16 Best Burberry Perfumes For Women With That London Vibe

There is a certain je ne sais quoi that only comes with the Burberry brand, one of those brands you can always get away with wearing. This iconic British label has been around since 1856 and their perfumes have some serious staying power too. There’s nothing quite like it, so I’m here to help you find your perfect scent today!

The “burberry london perfume smells like” is a 16 best Burberry Perfumes for Women with that London Vibe. These perfumes are all very different and have their own unique scent.

London, Her, Weekend, and My Burberry are among the top Burberry scents for women. Most of them, like their birthplace London, have characteristics that make them stand out in colder weather.

Burberry’s traditional and contemporary women’s fragrances, on the other hand, include a lot of flowery undertones. Iris, peony, tuberose, lily, and jasmine accords are among the most popular among the brand’s offerings.

However, the British-born brand is now influencing both younger and older women of all ages.

I’m sure every woman has seen their commercials on buildings, buses, or television at some time.

I recall smelling My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My as I walked through the streets of the UK capital city. This release is what brings back memories for me. It may be one of the following for you.

  1. Women’s Burberry London

Burberry for women is a staple. Many ladies contrast the image to Women’s Burberry London.

This is, without a doubt, an earlier release. It was first released in 2006.

It has gained a lot of popularity since then. Burberry’s women’s perfume is one of the best-selling all-year scents.

Some ladies like to use it more in the winter, as well as on cooler summer and autumn nights.

The most prominent accords are tangerine, honeysuckle, and rose. The floral midnotes include tiare flower, peony, and jasmine. The base notes include musk, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Elegant, flowery, and gentle. The dewy scent is a standout performance. On average, it lasts more than 5 hours on the skin.

Points to remember

  • Jasmine has a strong aroma.
  • Floral notes, but best used in the winter.
  • This is the greatest Burberry perfume if there is only one.
  • Dominique Ropion designed it (Armani Acqua di Gioia, Gucci Accenti)
  • Recommended for a variety of outfits ranging from casual to sophisticated.

BURBERRY London Eau De Parfum for Women


  1. Women’s Burberry Weekend

This Women from BURBERRY’s cologne is a Natalie Lorson (K by Dolce & Gabbana) creation.

It has a calming profile, as its name indicates. It’s ideal for a weekend getaway. However, it should be considered for other low-key occasions such as dates or shopping trips.

Sage, mandarin, and mignonette are among the citrusy-floral top notes.

The flowery midnotes are a welcome accent. These essences include rosehip, peach blossom, nectarine, iris, scarlet cyclamen, and violet route, to name a few. The base accords are tied together with cedar and musk for a full aroma.

It’s a perfume aimed for young ladies. Its whimsical profile, however, may attract people of all ages.

The perfume’s most remarkable feature is how versatile its profile is. It’s all about the citrus at first. Within an hour, though, the scent shifts to flowery notes. In the second hour of the dry down, it returns to a sweet profile.

Points to remember

  • 4-5 hours of fragrance longevity
  • Complex and appealing to ladies who like flowery smells.
  • With its shifting agreements, it’s quite feminine and fun.
  • Many ladies anticipate it to be powdery, but it isn’t.


BURBERRY Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

  1. My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My

In the realm of women’s Burberry fragrances, it’s an uncommon perfume. It works best from November to February, but you may start using it as soon as the weather cools down again in September. Its performance in cold conditions is a must-see.

It’s uncomplicated, light, sweet, and ambery.

Jasmine is one among the most popular top notes among women. Peach and pink are among the midnotes. Base notes include amber and patchouli.

It’s been described as animalic by some ladies.

It has no resemblance to the DNA of any other scent. It’s perfect for instances when you want to stand out because of its seductive appeal. It was on a model on Oxford Street that I immediately recognized. Her demeanor indicated that she was self-assured.

Longevity is a wonderful thing. It will take anything from 5 to 6 hours to project.

Points to remember

  • Burberry’s original scent has a certain allure.
  • It’s not a good idea to use it as your first scent leaving the home.
  • It has a reputation for being powerful and enticing.
  • It has a reputation for projecting a beastly image on some ladies.
  • On the street, it attracts both ladies and men’s attention.


My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Parfum

My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Parfum

  • My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My 1.6 PARFUM SP for Women
  • My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My 1.6 PARFUM SP for Women
  • My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My Burberry Black Burberry My 1.6 PARFUM SP for Wo
  1. Her Burberry

We’re currently transitioning to a spring and summer scent. This budget-friendly release was only released in 2018.

Francis Kurkdjian (Christian Dior Cologne Blance) Her Burberry is the nose behind the immersive perfume. The Armenian once said in an interview that his favorite fragrance is a new one.

The fragrance is unquestionably fresh. It has a creamy strawberry flavor that is appealing.

Raspberry, strawberries, cherries, blackberry, and blackcurrant are among the top notes. Their midnotes are violet and jasmine.

The base accords include amber, vanilla, and patchouli.

It’s possible that it resembles certain gourmands. It is, nonetheless, appropriate for people of all ages. I’d even see a guy wearing the scent.

However, just use a limited amount at a time. It has a profound influence on certain women.

Points to remember

  • Perfume projection lasts for around 4-5 hours.
  • Some ladies say it smells like candy.
  • The fragrance has a pleasant profile.
  • Most ladies may wear it to work and throughout the day.
  • Not to be confused with the strawberry smells popular among teenagers.



  1. Eau de Parfum Burberry Brit for Her

Women’s Burberry scents are intended to be British. However, the scent is appropriate for that certain British mood. It’s full of irony, yet it holds its own against bigger companies with respect.

I’m not sure how Nathalie Gracia-Cetto (Monoi Eau des Vahines, Iris Noir) managed to capture these emotions.

In the beginning, you can smell pear, bergamot, and almond. The opening of Burberry perfume for ladies is not the most enjoyable aspect of wearing it, and I agree.

Peony and sugar are two of the midnotes that some ladies like for their added sweetness. The base notes include vanilla, tonka bean, amber, and mahogany. Because it’s one of the few fragrances that includes sugar, I’d be cautious about how I’d combine it with other scents. So many ladies have tried it and failed miserably.

The scent has a long lasting effect. Women’s Burberry perfume reviews, on the other hand, demonstrate that the aroma varies from person to person.

Its fruity overtones distinguish it from one lady to the next in terms of perception.

Some ladies still want to use it, but they spray it on their garments for maximum durability.

It lasts up to 10 hours on the skin or on women’s clothes, providing a good return on investment.

Points to remember

  • Exceptional performance
  • Professionals love this scent since it lasts all day.
  • Boosts self-assurance
  • Wood and sweet almond emerge as the dry-down progresses.
  • Its bottle goes well with your Burberry scarf.


Eau de Parfum Burberry Brit for Her Spray

Eau de Parfum Burberry Brit for Her Spray

  • 3.3 oz/100 ml B U R B E R Y Brit Eau De Parfum Spray
  • 3.3 oz/100 ml B U R B E R Y Brit Eau De Parfum Spray
  • 3.3 oz/100 ml B U R B E R Y Brit Eau De Parfum Spray
  • It is possible that packaging will v
  1. The Beat by Burberry

The beat is energizing and enticing. It has a gentle sweetness to it, which makes it simple to fall in love with.

It is certain to get many praises as one of Burberry’s top fragrances. It does, however, have a fascinating backstory. It is undoubtedly appealing, since it is inspired by music.

Its bottle design is worthy of being printed and published in magazines. It was eventually discovered to be a Baron and Bailey design.

In a British bottle, the perfume is a British aroma. Regardless of the season, I believe it works nicely in the evening.

Its main accords are pink pepper, citrus, and cardamom. Its midnotes include iris and green tea. Its basenotes, cedarwood and vetiver, are still popular in women’s scents.

The floral-wood scent of the perfume lingers for a long time. It has been reported to work well for 5 hours and somewhat well for up to 8 hours. Its profile is appropriate for a wide range of professions.

Points to remember

  • 30ml, 40ml, and 75ml bottles are available.
  • It has a good balance of two floral accords and woody undertones.
  • It has a distinct perfume scent to it.
  • I’d say it’s feminine, and I don’t think your partner will take it.


  1. My Burberry Blush by Burberry

This is the sort of Burberry perfume for women who want to make a statement. There haven’t been many successful apple smells in my experience. It’s not the same here. But it’s almost as if it’s a strange mix of green apple and violet.

I can definitely see it being a distinctive perfume on the appropriate lady.

Its top notes are pomegranate and lemon. It quickly transports you to summer. The midnotes are rose, green apple, and geranium. It seems like you’re standing in a garden full of flowers and apples during the drydown. The base notes include jasmine and an unique wisteria scent.

The perfume is distinct from the majority of other smells. As previous Burberry reviews indicate, it has the feminine appeal that so many perfumers strive for.

Because it becomes a little sweeter as it dries out, it appeals to a wider range of women. Because of the aroma, the majority of praises will be anticipated approximately 2 hours after application.

It has a reasonable to excellent lifespan rating. It stays on the skin for at least 4 hours.

Points to remember

  • This is the sort of scent you use to keep headaches at bay.
  • It’s a simple and effective scent that works well in the workplace because of its modest profile.
  • If you spray it in the morning, you won’t need to use it again throughout the day.
  • Its presentation is flawless.



  1. Women from BURBERRY’s Burberry

The Bond No.9 Coney Island creation by Michel Almairac is a masterpiece. It’s been around for a long time.

It has to be one of the best selections if you’re seeking for a characteristic perfume from the British house.

It is not, however, the best-smelling Burberry perfume. It’s a contentious issue.

I believe it has something to do with the peach agreements. It seems to be quite welcoming to me.

The beginning is abrasive, and it is here that many women get perplexed.

From the start, there’s black currant, peach, apricot, green apple, and pear to contend with.

Sandalwood and jasmine dominate the perfume’s midnotes. Its base notes include vanilla and musk.

Since its debut in 1995, the perfume has been packaged in a traditional bottle.

However, if you don’t use it, it will darken with time. It’s predicated on the fact that it’s vanilla.

Points to remember

  • Up to 8 hours of solid battery life
  • Soft, with peach and vanilla dominating.
  • It has a flirtatious vibe to it.
  • If I already purchased Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, I wouldn’t buy it.


Women from BURBERRY

Women from BURBERRY

  • Green apple and black currant are the top notes.
  • Jasmine, moss, sandalwood, and cedar wood are the heart notes.
  • Notes on the Ground Vanilla, musk
  • Peach, apricot, cold pear, black currant are the top notes.
  1. Burberry Body Eau De Parfum is a fragrance created by Burberry. 

It was meant to be the greatest women’s Burberry perfume when it was released in 2011 to capture the brand’s appeal.

On some ladies, I believe it is a trademark smell.

It has a seductive quality about it. It isn’t, however, a clubbing smell. It has a pleasant warmth to it.

The perfume is something I’d see on businesswomen or individuals who prefer to stick to one smell.

Its top accords are freesia, wormwood, and peach.

Its flowery midnotes include iris and rose, with a hint of sandalwood.

The strongest performing base notes are cashmere wood, musk, vanilla, and amber.

Some of its notes may be too much for ladies who get headaches from strong odors during the summer months of June, July, and August. It, on the other hand, works in any season.

Points to remember

  • It has an 8-hour long lasting creamy smell.
  • Silage that is very powerful
  • The perfume’s sensuality is appropriate for those aged 20 and above.
  • Due to its high performance, it is ideal for important zones such as the wrist.


Burberry Body Eau De Parfum is a fragrance created by Burberry. for Women,

  1. Women’s Burberry Touch

This gentle floral perfume with a hint of pepper recalls a pivotal moment in Burberry’s history. It modernized some of the brand’s most prominent tones.

It’s laid-back, and it’s close to how Stella Tennant depicted it in the press.

It has a rich flowery smell.

Most of the notes may be unfamiliar to you.

However, the top accords include blackberry, rose, black currant, cranberry, cassia, and orange.

The midnotes are reminiscent of a flowery bouquet. Iris, peony, tuberose, lily, raspberry, and jasmine are among them.

The basic accords are oakmoss, tonka, green almond, and cedar.

For the first time, I see ladies agreeing on how long a scent lasts. It’s been 6 hours.

Points to remember

  • Perfume that is sweet, flowery, refreshing, and silky smooth.
  • It’s not for you if you don’t like woody tones.
  • During the summer, the woody flavors become overpowering.
  • In the spring, autumn, and winter, it has a wonderful flowery aroma.


  1. Her Burberry Blossom

On the scent, I saw Carla’s Delavigne face. I think the marketing campaign paid off.

Burberry’s for Men from 1981 is the inspiration for their new 2019 edition. It was inspired by the springtime in London parks. It’s a fantastic fit for a stroll in Hyde Park throughout the season, in my opinion.

Pink pepper and tangerine are among the top notes. Women, on the other hand, notice that the mandarin aroma has been intensified or made more dominant. It has a richness to it that other lemony openers don’t have.

The perfume’s midnotes include peony and plum blossom. They awaken the senses of women in the spring. You may use it throughout the summer to keep the bloom mood going.

The base notes include musk with a hint of sandalwood.

It’s been reformulated several times. If you’re fresh to the perfume, though, you’ll like the lessened sweetness.

Points to remember

  • Strong influence of blossoms
  • It’s not as sweet as the original.
  • 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml bottles are available.
  • As a blind purchase, I’d go with the 30ml.
  • Expect it to last no more than 3 hours.


  1. Sheer Burberry Brit

Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann (Kate Moss Velvet Hour) designed it, and it’s ideal for late spring and summer. It looks well with a variety of casual clothes.

Burberry’s scent has a fruity character, according to reviews. But for me, litchi is everything. I know my girlfriend can’t stop eating them, which is why I’m giving her the scent as a birthday gift.

Fruity top notes include bergamot, pineapple, yuzu, and litchi.

Its midnotes include pear, seashore flower, and the traditional peony.

The sweetness is balanced with cedarwood and white musk.

The faint aroma of the perfume lasts for a couple of hours. After 5 hours, though, you’ll still be able to feel it on your skin.

You shouldn’t be concerned if you dislike yuzu. All other agreements become more evident after roughly an hour, to its harm.

This perfume has a really fun female aspect to it. As a consequence, I observe it on adolescent females aged 16 and above. However, since it is more subtle, it may also be appropriate for the workplace.

Points to remember

  • In the beginning, it’s fresh and fruity.
  • The drydown of the scent is soapy.
  • Very feminine and aimed for a younger audience.
  • Not the finest performance at night.
  • It’s too similar to Gucci Me for some.


Sheer Burberry Brit

Sheer Burberry Brit

  • Lychee, Yuzu, Pineapple Leaf, and Mandarin are the top notes.
  • Pink peony, peach bloom, and nashi are the heart notes.
  • White musk and blond woad are the base notes.
  1. Burberry’s Eau de Parfum is one of my favorites.

Burberry has released a flowery fragrance. It’s part of the My Burberry range, and its floral tones are undeniably distinctive.

The scent is rose.

Its top notes include sweet pea, bergamot, and mandarin.

Midnotes include geranium, freesia, quince, passion fruit, peach, and green tea.

The base accords include sweet patchouli, Damask rose, leather, violet, and musk.

In the rain, though, this Burberry perfume for women glows. With the British weather, it’s no surprise.

In the spring, when the temperature is increasing but there is still a lot of rain to contend with, I view it as an ideal everyday companion.

Points to remember

  • Allow at least 30 minutes for it to dry before leaving the home.
  • Based on the leather harmony, elevated floral notes
  • Inclement weather performance
  • It might be a popular trademark smell.


BURBERRY Burberry's Eau de Parfum is one of my favorites.

  1. Burberry Eau de Toilette is one of my favorites.

This is the Eau de Parfum’s lighter variant.

In the official commercial, the song states, “I placed a spell on you because you’re mine.”

Models in the song are also caught in the rain.

As a result, the Eau de Toilette version is the brand’s lightweight champion for adverse weather.

It’s also a lighter version of the more powerful Eau de Parfum.

It works if you have to deal with harsh weather and like flowery scents.

However, you should anticipate a shorter lifespan. It’s a spell, like the song says.

On the skin, it may only last approximately an hour.

Points to remember

  • Top notes of sweet pea and lemon flower
  • Midnotes of peach flower, freesia, and peony
  • Base perfume accords of Damask rose, moss, and leather
  • A well-balanced cozy-sensual mix
  • This scent is a little more enticing than the Eau de Parfum.
  • Only 1-2 hours of strong projection


Burberry Burberry Eau de Toilette is one of my favorites.

  1. Body Tender by Burberry

Body Tender guarantees eternal freshness. This may be difficult to accomplish. However, since so many ladies utilize it at the gym, they’ll get closer to their objective.

This best-selling Burberry perfume, launched in 2013, features the most flowery accords of the Body collection. The others appear to have a more musky odor.

Wormwood, peach, and green apple are just a few of the top scents that most women don’t mind.

The perfume’s midnotes include sandalwood, jasmine, tea, and rose.

Its base notes include vanilla and cashmere wood.

It’s a mild scent that’s suitable for ladies of all ages.

It is suitable for daily wear without any issues.

It also performs well in milder areas, such as the United Kingdom, where it was born.

Because it’s a mild Body release, its duration on all women is restricted to 2-3 hours.

Points to remember

  • In comparison to the original Body, this one is a little more lemony.
  • To imitate women’s shower gels, this scent is fresh, rosy, and has a trace of apple.
  • When you don’t want to stand out too much, go for the Burberry Body.


Body Tender by Burberry Women Eau de Toilette

Body Tender by Burberry Women Eau de Toilette

  • Light freesia, juicy peach, and wormwood open the perfume, creating a sweet, delicate scent that is completely uplifting.
  • With their flowery bouquet, the heart notes of red rose, blue iris, and sandalwood compliment the feminine array, with the sandalwood imparting a very masculine touch.
  • Cashmere wood, warm amber, white musk, and creamy vanilla combine in the base notes to create a coating of creamy, sweet bliss that envelopes the mind and body in a blanket of exquisite scent. Ideal for special events and evening wear.
  • Burbe, a design firm, has launched a new product.
  1. Body Intense by Burberry

Wormwood and peach are included in this scent, just as they are in the 85ml Eau de Parfum version.

It is, however, more flowery and less sweet.

This 2011 release is both strong and elegant. It’s designed to leave a lasting impact. It lasts 6+ hours on most ladies.

It’s one of the most popular Burberry Eau de Parfum reviews. While it isn’t identical to the Eau de Toilette Tender, it is noticeably different.

Its top accords are still freesia, peach, and wormwood. The perfume’s midnotes include rose, sandalwood, and iris. The base accords include amber, vanilla, cashmere wood, and musk.

Points to remember

  • As ladies remark, “quite excellent performance in chilly temperatures.”
  • This will last all day.
  • If you’re wearing it in the summer, keep it light.
  • Not dissimilar to previous Burberry Body offerings.



Burberry scents for ladies evolve and change. The brand would issue a new line of fragrances whenever there were organizational changes.

Perhaps this is why every perfume brand, including the My Burberry line, is connected with the traditional trench coat.

Even the most popular Burberry scents, however, are difficult to differentiate from one another. Which one is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

If you’re looking for additional perfume ideas, have a look at our scent finder.


What is the most popular Burberry fragrance?

Women’s Burberry London and Burberry Brit are the best-selling perfumes from the British brand.

Which Burberry has the nicest scent?

The scent of Burberry Amber Heath has received universal praise, and it is regarded as the finest for the winter and autumn seasons.

What fragrances make a guy go insane?

Natural smells that drive guys wild include rose, vanilla, black licorice, jasmine, and lavender. Floral smells are recognized for their sensuous and even seductive qualities, and they are utilized in the majority of women’s perfumes nowadays.



The “burberry for women perfume” is a brand that has been around since 1856. The company was founded by Thomas Burberry in London and they are known for their classic British style. They have a variety of fragrances that will make your day.

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