Aventus Batches Numbers Differences


We all know that you would love to buy Creed Aventus cologne. However, there are so much different quality/batches of aventus on the market, it can be very difficult for you to know exactly which one you would like, so we thought that it’s very important to help you choose the best creed aventus batch by writing an article on the different type of creed aventus batch numbers available, continue reading below…


Aventus Batch number 19S01

This is the very first batch the Creed Aventus factory released for the new product. It is hard to find at stores; however, rumors say that it’s the one with the highest essence concentration.

When you open the 19S01 Creed Aventus, you will know the difference since the fragrance is overwhelming your senses. Make sure you wear a smaller portion for the same great effects! 



Aventus Batch number 18B11 (2018 Batch)

When Creed started promoting the Aventus series back in 2018 it created that batch for testers. However, it has been recorded that this batch was weaker than the new ones.

If you are in the position of having such a batch, you simply need to spray more to have the same efficiency in your smelling!


Aventus Batch number 19y11n

Here is another effort from Creed to have a reinforced Aventus mixture. It is sold in America and Europe and is said to have a prolonged duration. If you are lucky enough to spot it in stores, you can buy it without any second thought.



Aventus Batch number 20b11n

That is the latest version of the Creed Aventus fragrance, now available in any store across the country. The current Aventus version is stronger than the previous ones, but you will still need some more of it to smell nice all day long.


Aventus Batch number 20a01n (2020 Batch)

This Creed Aventus batch has been created to serve the clientele in South America and Africa. It has been said to be the one with the lesser portion of essence and alcohol. That happens because of the warm weather these countries usually have. 

The skin irritation would be more intense when wearing this batch, and that is why Creed created this version to go for  warm countries. It would not be bad to have this batch, but make sure you are from a hot sun country.


Aventus Batch number 19z01n (2019 batch)

That is by far the rarest batch of the Creed Aventus. People think that the factory has created this to serve the coldest countries in the world. It has been the one with elevated alcohol concentration and the one that can give you a more intense effect when wearing it. If you like to smell awesome even after several hours of use, this batch is for you.


What is the best Creed Aventus Batch?

For me, the best Creed Aventus batches are 19z01n and 19y11n..I always prefer a perfume that smell really good and can last for a long time.

Aventus is a pricey niche fragrance but worth every dollar in my opinion, first buy decant and try I’m  sure  you will enjoy the fresh citrus on impact, don’t rub it in let it soak into your pores. For added longevity  spray a bit on your collar as fabrics hold the aroma for a long period.