Best English Laundry Colognes for Men

It isn’t exaggerating to say that English Laundry has been one of the most approved and popular men’s perfume brands globally. It has been very particular with cleanliness and how men should really smell when working or going out at night.

If you mix it with the English type of living, then the English Laundry fragrances keep on being a part of the British legacy everyone likes. Today we will present five of the most precious perfumes that have been marketed from 2010 till today. 

The company still creates a state of the art colognes that can keep you fresh throughout the day. Knowing them is like having the key to your personal paradise.

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Arrogant has been the very first perfume created for men by English Laundry. Since its first release, it has been a masculine perfume that is why it has been marketed as an Eau de Toilette. English Laundry prefers to promote and sell it in a transparent bright glass bottle with a sprayer that may give you an exact direction and portion.

The Arrogant perfume’s base notes are sandalwood, amber, and musk that dominate when you first take a sniff. As time passes, middle and top notes evolve, such as lavender, coriander, bergamot, and cedarwood, creating a rich but earthy perfume lasting for a long time.

Arrogant is a relatively inexpensive perfume since English Laundry only sells for a low price the 100ml bottle. It is one of the first perfumes presented to the world market for independent men who want to smell and feel right.

Arrogant perfume is usually seen as the ideal fragrance for men at work. They can apply it when they are with friends or when being out. The median duration of Arrogant is 8 hours. However, you can make the fragrance last more if you apply it right after the shower. Then it may reach the 24 hours threshold. 



Cambridge Knight

That is the red legend promoted by English Laundry since 2015. The perfume has a profound and aggressive character that matches the personality of adventurous men. Cambridge Night comes in a reddish bottle with a golden cap and lines. It has a precise sprayer to make it easy for you to apply it to yourself.

There are only two tones in this fragrance: wood and musk. That is to shake simplicity and reinforce the essential male smell that all women are looking for. Cambridge Knight has been the best companion for men who work many hours through the day and require a perfume that can keep them fresh for a long time. The scent is an Eau de Toilette having the necessary alcohol to maintain the base notes.

The 100ml bottle of Cambridge Knights costs approximately $65 and is more affordable than other fragrances in the same class. You can wear this at work even though you are sweating too much to have it on you all day. It has a remarkable duration that can come up to 12 hours upon the initial application.



English Laundry Notting Hill

Notting Hill has been the crown jewel for English Laundry. It was presented to the public in 2013 and has been marketed in a golden bottle ever since. It follows the herbaceous and fruity way that perfumes like Egoiste have proposed to the male public. That is why Notting Hill has been one of the most successful fragrances English Laundry has even presented to the world.

The base tones of the perfume are cedarwood, sandalwood, and amber. When you are wearing it for a longer period, the middle and upper tones can evaporate and come to your nose. These are jasmine, peppercorn, bergamot, lemon, and lime, giving the perfume’s fruity scent. Notting Hill has been marketed as an Eau de Toilette for men who want to feel confident that their fragrance will not abandon them throughout their busy day.

Notting Hill costs not too high for the 100ml bottle and is among the top fragrances that English Laundry sells each year. It is one of the perfumes that are used both at work and in leisure time. The duration can be anywhere between 8 and 24 hours, depending on the physical activity of the person wearing it.



English Laundry Signature for Him

The first and emblematic Eau de Parfum for men by English Laundry has been the legendary Signature for Him. Many people believe that this fragrance has changed the way men smell their perfumes. It has been on the market since 2010, being one of the foundations of the English Laundry success across the world.

It comes in a nice white bottle with a silver cap and a neat black box. It uses a sprayer so that you never spoil a significant portion by accident. The base tones are sandalwood, vetiver, musk, and amber. The more the perfume evaporated, middle tones like nutmeg, coriander, lavender, cedarwood, bergamot, and lemon reveal. That combination gives both a herbaceous scent and a fruity one. It is evident that men like it for its freshness and the way it attracts women.

The perfume costs right for the 100ml bottle, and it’s well deserved. Men usually prefer to wear this expensive perfume when going out at night or even attending a special ceremony. This perfume’s duration is monumental and can last up to 24 hours, even get detected on your clothes.




That perfume is the newest release of the English Laundry brand. Being on the market since 2018, London has been the perfume that most teenagers and young men prefer. That happens in part for the bottle that is modern and follows the lines younger people prefer to have. It is marketed as an Eau de Toilette having less alcohol and remaining fresh all day.

London perfume’s base notes are vanilla musk, jasmine, and oakmoss, giving a great freshness to the person using it. Going further up to the middle and top notes, you can find juniper, bergamot, patchouli, ambergris, blackberry, apple, and pineapple, giving a fruity scent to the perfume. 

London costs about in the xxx for the 100ml bottle and remains one of the most valuable English Laundry perfumes ever presented to the public. Men prefer to use it when going out at night and attending a party or a formal ceremony. This fragrance’s duration can start from as low as 8 hours and go up to 24 hours when you have used it right.



Final Words

English Laundry has been the fascinating perfume creator in England. It gives people the original scents that include parts of the English countryside with flowers and herbs that are only present there.

In terms of investing, you will need more money to have a permanent source of English Laundry perfumes compared to their opponents. 

However, you need to consider that these perfumes last a lot longer and give you a unique scent. These perfumes can make you the center of attention at the bottom line no matter where you are. English Laundry has been present for many years to designate what luxury, freshness, and punctuality means in fragrance.

Make sure you try these perfumes and improve your social status as well as your acceptance!