How to Get Free Cologne Samples Like a Gentleman [No begging]

The beauty of Cologne is that the best way to get samples without asking for them is simply by walking around. Not only will you be able to try all types of cologne, but this also allows you to build up a mental map of where they are sold so that when you need one later, it’s easy to find your next purchase.

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When people ask me how to acquire free cologne samples, I usually tell them to “buy genuine scents,” since they’ll receive a lot of freebies with most orders.

The trick to acquiring free cologne samples is to buy cologne, since most retailers use samples as a marketing strategy to entice you to make more purchases.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve seen a few websites recommending guys to walk into shops and beg for free scent samples and other goodies.

This is not the way a guy should treat his scent (the cherry on the cake of a polished outfit and presentation).

You must cultivate brand loyalty.

When I initially purchased a fragrance online, I paid $3 for three samples and received six.

It took me a week to smell all of the colognes and figure out how they differed. Is it possible that I might have phoned them and asked for freebies? Perhaps, but it isn’t who I am.

1. Purchase cologne and keep an eye out for free samples with each purchase.

If you purchase cologne, you’ll almost certainly receive free samples. Many of them are purchased through Amazon, FragranceX, Notino, and other comparable sites. The majority of them provide free samples.

Even on a plane, I was handed complimentary fragrance samples by the magazine in front of me. People seem to be looking for secrets, filling out hundreds of free online forms, and submitting their email addresses to dodgy websites in the hopes of receiving a freebie.

It’s important to purchase from the same site every time to create your client profile and trust. When you make repeated purchases with the same shops, they begin to value your hard-earned money more, or at least this is what they should do. Your email is recorded with the cologne vendor after your first online transaction, and they may even offer you discounts from time to time.

How-to-Get-Free-Cologne-Samples-Like-a-Gentleman-NoI thought paying for fragrance samples was a nice idea at first. I haven’t utilized the most of them yet.

2. After you’ve made your first purchase, use promo codes.

Take, for example, Notino UK. On the checkout page, they have a promo code. What do you suppose the source of these coupons is? They mostly stem from the occasional discounts you’ll get in your inbox after placing your first transaction with the firm.

If you have placed many purchases with your preferred merchant and have not received any coupons or free samples, it may be time to buy elsewhere, although I doubt it.

1653803337_856_How-to-Get-Free-Cologne-Samples-Like-a-Gentleman-NoI bought more fragrance samples that I now receive for free.

3. Consider exchanging colognes with other scent connoisseurs.

When you’ve had enough of your current cologne, you may exchange it. You may join several Facebook groups to effortlessly swap your perfume with other scent aficionados through mail.

What are the advantages of using this method? There’s no begging involved, and it’s a win-win scenario!

Don’t ask for free cologne samples; instead, be a gentlemen and provide something in exchange.

1653803338_441_How-to-Get-Free-Cologne-Samples-Like-a-Gentleman-NoThis is an example of how free cologne samples might appear.

4. Don’t beg for cologne at shops; instead, cultivate a relationship with the salesperson (there are plenty of free samples here)

If scent switching fails, you may simply purchase cologne in shops utilizing a customer loyalty program such as the Sephora card. You may use it to obtain free perfume samples or savings on perfume.

The problem is that you won’t have any options with your samples, and the shop clerk can’t promise that you’ll receive any at all. Men’s cologne samples may not be simple to come across with every in-store transaction.

If you purchase in a physical store, you’ll almost certainly get free samples around the holidays or any other popular time of year.

Why free cologne samples may not be exactly what you expect

Free cologne samples are, in fact, authentic. You’ll receive the actual juice, and you’ll be able to assess it for yourself based on how it smells.

Take it from someone who has received hundreds of free fragrance samples: it’s not worth the hype.

Yes, you can smell great by switching up your cologne every day. But, unlike when you spend your own money, you don’t take the time to enjoy them.

When I buy a scent, I read perfume reviews, check at the official notes, and try to figure out what I’m getting myself into. This gives me a better idea of what the scent is about and how much effort has gone into it.

When I apply a free cologne sample to my skin, I usually give it a brief rating in my thoughts and then forget about it. This isn’t because I dislike them; rather, these free fragrance samples for men and women tend to accumulate. There are a lot of them. Believe me when I say that you’ll be attempting to get rid of your free cologne samples after a time.

1653803339_322_How-to-Get-Free-Cologne-Samples-Like-a-Gentleman-NoFor some guys, free cologne samples might be a fantastic way to try out new scents.

How can you receive free cologne samples and fully appreciate them?

This should be the primary concern. You have the option of purchasing and receiving free samples with each transaction. You may utilize coupons or shop for free delivery cologne and then use the money saved to buy your own fragrance samples.

My advice is to keep the amount of samples you request on a regular basis to a minimum. Make sure you utilize your sample for a few days to get a sense of the scent.

I recall receiving a complimentary cologne sample. Rasasi La Yuqawam was the song that made me fall in love. I even avoided using the first bottle of fragrance I purchased to test how it would react to my skin.

It’s always good to receive some complimentary cologne, but it’s seldom more than that. In stores, you may obtain free yogurt, but it doesn’t mean much in the end. Stop looking for free fragrance samples and be a gentleman. They will find you anyhow.


The “sephora free cologne samples” is a place where you can get free cologne samples. There are no begging involved, and you will be treated like a gentleman.

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