What Sized Fragrance Should You Buy (The Best Deal)

Fragrance is the most popular beauty product in North America, with a market value of $16.8 billion USD annually. As you’re shopping for your next bottle, do you know which size to buy? So many women and men are doing this that it has created an industry of size confusion: what should I get? What will be good enough if money’s not an option? How much does one actually cost anyway?!

The “perfume sizes chart” is a guide that will help you choose the best size of fragrance to buy. It includes information on how much perfume to buy, how long it lasts and what type of scent it is.


Fragrance bottles come in a variety of sizes. As you may expect, they all cost differently, but what is the ideal size to go with?

What is the finest fragrance bottle size to buy? When buying a bottle of fragrance, the larger the bottle, the lower the cost per spray. That is why, if you are convinced that you will like a certain scent, you should get a larger bottle, since it will cost you less in the long term.

However, you shouldn’t always choose the largest bottle available. When purchasing a bottle of perfume, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choosing the Correct Size

Fragrances are often not inexpensive. A single bottle may cost upwards of a hundred dollars. Of course, not all of them are pricey, but some of the more well-known ones may set you back a few dollars. These expenses are, of course, justified since having a great-fitting scent will help you stand out and generate wonderful first impressions.

All of these wonderful scents are available in a variety of bottle sizes. The most frequent sizes are 50ml and 100ml, although there are also much larger bottles, some as large as 250ml.

When looking for a new scent, it’s crucial to consider what function it will play in your life. If the fragrance in issue will be your trademark aroma for the coming season, a larger bottle may be preferable. If the scent will only be used in a few particular occasions, however, a lesser size may be preferable.

So, how can you figure out how large these bottles are? This is a straightforward procedure. This information may be found on either the bottle or the packaging that comes with it. This may tell you a few various measures, including mL (milliliter), fl oz (fluid ounce), and FL. OZ. (fluid ounce).

The two forms of Ounces of liquid have a little variation. Your bottle may say 3.4 US FL. OZ. or 3.4 UK FL. OZ. on occasion. The difference between an American fluid ounce and a British fluid ounce is quite tiny. A 3.4 US fluid ounce equals 100.55 mL, but a 3.4 UK fluid ounce equals 96.60 mL. In the end, the difference will be a matter of a few sprays.

The following is a list of common fragrance container sizes:

  • 4.2 Ounces of liquid (125 mL)
  • 3.4 Ounces of liquid (100 mL)
  • 50 Milliliters (1.7 Ounces of liquid)

However, there are numerous sizes in between. They might be anything from:

  • 90 Milliliters (3 Ounces of liquid)
  • 80 Milliliters (2.7 Ounces of liquid)
  • 2.5 Ounces of liquid (75 mL)
  • 2 Ounces of liquid (60 mL)
  • 40 Milliliters (1.4 Ounces of liquid)
  • 1 fluid ounce (30 mL)
  • 0.8 Ounces of liquid (25 mL)
  • 0.5 Ounces of liquid (15 mL)
  • 0.17 Ounces of liquid (5 mL)
  • 0.05 Ounces of liquid (1.5 mL)

Although several of these sizes are unusual, they are used by certain companies. Smaller bottles are often used for sampling or travel-sized bottles.

When you’re considering about purchasing a fragrance and merely want to test it out to see how it works on your skin and whether it fits you, the smallest bottle sizes should be chosen.

Another advantage of the smaller bottles is that they are ideal for travel. Airplanes don’t accept bottles larger than 100mL, but you don’t need that much most of the time anyhow. There’s no need to carry a 100mL bottle if you’re going on a two-week trip. Use a 5 to 15mL bottle instead. These spray canisters provide enough spray to last you the whole journey and don’t take up much room.

When looking for a general scent, the bottles between 50mL and 100mL are the ones you’ll be purchasing the most. There are enough sprays in one bottle to last you a long time.

What Is the Best Use For These Bottles? How Many Sprays Do These Bottles Actually Contain?

Fragrance bottles come in a variety of sizes, but how many sprays do they truly contain?

MillilitersOunces of liquidSpraysHow long do you think it’ll last?

As you can see, there are ten sprays every 1mL of liquid.

Standard sample sizes are 1.5mL bottles. So anticipate up to 15 sprays if you ask for a free sample in a department shop. You will be able to test the scent on numerous days as a result of this.

The smaller bottles, such as the 5mL and 10mL, are excellent travel bottles. A 5mL bottle will last you around 12 days if you use 4 sprays each day. This makes it an ideal bottle for short journeys. Larger bottles are recommended for longer travels.


Each of these scent bottles has its unique purpose, but in general, you should choose for the larger ones. The cost difference between a 50mL and a 100mL bottle is not significant. Especially when you consider that you receive twice as much genuine aroma. That is why, despite the higher initial cost, purchasing larger bottles is typically the most cost-effective alternative. It will save you money in the long term.

This is also why you may come across a scent at a significantly reduced price. People will really purchase the biggest bottle of fragrance available and manufacture decants from it. This simply implies that a big fragrance bottle is divided into numerous smaller bottles that may be sold for a cheaper price than normal. Instead of 10 50mL bottles, the consumer will purchase two 250mL bottles, which is much less expensive.

A Few Fragrances Price Comparison

To show you how the real price difference, expressed as cost per spray, works.

I’ll take Creed Aventus as an example. This is a well-known scent with a hefty price tag.

On their website, a 50mL bottle of Creed Aventus costs $325. Around 500 sprays may be expected from a 50mL container. When you split $325 by 500 sprays, you get A 50mL bottle of Creed Aventus is listed on their website for $325. In a 50mL bottle, you can expect around 500 sprays. If you divide the $325 with the 500 sprays, you’ll have a cost per spray of $0,65.,65 as a cost per spray.

On their website, a 100mL bottle of Creed Aventus costs $435. You may get roughly 1000 sprays from a 100mL container. When you split $435 by 1000 sprays, you get A 100mL bottle of Creed Aventus is listed on their website for $435. In a 100mL bottle, you can expect around 1000 sprays. If you divide the $435 with the 1000 sprays, you’ll have a cost per spray of $0,44.,44 as a cost per spray.

On their website, a 250mL bottle of Creed Aventus costs $670. Around 2500 sprays may be expected from a 250mL container. The cost per spray is A 250mL bottle of Creed Aventus is listed on their website for $670. In a 250mL bottle, you can expect around 2500 sprays. If you divide the $670 with the 2500 sprays, you’ll have a cost per spray of $0,27.,27 when the $670 is divided by the 2500 sprays.

As you can see, the larger the container, the less each spray costs. When you double the fragrance juice from 50mL to 100mL, you’re effectively saving $105, which isn’t a terrible deal.

With course, this is also true of less expensive scents. Only the initial per-spray cost will be much cheaper than with Creed Aventus. You may not save $105, but you will definitely save some money.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A New Bottle

The first question to consider is what this fragrance’s goal is. Are you looking for a fantastic summer fragrance? Or do you want a simple scent for a special occasion? When deciding whatever size bottle to purchase, the aim of the scent should be the most important consideration. Choose a smaller bottle if you only require the scent a few times a year. There’s no need to get a huge one if you’re not going to use it very frequently.

However, if the scent is one of your top summer favorites, a larger bottle may be preferable.

Also, if you’re blindly purchasing scents, the smaller bottles are generally the best option. In such scenario, you simply need a little amount if you don’t like the scent. If you enjoy the scent, you may upgrade to a bigger bottle in the future.

Even if you’ve tried the scent at a shop, wait a few days before purchasing a big bottle. Top notes should not be used to assess a scent. Give it some time to see whether you enjoy it, and if you do, go out and purchase the bottle.

Finally, you should avoid purchasing the largest bottle available. There are certain bottles that are absurdly large, such as 500mL or even larger. These are prohibitively pricey and should not be purchased. Even though the cost per spray is substantially cheaper, you’ll end up with so much of that one scent that you’ll become bored of it or it will go bad. Stick to 150mL or less, in my view, since they are the most useful.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Correct Bottle Size?

Choosing the Correct Size is actually quite important. Getting small bottles can end up costing you a lot more. The smaller bottles are usually priced quite high when compared to the bigger bottles. The cost per spray will get lower when you purchase bigger bottles.

On the other hand, larger bottles, such as 500mL, are not a viable alternative. After a time, if you have 500mL of one scent, you’ll probably become sick of it. 500mL is about 5000 sprays. You should definitely opt with a smaller bottle unless you just want to have one perfume and use it every day.

The larger bottles have a higher probability of going bad over time. Although perfumes may not go bad if they are properly cared for, having numerous large bottles might cause some to go bad. Because the larger the bottle, the longer it will last and the more time it will take for it to spoil.

So, if you purchase a 1000mL bottle and it expires, you’ve effectively wasted money. Which is why it’s important to get the proper bottle size to save money.


Choosing the proper fragrance bottle size is crucial about preventing wasteful expenditure. Smaller bottles often have a greater per-spray cost, while really big bottles are just excessively enormous.

It all boils down to personal preference. How frequently will you wear this scent? What is the primary goal of it? Is it intended to accompany you on your travels or just to serve as a suitable aroma for a certain season? Then determine whatever size you want to go with!

The “how big is 100 ml perfume” is a question that many people ask. The answer to this question depends on the size of the bottle. However, if you’re unsure what size of fragrance to buy, we recommend buying a small bottle first and seeing how it goes.

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