Dior Homme Parfum Review u2013 Niche Gold Not Discontinued

This is a review of Dior Homme by Christian Dior. It was released in 2013, and it has been discontinued.

Dior Homme is a niche fragrance, it is not discontinued. The price point makes it an affordable luxury that is perfect for the fashionista on a budget.

Dior Homme Parfum is a leather smell with a strong iris note. It hasn’t been phased out; instead, it has been reintroduced in a new 100ml form (compared to the old 75ml version). The fragrance is offered in an Eau de Parfum concentration and is irregularly accessible at both online and physical establishments.

One of the fragrance world’s legends is Dior Homme Parfum.

Some claim it’s been discontinued, while others anxiously search fragrance forums for it. The previous 75ml version has been somewhat upgraded, and the new 100ml version is now available in shops, but not in as large quantities as you would expect.

Dior Homme Parfum’s key selling point was its difficult-to-find marketing strategy. You might find it at airports and a handful of the world’s largest retailers in major cities. That was the end of it. However, you can now get it a little more easily online, and the good news is that it’s well worth the hype.

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The scent of Dior Homme Parfum includes iris, leather, and oud.

One of my favorite perfumes is Christian Dior Homme Parfum. When I initially sprayed it, I wasn’t sure whether it was right for me. It evolved on me over time and is now one of my top five men’s fragrances. Here are the Dior Homme Parfume base notes that you must appreciate in order to properly enjoy this scent.

  • Tuscan iris and Italian orange are the top notes.
  • Leather and rose are in the middle notes.
  • Sandalwood, musk, oud, and cedar are the base notes.

These are some of the most beautiful and difficult to extract notes you’ll find. Take, for example, the iris in the scent. It takes a few years to extract this iris note. For at least three years, the iris bloom is allowed to dry. After that, it’s changed into a powdered iris note with a powerful essence. As a consequence, when sprayed liberally, this scent becomes nearly overwhelming. When you overspray Dior Homme, such concepts absolutely apply.

The mixture is spiced up with Sri Lankan sandalwood. This scent was created by Francois Demachy after rigorous study that featured this unique variety of sandalwood as a Dior source.

Russian leather or birch oil are used to produce the leather note. The note is made from tanned leather that has been soaked with birch oil. The end product is an unique perfume that lingers from start to finish.


The uncrowned Dior king reviews a scent that lasts all day.

This scent tends to persist a long time. I used it in the afternoon, and it was still shining brightly by early evening. Its walls were still projecting strongly the following day, much to my astonishment. The most I got out of it was around 28 hours of intensive projection.

If you want to extend the life of the scent (which isn’t really necessary), you can simply mix it with Dior Homme Aftershave (It’s available on Amazon.).

This Dior perfume for guys stands out readily since it projects and lasts so long. It’s not a Dior scent that goes undetected, since both men and women sense it right away.

It earns a 10/10 for projection, a 10/10 for longevity, and a 10/10 for originality in my view. Versatility is one area where I give it a thumbs up.

It’s also unmistakably a winter scent. I wore it throughout the summer as well, but the extreme heat makes it assault your nose differently. It has an elegant and comfortable feel about it in the winter. This iris perfume for men has the DNA of a niche fragrance for men, so you’ll need to know how to apply it. It can be a little overpowering if you’re just beginning into scents. If you’ve tried other men’s colognes, this may be a welcome upgrade.

Dior Homme Parfume is a unique men’s smell that isn’t for daily use. For some persons, a single spray of the perfume may be too much. It isn’t nearly as popular as other Dior scents.

It has a distinct feel to it that makes it suitable for formal wear. Since a reason, Parfum is best used for formal business events, celebrations, and most outside activities, as it may be overpowering inside or in confined spaces.

This is where you will get Parfum Dior Homme

The most costly Dior perfume for men is Dior Homme Parfum. However, you can acquire it for a little less money from internet merchants.

Dior-Homme-Parfum-Review-%E2%80%93-Niche-Gold-Not-DiscontinuedIt’s available on Amazon.



The scent is weighty, secretive, and up-class, which is unexpected from a label like Christian Dior. It’s not to be confused with Dior Homme Intense. If you’re seeking for Dior Homme Intense vs Parfum comparisons, you should know that you can have both.

Both the Dior Homme Parfum 100ml and the Dior Homme Parfum 75ml are long-lasting perfumes that may linger for up to a year when worn on special occasions.


Which perfume should I buy?

Intense vs. Dior Homme Parfum

Dior Homme Parfume is a more powerful fragrance than Dior Homme Intense. In compared to Parfum, which is heavier, Intense is lighter and simpler to wear every day.

Valentino Uomo Intense vs. Dior Homme Parfum

Valentino Uomo Intense has a unique vintage aroma that is similar to Dior Homme. It’s more comfortable to wear than Parfum. In comparison to Valentino Uomo Intense, Dior Homme Parfum takes your formal clothes to a new level, so you may possess both.

Dior Sauvage vs. Dior Homme Parfum

Dior Homme Parfum is a more mature smell for guys between the ages of 25 and 30. Dior Sauvage is a more youthful scent for guys aged 16 and above. Both are complementing, and you may use Parfum with formal attire and Sauvage with casual attire.

Tuscan Leather vs. Dior Homme Parfum

DHP and Tuscan leather both project a minimum of 5 feet. Tuscan Leather, on the other hand, has proved to be a greater overall compliment-getter. Parfum is more well-known in a niche formulation, and you purchase it because you like the aroma rather than seeking praises.



Dior Homme is a niche fragrance. It has a strong and distinctive smell that can be worn by both men and women. Reference: dior homme parfum.

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