What is Oud? [Hint: Itu2019s a Type of Wood]

Oud is a type of wood. It’s been used in perfume, furniture and musical instruments for centuries. The name Oud comes from the Arabic word “Wadoodh” meaning “aloeswood” or “fragrant woods”.

Oud is a type of wood that has been used for centuries in many cultures. It is typically found in the Middle East and North Africa. Read more in detail here: oud wood.

The fungus-infected heartwood of the Aquilaria tree is known as oud, oudh, or aoud (agarwood). The tree gets diseased, and the affected portion is harvested for oud. Because it is a piece of wood that was subsequently transformed into an essential oil, this location is known as oud wood.

After the oud has been removed from the tree, all of the healthy or uninfected sections of the tree must be removed as well. The oud will be ruined if this technique isn’t done carefully enough.

What are the processes for manufacturing oud, and where does oud originate from?

Depending on the desired usage, there are a several techniques for harvesting the oud fragrance. Boiling is the traditional method of preparation. Today, distillation is used to produce oud on a greater scale.

Oud is traditionally made by boiling.

Boiling processes are one of the easiest ways to get concentrated oil. Small pieces of diseased oud wood are cooked (using piercing procedures). Oil does not mix with water, therefore its oils rise to the top of the water. The oil is scraped off into a jar by hand and transformed into a variety of cosmetic goods, including scents.

Distillation is used to make oud.

Distillation may seem to be a more contemporary option to gathering oud by hand, yet it has a long history. Today, ground oud woods are distilled at 100 degrees Celsius to produce oud. This procedure takes between 8 and 10 hours to complete. What’s the end result? At the end of the day, 40 kilograms of oud provide 45 milliliters of oud essential oil.

What-is-Oud-Hint-It8217s-a-Type-of-WoodDistillation produces oud in this manner.

What is the aroma of oud?

The component oud originates from the Aquilaria tree (and on rare occasions from Gyrinops and Gonystilus), and it’s shrouded in mystery. It may cost up to $10,000 for 10ml, and the quality, purity, and aroma all vary.

If you’re wondering what oud smells like, it has a perfume that is similar to that of wood, grass, smokiness, and wetness. This wetness either makes people adore it and never want to smell anything else, or it makes them loathe it completely.

Did you realize that oud becomes better with age?

Unlike most essential oils, oud develops a distinct aroma as it ages. It gives perfumes more depth.

1653803579_424_What-is-Oud-Hint-It8217s-a-Type-of-WoodClose-up of Agarwood

What is the meaning of oud in perfume?

Oud is used in perfumery to give a scent an oriental flavor. It also provides a layer of mystery since various people perceive it differently. Here are some fantastic oud smell mixes.

Rose Taif

A Middle Eastern rose with a distinct scent.


Amber is a little less warm and welcoming than oud.


Musk may be difficult to come by as a natural substance, but it is one of a kind.


In amber compositions, labdanum is essential.

I can only suggest three oud scents.

Various types of oud

Agarwood and resin distillate extracts are known as oud. Many come from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand. They are made from the following Various types of oud or Aquilaria trees.

  • Aquilaria acuminata is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria apiculata is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria baillonil is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria banaensis is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria beccariana is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria brachyantha is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria crassna is a species of aquilaria.
  • Cumingia aquilaria
  • Aquilaria filaria is a kind of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria grandiflora is a large flowering plant.
  • Aquilaria hirta is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria khasiana is a species of aquilaria.
  • Malaccensis Aquilaria
  • Aquilaria microcarpa is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria rostrata is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria sinensis is a species of aquilaria.
  • Aquilaria subintegra is a species of aquilaria.

1653803580_96_What-is-Oud-Hint-It8217s-a-Type-of-WoodThe Aquilaria Sinensis tree is a species of aquilaria.

Why is oud so costly?

Agarwood is a rare tree that produces oud. Oud is a diseased tree portion that is cut off into tiny or big pieces. It has little novelty value in the Middle East since it had been used as a perfume or house fragrance for millennia, burning similarly to frankincense.

The world’s most costly perfume raw components are oud and ambergris. They are more costly even than gold.

The price of agarwood is determined by its origin and age. Oudh grows mellow as it ages, which raises its price. For the last 30 years, the most costly oud has been aging. If you visit the Middle East, you may even smell oud that is 150 years old.

Natural oud is very costly due to its scarcity. At any one moment, there are no considerable amounts of oud on the worldwide market. The sound of synthetic oud is never quite the same. Firmenich and Givaudan are two companies that develop synthetic oud, and they employ complicated formulations using substances like Palissandrol to imitate the oudh fragrance.



What is the purpose of oud oil?

Oud oil is used for aromatherapy, religious reasons, and as a scent. It may be used to make a perfume or burnt as incense.

Is oud beneficial to one’s health?

Oud has long been thought to be good to arthritic sufferers. It may, however, be used in aromatherapy for relaxation. Other health advantages According to limited study, oud may be used as an aphrodisiac or to treat ear issues.

Is oud a natural substance?

Oud is a rare and difficult-to-replicate natural component in scent compounds. It originates from the Agarwood tree and is a sort of wood in its natural state.

Is oud a renewable resource?

Oud has no expiration date. In fact, as it ages, aged oud mellows out and becomes much more delicious.

What is the English name for oudh?

In English, Oudh is known as Agarwood.

Oud is a type of wood. It is made from agar tree and is used to make oud oil, which has been used in perfumes for centuries.

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