5 Perfumes that Smell like Coconut

Coconut has been one of the most pleasant and popular fragrance ingredients. Especially among women, coconut has made it clear that it is the conqueror of their hearts. Men like to smell coconut on women, making them sexier than they really are.

Today we are going to analyze the tones of the most efficient coconut smelling perfumes in the world. The purity of coconut and the quality of the raw materials used to create a perfume can give the most popular coconut-scented perfumes’ competitive edge.

Even though there are thousands of fragrances containing coconut, the ones we are going to present today are the most qualified to get on the list. That is because they have a pure coconut scent and focus on that ingredient more than anything else. Let’s now take a dip and check which coconut perfumes have stolen the female hearts.

Creed Virgin Island Water

Creed has created one of the best coconut perfumes of all time. The Virgin Island Water was launched in 2020, and the perfume has been the pandemic’s absolute blockbuster, selling millions of bottles in just a slight period.

Creed Virgin Island has the base tones of pina colada, ambergris, and coumarin. The more it gets heated by your body, the perfume reveals the tones of coconut, jasmine, ginger spice, hibiscus, and Tonkin, while mandarin and bergamot are the top notes giving a fruity scent.

The Creed Virgin Island Water is the most coconut-smelling perfume of our times. It is marketed as an Eau de Toilette and costs about $65 for the 100ml bottle. You can find it virtually on any online or physical fragrance store, and there are enough bottles in storage to meet the demand.

The fragrance is the best perfume a woman can have to smell like coconut these days. It is the perfume you can use when you are at work or feel like going out at night. The duration is anywhere between 6 hours and 12 hours; then, you need to apply some more to keep you fresh.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

We all now Tom Form designers for the excellence of its perfumes. He has accepted the challenge to create the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc that made its appearance in 2018. The Soleil Blanc (meaning white sun) has been the most coconut smelling perfume Tom Ford has ever created.

The package resembles the original Tom Ford bottles, only that it’s dyed white for people to realize they have to do with a pure coconut smelling fragrance.

The base notes are tuberose, orange blossom, vanilla, ambergris, and coconut, which create the perfect foundation for coconut to reveal. Passing up to the middle and top notes, you can find bitter orange, bergamot, pistachio, lemon, cardamom, petitgrain, cumin, and brown pepper. Not to mention that the rare galbanum, allspice, and jasmine are also present to give this perfume another different scent.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc is an Eau de Toilette since there is no need to put more alcohol. The price can come up to $85 for the 100ml bottle, and there is no sprayer, so you better be careful not to open the bottle entirely.

Tom Ford suggests that Soleil Blanc is worn on formal occasions and parties. However, there are lots of women wearing it at work. Its duration can come up to 8 hours that are more than enough for a day at work or a party!

Jennifer Lopez Glow Miami

Glow Miami has been one of the latest fragrances that J Lo decided to promote. The coconut character of this fragrance is more apparent than any other perfumes of the Jennifer Lopez series. It comes in a 100ml bottle that imitates the woman’s lines and looks like a sculpture. The colors are yellow and red to show people the vivid energy coconut can give them.

Glow Miami perfume has vanilla, musk, and ambergris as the base notes. The middle and top notes are jasmine, freesia, cyclamen, coconut, passion fruit, and grapefruit that add more fruitiness to the coconut smell. For all these reasons, Jennifer Lopez has managed to create a coconut-smelling fragrance that is not one-dimensioned and has many fruit notes to play with.

It costs about $55 for the 100ml bottle and is more affordable than all the other coconut fragrance competitors. Jennifer Lopez’s opinion about the Glow Miami coconut-smelling perfume was used as an everyday fragrance, at work, or in leisure time.

Glow Miami perfume duration is more than 8 hours. It may need to replenish it earlier if you are in higher physical activity.

Pacifica India Coconut Nectar

Pacifica’s independent perfume creator has promoted the India Coconut Nectar to show the world the natural coconut resources it has access to. For many years the world has been waiting for the right coconut perfume to come, and Pacifica has heard this need and created a revolutionary Eau de Toilette for younger women.

It comes in a 100ml bottle with a sprayer for women to know its shape and buy it once more. The base notes are juniper, rosemary, oak, and alcohol. However, you can find Indian coconut, creamy vetiver, ambrosia, vanilla, musk, and jasmine when you reach the middle and top notes. These combined can reinforce coconut’s natural smell and give a more spicy effect that could get you to become the center of attention.

The 100 ml bottle costs approximately $85, and you can easily find it online.

The price is quite affordable if you think of the scarcity of the Indian coconut. You can wear it at work or in formal ceremonies. The duration is more than 8 hours if you apply it multiple times on your skin. 

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude Eau de Parfum Spray

One of the most prestigious coconut-smelling perfumes is the Sensuous Nude Eau de Parfum, created by the legendary Estee Lauder. The world giant in women’s cosmetics and fragrances decided to create a fresh and modern coconut perfume for all women who love to be smelling the sweet scent with an essence of dynamism.

The perfume comes in an elegant round bottle with well-known reddish colors that have made Estee Lauder popular among the feminine population. The base notes are ambergris, sandalwood, wood, heliotrope, and vanilla. The top and middle notes are bmusks, coconut, lily of the valley, bergamot, pink pepper, and pepper. That is why Sensuous Nude perfume is a stronger edition of the simple coconut-smelling fragrances for women with a little bit of spice to make things even better and adventurous. 

The 100ml bottle of Sensuous Nude costs about $150, which is well deserved for the quality you are buying. Since it’s an expensive fragrance, you should only wear it at night or at parties and ceremonies. The duration cannot be less than 8 hours, and you can spray some of it in the back of your ears to give you a fresh and ongoing smell.

Final Words

Coconut perfumes are the most valuable and modern aspects of the fragrance industry. Most women like to have some of them in their collection to seduce men easily and accentuate their feminine character. For all these reasons, quality coconut fragrances are going to prevail for a long time!