocate using 5-6 cologne sprays. Even when using Eau de toilette (see the difference between cologne and perfume), I never use six sprays.

Master the use of cologne throughout the day.

During the day, you’ll most likely wear cologne casually. You must understand how to apply cologne without squandering your cash.

The key to a successful daytime application, particularly on hot summer days, is to prevent direct light exposure to the spraying locations. Exposure to UV radiation causes cologne to evaporate more quickly. During the summer, I still spritz perfume on my neck (see the finest summer scents for guys), but it’s beneath the collar of the shirt I’m wearing. This makes cologne last longer, and I’m sure no money is lost since the aroma evaporates within minutes of walking outside in the sun.

It may be preferable to disregard cologne application guidelines.

It takes a lot of practice to get the right cologne application. You use it on yourself for your own benefit, not for the benefit of others. As a consequence, you should use it on the body area where you are most at ease.


Is it okay if I put perfume on my clothes?

You may use scent to extend the life of your garments. This might be an excellent option if you’re a young boy (see out the finest scents for teenage males) who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on perfumes. This strategy, however, isn’t the greatest since essential oils are designed to evaporate and are chosen based on how they react with the skin rather than materials like nylon, cotton, or other fibers.

When you don’t like scents, how do you apply cologne?

If you suffer headaches from perfumes or just don’t enjoy aromas, rubbing a tiny bit of perfume on your neck will suffice.

Should I squirt some air and walk right into it?

It’s a waste of money to spray perfume into the air. If you discover that your cologne is too powerful to apply straight on your skin, go for a lesser concentration like eau de toilette.

Is it possible to apply fragrance on your face?

The only cologne you use on your face is aftershave. This cologne should be alcohol-free. Perfume may be applied to regions close to your face, such as behind your ears and around your neck.

Is it OK to apply cologne on your armpits?

No, cologne should not be applied to your armpits. If you want to smell wonderful, combine a fragrance-free deodorant for your armpits with a scented cologne for your neck or wrists.

Is it possible to use cologne on your genitals?

Your genitals should not be sprayed with cologne. While the femoral pulse (crotch region) is near, you should concentrate on other pulse points, such as the wrists, where the skin is less sensitive to alcohol.

Is putting cologne in your hair harmful?

Putting cologne in your hair is often bad. Cologne contains alcohol, which may harm hair and its natural oils. Hair mist is the most effective substitute for scented hair.

Is it possible to use cologne on a baby?

Safe cologne formulas may be used on your child. On prevent the infant getting overwhelmed by the aroma, apply it to the wrists or behind the ears.

Is it possible to use fragrance on dogs?

Cologne is intended for human consumption. Only humans are unaffected by or drawn to cologne. Natural fragrances that are influenced by hormone activity are more appealing to dogs.


To apply cologne, you will need to first spray the pulse points of your body. The number of sprays you should use depends on how much time you want to spend applying the fragrance. Cologne can be applied for any occasion, but it is typically used in the morning and evening. Reference: how to apply cologne men.

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