Fragrance One Candles; Are They Any Good

Fragrance One Candles are one of the leading brands in candles. They offer a wide variety of scents and even have different fragrances for every day of the week. This article will explore what makes these candles good, as well as some drawbacks they may face going forward..

Fragrance One Candles is a company that sells candles. They sell candles in many different scents and colors. These candles are made from soy wax and can be used for aromatherapy or as a decoration. Read more in detail here: fragrance one discount.


Fragrance One is the brand of Jeremy Fragrance, a renowned YouTuber. The company released two candles after producing two men’s perfumes. But how effective are these candles?

The Fragrance Brand One

Jeremy Scent is a well-known fragrance YouTuber and influencer (his channel may be found here!). With the greatest subscriber base in his field, he has amassed a wealth of information. Jeremy began his journey into the world of scent in 2014, and just two years later, he determined that this was his life’s calling.

His enthusiasm for perfumes was palpable. He would sniff 55 different fragrance oils every day, learn all there was to know about scent production, and, of course, produce videos about it. Jeremy Fragrance’s YouTube channel has grown fast since 2014, and he now has over 1.000.000 followers!

After four years of shooting films and immersing himself in the fragrance industry, Jeremy embarked on a new adventure: creating his own scent. This trip would kick off with a very successful Kickstarter campaign and a lot of support.

In 2019, Jeremy introduced his first fragrance, Fragrance One Office For Men (read the complete review here! ), and soon after, his second fragrance. The second was named Fragrance One Date For Men (read the whole review here! ), and it was a big hit, exactly like Office For Men.

Fragrance One now offers scented candles in addition to its scents. The brand’s newest additions are One Night of Fragrance and Film and Gentlemen’s Lounge Fragrance One. The major concern is whether these new Fragrance One candles are indeed any good, despite their attractive packaging.

One Night of Fragrance and Film


One Night of Fragrance and Film was the candle used in all the marketing of Jeremy Fragrance. When he first announced the upcoming candles, he actually only showed this one, a candle made to set the mood during a movie night with someone special.

As you may guess, this candle has a seductive and lovely aroma of creamy vanilla. This candle has a straightforward smell profile. On top, there’s vanilla, and at the bottom, there’s bergamot. This modest smell profile, on the other hand, produces something very lovely.

Fragrance The aroma of this candle has been described as sweet and gourmand, with sensual overtones. This is an excellent description of this candle.

Personally, when I smell One Night of Fragrance and Film, I’m immediately reminded of a cold, winter night. This candle has a sweet and warm scent, a scent that I’d want to smell during a cold night. Besides the colder nights, this is actually the perfect candle to, in fact, set the mood for a movie night. Or a date night in general, to be honest. The sweet scent of vanilla, supported by a bright hint of bergamot creates such an alluring scent that’s unmistakably seductive. And even though this candle is mostly about the vanilla, it wouldn’t smell as nice as it does now without the bergamot.

This candle will not only smell great, but it will also last a long time. This candle has a burn period of roughly 30 hours, which is fairly long. Especially when you consider that you don’t even have to burn the candle to smell its fragrance. You may just place this anywhere in the room and the delicious and enticing perfume will draw your attention.

A wood candle is included to enhance the context for which this aroma was created. When you light this wood wick, the candle will not only emit a scent but also generate a sharp sound. Overall, this Italian-made candle is excellent. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and will add to all of your movie evenings. If you’re interested in purchasing this scented candle, visit the official Fragrance One website!

Gentlemen’s Lounge Fragrance One


Gentlemen’s Lounge Fragrance One was the surprise candle that was released along with One Night of Fragrance and Film. This candle, as the name suggests, is modeled after a gentlemen’s lounge.

The aroma of this candle is a lovely, rich tobacco that is both subtle and distinct. This candle’s aroma profile is as follows: Cloves are at the top, tobacco is in the middle, and eucalyptus is at the bottom.

Fragrance This candle is described as one that emits powerful vibrations and heightens the sensuality and spirituality of everyone in the room. And this is a rather true depiction.

This candle, in my opinion, has a classic sweet tobacco aroma, giving it a sumptuous and rich feel. Cloves are added to the mix, giving the candle a spicy undertone. While everything is going on, the eucalyptus is balancing everything out, leaving you with a smooth and mellow sweet tobacco aroma. The eucalyptus, in fact, plays a significant part in this. When you sniff the candle, whether it’s lighted or not, you may detect a faint scent. And when you combine it with the spicy, sweet aroma of tobacco, you get a perfume that is really seductive.

Just like One Night of Fragrance and Film, this candle has a burn-time of about 30 hours, ensuring you get to enjoy the scent for a long while. The best part is that you don’t even have to burn the candle in order to smell its scent. The unlit candle will already distribute a gorgeous aroma around the room.

This candle, too, is made in Italy and is ignited by a wood wick that not only looks fantastic but also makes a sharp sound. As a result, you’ll have a great fragrant candle. It not only smells good but also lives true to its name. If you’re interested in purchasing this scented candle, visit the official Fragrance One website!

Is It Worth It To Buy Fragrance One Candles?

The Fragrance Brand One is often judged solely on the fact that it’s owned by Jeremy Fragrance. But, love or hate the guy, the fragrances, as well as the candles of Fragrance One are actually really good.

The candles themselves are of excellent quality, and they are nicely packed in black glass. As a result, the candles may be used in almost any space, independent of its style. You’ll be able to smell the lovely perfume all the time, in addition to looking nice. Regardless of whether the candle is lighted or not, the scent pervades the space.

The price of these candles may be the only drawback. The candles are really pricey. Some may be put off by the greater price, but as Jeremy puts it, “scent is a type of art, and you don’t purchase the elements that generate the fragrance; you buy the piece of art that’s formed out of it.” Jeremy Fragrance, on the other hand, often has a discount going on. These discounts might range from a percentage off to a whole buy one, get one free deal. If you want to stay up to speed on these deals, subscribe to Jeremy’s YouTube channel, which you can find here!

Even if it’s a touch pricey, you receive a lovely, high-quality candle with a powerful aroma and a lengthy burn period. All of this makes the Fragrance One candles well worth the money!

The “fragrance one date” is a company that makes candles. They have a wide variety of scents and are very affordable.

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