What Are The Best Creed Royal Oud Clones

Creed Royal Oud is a perfume released by the luxury fragrance manufacturer Creed. The original and most popular of their fragrances, it includes notes of black currant, orange blossom, labdanum, rose absolute resinoid and sandalwood. This article will look at some other top-quality options in this niche category so that you can find your next favorite scent!

Creed Royal Oud Clones are a very popular fragrance. There are many different Creed Royal Oud clones on the market, but the best ones are Lomani Intense Black and Creed Royal Oud Eau de Parfum.


Creed is a well-known fragrance business with a wide range of unique scents. Creed Royal Oud is one of their most enticing scents. Creed Royal Oud, like other Creed scents, is, nonetheless, rather pricey. As a result, purchasing a clone to evaluate the aroma could be a better option.

Creed Royal Oud’s Fragrance

Creed Royal Oud is a wonderful scent from the Creed company. The sumptuous characteristics of Persian palaces were the inspiration for this scent. Gold, wood, leather, and marble come to mind. This opulent mood is carried over into the aroma.

This fragrance is a superb rendition of a genuine oud aroma. The oud, on the other hand, is considerably more restrained this time, resulting in a woody, spicy scent. This is in keeping with the opulent atmosphere and inspiration.

Lemon, pink berries, and bergamot are the top notes in Creed Royal Oud. Cedar, galbanum, and Angelica roots make up the middle tones. Sandalwood, oud, and Tonkin musk comprise the base notes.

With these notes, we can tell that Creed Royal Oud starts off fairly fresh. This is followed by a wonderful woody, spicy smell. This scent is best worn in the fall and winter. The woody, spicy aroma doesn’t mix well with the hotter weather. This scent, on the other hand, is appropriate for formal occasions. It would be perfect for a formal occasion or for wearing in the winter.

Fragrance Clones: What Are They?

On the market, there are a lot of high-priced perfumes. Many individuals are unable to purchase and appreciate these masterpieces due to their exorbitant price tag. As a result, several firms have opted to clone these famous, pricey fragrances and offer them at a lower cost.

These clones are only imitations of the original scents. They are not substitutes. Even if there are many clones that are really close to another scent these days, they are not identical.

Buying these clones is an excellent method to check out a new smell. Of course, the original smell will alter somewhat, but the essentials of the fragrance will remain the same. You may see how you react to the smell and what others think about it. You get all of this for a fraction of the cost!

1. Intense Black Lomani

Lomani Intense Black is the closest clone to Creed Royal Oud in terms of scent. This fragrance begins with a similar aroma to Creed Royal Oud. There’s not much of a difference. The same crisp, zesty opening greets you. After then, it settles into a wonderful woody, spicy aroma with a lot of warmth.

Calabrian lemon and Italian bergamot are the leading notes of Lomani Intense Black. Cedarwood, galbanum, nutmeg, and herbal notes make up the middle notes. Indian sandalwood, oud, white musk, and incense comprise the base notes.

Why are they so similar? Lomani Intense Black is virtually identical to Lomani Intense Black, as I said before. It is, however, still an option, not a substitute. That said, if you’re looking for a less expensive version of Creed Royal Oud, this may be the one for you. This scent opens nearly identically to the original, with a dry down that is difficult to distinguish from the original. In addition, when compared to Creed Royal Oud, this scent is relatively affordable. You may check out the current pricing on Amazon if you’re interested!

2. Royalty of Alexandria

Alexandria Royalty has a scent that is quite similar to Creed Royal Oud. This fragrance smells like a zesty variation of Creed Royal Oud. It still smells like Creed Royal Oud, which is woody and spicy. This woody and spicy combination is a fantastic option.

Lemon, pink pepper, and bergamot are the top notes of Alexandria Royalty. Cedarwood, galbanum, and angelica are the middle notes. Musk, oud, and sandalwood are the base notes.

Why are they so similar? The Alexandria Royalty is extremely similar to the Creed Royal Oud. Only a few differences exist. For starters, Alexandria Royalty is a touch more lemony and lacks the same tobacco dry down as the other two. Aside than that, these two scents are really similar. The biggest advantage of this scent is that it is a fraction of the cost of the original. You may check out the current pricing on Amazon if you’re interested!

Fragrances that aren’t exact replicas but have a similar scent and vibe.

There aren’t many true clones of Creed Royal Oud. The two examples above are the most similar. Other scents, however, have a very similar aroma and mood. These aren’t clones; rather, they’re alternatives.

However, when compared to Creed Royal Oud, the perfumes mentioned below have a minor variance in aroma. They do, however, provide a comparable result. They’re excellent alternatives with a distinct smell.

Gucci Pour Homme II is the second installment of Gucci Pour Homme.

Gucci Pour Homme II has a similar scent to Creed Royal Oud, however it is more refined. It’s a highly wearing, soothing smell with a distinct aroma. The black tea note in this scent has a calming effect. Cinnamon, both sweet and spicy, adds to the flavor. This combination produces the same sort of opulent perfume as Creed Royal Oud.

Bergamot and violet leaves are the leading notes of Gucci Pour Homme II. Pimento, black tea, and cinnamon are the middle notes. Tobacco leaves, musk, myrrh, and olive wood are the base notes.

Why are they so similar? Gucci Pour Homme II is quite similar to Creed Royal Oud in terms of general atmosphere and aroma. It’s just a softer, more polished version of it. This resulted in a really lovely, but comparable aroma, akin to Creed Royal Oud’s deep, spicy, woody perfume. Although this is more of a backup plan, it is a good one to consider. If you’re interested, you may read more about it on Amazon!

2. Man of Amouage Memoir

Perfume: Amouage Memoir Man is a beautiful scent that smells and feels a lot like Creed Royal Oud. This scent offers a similar mood that transports you back in time. Riches, leather, gold, and similar items come to mind. The aroma is a combination of woodiness and spice, making it a great substitute for Creed Royal Oud.

Absinthe, wormwood, basil, and mint are the leading notes of Amouage Memoir Man. Rose, frankincense, and lavender are the middle notes. Sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, amber, vanilla, musk, oakmoss, leather, and tobacco comprise the base notes.

Why it’s so similar: Amouage Memoir Man is quite similar to Amouage Memoir Man in terms of mood. They both have an old school Egyptian fragrance about them. In addition, the aroma itself is quite similar. Creed Royal Oud is a more subtle oud scent with a hint of wood. The same may be said with Amouage Memoir Man, despite the fact that it isn’t an oud scent. Nonetheless, Amouage Memoir Man is a fantastic substitute for Creed Royal Oud. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

A Way To Get The Original For A Lower Price


The biggest advantage of buying a clone of another scent is that they are typically much less expensive. The exorbitant cost of Creed perfumes is well recognized. Because of the hefty price, many individuals never get their hands on the original smell. Rather, they opt for a scent clone. And although this isn’t horrible, it isn’t the original.

The original scents, on the other hand, are a bit less expensive. This may be accomplished by acquiring decants. You do receive the original juice this way, but not the original bottle. A decant is a smaller bottle that has been filled with the original scent.

When purchasing a decant, you have a variety of sizes to pick from. The most common sizes are 5 and 10 milliliters, although you may go up to 30 milliliters. After that, you’ll get a bottle packed with the original scent, in this instance Creed Royal Oud.

Buying these decants is a great way to save money while still receiving the same great scent. If you’re interested in learning more about scent decants, check out this post I published on why you should acquire them!

Creed Royal Oud is a fragrance that has been in the market for over 40 years. It was created by French designer Jean-Claude Ellena, and it is one of the most popular fragrances in the world. The best Creed Royal Oud clones are those that have a similar scent to the original. Reference: creed royal oud sample.

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