What Perfume Smells Like Orange Blossom?

The scent of orange blossom has a distinctive, sweet fragrance that can be found in many perfumes. Some classic fragrances like Chanel No 5 and Shalimar are some popular scents with this flowery note.

The “perfume with orange blossom, patchouli and honey” is a smell that has been described as sweet, fresh and sensual. It is often used in perfumes that are meant to be romantic or seductive.

Bitter orange trees are evergreens with black foliage, sharp thorns, and orange-scented white blossoms that are commonly used in perfumery. The blossoms of the bitter orange tree are used to make two popular perfume ingredients: neroli and orange blossom.

What perfume has an orange flower scent? The scent of orange blossom is used in the top notes of many chypre and floral oriental fragrances to impart a citrus freshness to their flower bouquets. Below you’ll discover a list of some of the greatest examples of orange blossom-scented fragrances.

But first, here’s some background on the essential oils extracted from bitter orange flower.


Neroli & Orchidee is my absolute favorite – I’ve been wearing it for 15 years. It’s a sophisticated mix of neroli from bitter orange blossom and Madagascar orchid.

This lovely flowery scent is ideal for everyday use and has received more praises than any other perfume I’ve ever worn.

The highlighted components include neroli essence and orchid absolute, with scent notes of mandarin, neroli, and iris, according to the official L’Occitane website.

You’ll notice the bright citrus floral note of neroli blending with the sweet powdery note of orchid as soon as you apply it.

Neroli & Orchidee can be worn by anyone of any age who loves perfume with orange notes. It is a sophisticated citrusy floral, not too sweet, and slightly soapy.

It doesn’t last very long since it’s an eau de toilette. It has a 6 foot projection and is not overbearing in any way.

Women’s Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne


The first note of Jo Malone Orange Flower Cologne is fresh clementine, with middle notes of orange blossom and waterlily.

It has a lovely flowery and citrus scent that is ideal for everyday use, particularly in the summer.

Orange Blossom Cologne is a great option if you prefer neroli orange blossom scents. It’s also a favorite of a lot of celebs.

This perfume meets all the boxes if you’re looking for a perfume that smells pricey yet isn’t. Just remember that since it’s cologne, you’ll need to reapply it every 2 or 3 hours.

Marc Jacobs’ Honey


Marc Jacobs’ Honey is a fruity floral fragrance. It features a fresh pear and mandarin orange scent in its top notes.

Honeysuckle, orange flower, and peach are the middle notes. A warm, sweet combination of vanilla, honey, and wood makes up the basis.

Honey may be the scent for you if you want a sweeter orange blossom scent. Its combination of warmth and freshness makes it a scent that is appropriate for any season.

Chloe’s Love Story


Chloe’s Love Story is a feminine and flirty fragrance. It opens with the sensual aroma of neroli, followed by a floral heart of orange blossom and jasmine, and finally a cedarwood base.

Love Story has a fresh but elegant scent to it. It’s long-lasting and has just the appropriate amount of projection.

It doesn’t take over the space, but it enchants those who are near to it — ideal for date night!

Thierry Mugler’s Mugler Cologne


Thierry Mugler’s Mugler Cologne has the soapy fresh, citrus fragrance of a traditional cologne. Though it is unisex, the base is quite floral.

This scent has an enticing summertime vibe because to the sweet citrusy perfume created by the mix of bergamot and neroli. As it dries down, a seductive white musk foundation emerges.

You will need to reapply this fragrance every few hours since it is a cologne.

Hermes Fouberg, 24


Hermes 24 Fouberg is a warm, flowery scent with notes of orange blossom, jasmine, tiara flower, ylang ylang, and iris.

The soapy orange blossom scent is prominent, with a mossy, sandalwood, and patchouli background supporting it.

This scent, like the Hermes brand, is intended towards older ladies, yet it might also be used by someone younger.

If you prefer orange blossom, patchouli, and honey in your perfume, this one is for you.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fleur du Male


Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fleur du Male is an aromatic fougere for men that is not a typical masculine fragrance. It could almost be classed as unisex.

It’s best characterized as a floral burst with orange blossom that settles down to a vanilla foundation. Fleur du Male has an excellent projection and lasts a long time. At least 8 hours can be gotten out of a single application.

Try Fleur du Male if you’re looking for a long-lasting orange aroma with vanilla, orange, and jasmine. You won’t be disappointed.

Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino


Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is a unisex fragrance with cirtusy top notes of bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and bitter orange and middle notes of orange flower, jasmine, and neroli – it’s no wonder it has a beautiful orange aroma.

This light, almost overpowering scent is ideal for hot, bright days. Because it’s Tom Ford, it’s very pricey, so you may want to reserve it for special occasions.

Elie Saab’s “Girl of Now”


Elie Saab’s Girl of Now is a flowery oriental scent. The name indicates that this is a scent for younger women, but it isn’t.

It opens with a fruity note, moves through a floral middle, and finishes with a sensuous patchouli foundation. Patchouli lovers will like this addition.

It smells like a perfume for a special event. Girl of Now will linger all day on your skin and even longer on your clothing if you apply it liberally.

The bottle is stunning, and the packaging is inviting — this would make an excellent present.

What Perfume Has an Orange Blossom Scent? – Final thoughts

We’ve chosen 9 fragrances to assist you in your search for an orange blossom-scented perfume. There are lots more, but these are some of the most popular.

Some are directed towards women, while others are unmistakably gender neutral, however they may be too flowery for people who like a more manly scent.

If you like cinnamon scents, the finest cinnamon perfumes for ladies list includes eight options.

Orange blossom is a type of flower that has a sweet and citrusy smell. The scent is often associated with the springtime, but it can also be found in vintage perfume. Reference: vintage orange blossom perfume.

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