Aaron Terence Hughes Boss Bastard; Complete Review

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Aaron Terence Hughes is a name that is becoming more well-known, and for good cause. Aaron is a gifted freelance perfumer who has created some incredible scents. Aaron Terence Hughes Boss Bastard is one of them, but is Boss Bastard any good? Aaron Terence Hughes Boss Bastard will be reviewed here!

Aaron Terence Hughes’s Personal Brand

Aaron Terence Hughes is a perfumer from the United Kingdom who works on his own. This implies that he works independently and that the only one who can restrict or lead him is himself. Aaron is able to produce some genuinely amazing perfumes with distinctive and bold odors as a result of this.

Aaron is a loving and one-of-a-kind individual. Despite the fact that Aaron has been manufacturing fragrances for a long time, I first saw him when he participated in a FragMental YouTube video called ‘Meet the perfumer| Aaron Terence Hughes.’ Aaron was inspired by this video to create his own YouTube channel, which has been fast increasing. He evaluates scents on his YouTube channel. Aaron, on the other hand, is a perfumer with a very distinct perspective on smells. It’s incredible how in-depth he goes and how much he knows. I really encourage everyone to watch his evaluations since he provides a technical, as well as a personal, perspective on perfumes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Aaron may also be seen as a person on his channel, which is always good to see. Aaron is a kind guy, as I have said, and that shows in his perfumes. For example, he produced the Anubis scent, with 80% of revenues going to his favorite charity, the Soi Dog Foundation. Another of his perfumes, Zeus, likewise donates 80% of its revenues to charity, this time to a mental health institution.

Aaron employs only ethical and natural products in addition to his charitable efforts. He won’t utilize notes like civet or castoreum in his perfumes, but he will use humanely produced ambergris.

Overall, Aaron is an incredible guy, and his brand reflects that. However, as this is a review of his cologne Boss Bastard, we’ll get right into it!

The Aroma Of The Boss Bastard

Boss Bastard by Aaron Terence Hughes is a great fragrance with a deep, somewhat sweet, but yet fresh perfume. This scent is classified as unisex by Aaron, meaning it is suitable for both men and women. However, knowing the note breakdown is essential for fully comprehending how a scent smells.

Bergamot, lemon, and mandarin are the top notes of Aaron Terence Hughes Boss Bastard. Cedarwood, amber, and honeyed tobacco are the middle notes. Cocoa, vetiver, sandalwood, and musk are the base notes.

When I was designing this, I was inspired by Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which he sat in a leather chair, smoking a Cuban cigar, and giving zero f*cks. The epitome of a Boss Bastard!

This comment from Aaron’s website wonderfully describes up this fragrance, as it gets both the ‘Boss’ sense as well as the somewhat sweet tobacco flavor that pervades it. It’s also worth noting that Boss Bastard lacks a dirty undertone, making it incredibly wearable for anybody.

When you first spritz on Boss Bastard, you’re welcomed with a deep honey and tobacco aroma. These combine to give a pleasant and delightful perfume that lasts throughout the fragrance. However, there are a few citruses at the beginning. Lemon, mandarin, and bergamot notes give the scent a lively and fresh sense, and they nicely complement the sweeter honey and tobacco notes.

I didn’t detect much of a difference in the aroma as time went on. I did pick up some woody notes now and again, but they were quite weak. I mostly received a beautiful aroma of fresh, sweet tobacco and honey. The scent not only smells pleasant, but it also gives you a warm sensation.

Overall, this scent smells wonderful, and it lives up to its name. Wearing this scent will make you feel confident, professional, and like a million dollars in general. It’s fair to say that this juice has done honor to Aaron’s inspiration for the Wolf of Wallstreet.

When is the best time to wear a Boss Bastard?

Boss Bastard is one of those scents that, in my opinion, will carry with you wherever you go. The sweet and rich aroma will work well in the winter and autumn, but it will also function well in the spring owing to the fresh aspect of citruses. If you wanted to, you could even wear it on a hot summer night!

Boss Bastard will work well almost all of the time throughout the year. As you would expect, a scent inspired by the Wolf of Wallstreet is one that you may wear in a formal environment, the workplace, or anywhere else where business is conducted. The fragrance will fill you with a magnificent scent that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Confidence and class, on the other hand, aren’t only for formal occasions. Being a self-assured, well-dressed man or lady will help you wherever you go. As a result, Boss Bastard is a terrific scent to use on a daily basis. A perfume like this will always match you, whether you’re hanging out with friends, doing errands, or resting at home. Furthermore, regardless of age, this is a scent that can be used by both men and women.

This scent is suitable for both casual and elegant daytime use, and it also shines in a nighttime atmosphere. This scent has a luxury, successful overall vibe to it that works well for a formal meal or even a date. You’ll make an impression on the people around you without overwhelming them. This kind of rich scent will never go out of style.

The Longevity And Performance Of Boss Bastard

The scent Boss Bastard has a 20% concentration. Simply said, this scent is strong and will stay for a long time. I used one spray on my arm the first time I tried Aaron Terence Hughes Boss Bastard. Because the scent was fresh and the atomizer had to be pushed, this was a pretty faint spray. Even this one little spritz, though, lasted me well over 8 hours.

It’s also one of those scents that is very, very powerful, yet not overbearing. The people around you will undoubtedly notice this smell if you wear it. This scent has a lot of projection and longevity, which Aaron promotes all the time.

We all know that a wonderful smell with bad performance is useless. Fortunately, Aaron creates perfumes that endure a long time without becoming overbearing or cloying. It really showcases his abilities as a perfumer!

What’s the state of the packaging and presentation?


The scents of Aaron Terence Hughes are always presented simply, and Boss Bastard is no exception. You’ll be given a circular white carton box when you arrive. You may remove the top to uncover the scent, which is nestled in the bottom portion of the box. The bottle is protected from injury by a layer of foam around it.

The container is a common fragrance container. A 50ml glass bottle with a white label and a black lid is included. The basic design, although simplistic, is incredibly appealing. Of course, the bottle isn’t the most significant aspect of a scent, but it doesn’t hurt to have a lovely looking bottle. Aaron’s bottles are simple but appealing. And, as previously said, the juice within is wonderful!

Most of Aaron’s perfumes come in 50ml and 10ml vials. I described the appearance of a 50ml bottle above. A 10ml bottle, on the other hand, will not be included in the white package. At the very least, I got some additional 10mls with my purchase, which are still sitting in the shipping box. The bottle is a smaller version of the 50ml bottle, but it looks just as great!

Is Aaron Terence Hughes’s Boss Bastard Worth It in the End?

Aaron has knocked it out of the park with this one. One of my most recent purchases, Boss Bastard, is quickly becoming one of my favorite scents in my collection. Tobacco, honey, and citruses provide an exquisite, beautiful, and rich aroma that I can’t seem to get enough of.

In a nutshell, this scent is well worth the money! For a very low price, you’ll receive a high-quality, fantastic-smelling scent. If you’re interested in this scent and live in Europe, you can learn more about it on the official Aaron Terence Hughes website, where you can also see his other works! For everyone else interested in Aaron Terence Hughes’s perfumes, check out MaxAroma, which is an authorized Aaron Terence Hughes retailer! Also, be sure to subscribe to Aaron’s YouTube channel for updates on his fragrance business as well as reviews of a variety of perfumes!

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