6 Best Carner Barcelona Fragrances For Women

Whether you’re looking for something to layer with your signature perfume or simply want a new scent, Barcelona is the best place to find all of your favorite scents. We’ve collected six fragrances that are perfect for any season and occasion!

The “carner barcelona el born” is a fragrance from the house of Carner Barcelona. This perfume has been designed for women and is available in 6 different scents.


Carner Barcelona is a tiny niche fragrance firm that creates one-of-a-kind and luxury scents. This fragrance company may be worth a visit for anybody looking to add an exceptional scent to their collection. What are the greatest Carner Barcelona scents for ladies, on the other hand?

The Fragrances of Carner Barcelona’s House

Sara Carner launched Carner Barcelona in 2009, and it is a Spanish fragrance business. Sara Carner wants to develop scents that were influenced by our lives’ events and emotions with her brand. With this message in mind, she founded her company and launched the first Carner Barcelona perfumes in 2010.

The Carner Barcelona house now offers 20 scents in its portfolio. The ‘Black Collection,’ ‘Floral Collection,’ ‘Fresh Collection,’ Oriental Collection, and Woody Collection’ are the several ‘Collections’ that these perfumes are separated under. These collections all have a distinct look, which is mostly seen in the various cap colors.

Nasomatto, Penhaligon’s, Tiziana Terenzi, Nishane, and Xerjoff are niche houses akin to Carner Barcelona!

Nineteen of their twenty scents are unisex, while one is exclusively for women. As a result, all of their scents are suited for ladies. In no particular order, these are some of the greatest Carner Barcelona scents for ladies.

Carner Barcelona is number one. El Born is a fictional character.

Carner Barcelona is the scent. El Born is Carner Barcelona’s most well-known scent, and for good reason. This is a lovely smell that is sweet, powdery, and dark. The perfume of this fragrance begins with a powerful, almost alcoholic scent. Along with the booze, there’s a pleasant note of vanilla and honey. This generates a syrupy smell, and floral elements are added to keep it from being too cloying. These properly counteract the sweetness and leave you with a delightful scent.

Honey, angelica, bergamot, and lemon are the top notes of Carner Barcelona El Born. Jasmine, benzoin, heliotrope, and fig are the middle notes. Musk, sandalwood, Peru balsam, and vanilla comprise the base notes.

Best for: Carner Barcelona El Born is a wonderful scent to wear in the winter. The syrupy sweet, alcoholic aroma will be much too strong for the summer months, but ideal for the winter months. You can anticipate a warm and friendly atmosphere from this fragrance, which is just what you want in a cold-weather scent. You may wear this scent pretty much whenever you want thanks to the balanced floral notes. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

2. Barcelona Cuirs Carner


Carner Barcelone Cuirs is a lovely fragrance with a woody, leathery aroma. The fragrance begins with a spicy saffron aroma. This quickly establishes the fragrance’s deep, dark tone. Immediately after the intro, you’ll see some woodlands. The woods are the major attraction in this scent, but there’s also a lot of leather, especially in the dry down. Overall, the perfume is warm and heavy, with woody, spicy, and leathery notes. Definitely one of the best from the Carner Barcelona stable.

Caraway and saffron are the prominent notes in Carner Barcelona Cuirs. Violet, cedar, guaiac wood, patchouli, and sandalwood comprise the middle notes. Cypriol oil, oud, Amyris, tonka bean, leather, amber, French labdanum, and musk comprise the base notes.

Carner Barcelona Cuirs is an excellent scent to wear in the spring and autumn. This fragrance has a rich and warm overall perfume, but it’s more of a skin scent, so it’s not too overbearing. As a result, it’s not the ideal scent to wear in the cold, and it’s also too strong in the summer. During the spring and autumn, however, this scent is appropriate for both formal and informal wear. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Carner Barcelona is number three. William, you are very sweet.

Scent: Carner Barcelona Sweet William is a wonderful spicy floral fragrance. With notes of cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom, this scent starts out stronger, but rapidly mellows out and becomes much more flowery. The spices are more of a background aroma at this time, complementing the otherwise mild floral elements. The base provides some sweetness, but the perfume is mostly warm and flowery. This is a beautiful scent that is suitable for any women.

Galanga, cinnamon, cardamom, and white pepper are the dominant notes of Carner Barcelona Sweet William. Carnation, tobacco flower, rose water, and ylang ylang are the middle notes. Vanilla, iris, styrax, and ambrarome are the base notes.

Carner Barcelona is the best option. Sweet William is a lovely scent to wear in the autumn, spring, and summer. This flower scent, like other floral scents, works well in warmer weather. However, because of the warm, spicy undertone, this scent may also be used in the autumn. You don’t have to worry about the setting while wearing this scent since it is incredibly inoffensive and will blend with almost any event. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

4. Barcelona Tardes Carner

The scent of Carner Barcelona Tardes is fresh, creamy, and nutty. The powerful, but pleasant aroma of almond greets you as soon as you open this fragrance. The almond note gives the fragrance a warm, almost gourmet feel. After a time, you’ll detect some woody undertones as well as musk. This fragrance has a warm and welcoming feel to it that isn’t too enticing. This gives it a distinct and endearing charm.

Almond, rosewood, geranium, and rose are the top notes of Carner Barcelona Tardes. Cedar, plum, and celery are the middle notes. Musk, heliotrope, and tonka bean are the foundation notes.

Best for: Carner Barcelona Tardes is a wonderful scent to wear in the winter. This fragrance has a warm overall aroma, thanks to the strong influence of woods and almonds. A scent like this is ideal for the winter months. This scent may be worn almost all of the time throughout the winter months. This fragrance has a pleasant, clean perfume that will not irritate anybody, anyplace. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

5. Carner Carner Carner Carner Carner Carner Carner Carner Carner Carner


Scent: Carner Barcelona Latin Lover is a wonderful powdery floral fragrance. The flowery tones of this scent strike you right away, but it also has a warm undertone. Throughout the fragrance’s lifespan, you’ll notice a lot of floral notes, notably white flowers, but you’ll also pick up on a powdery perfume, as well as some woods and greens now and then. This fragrance’s base has a resinous undertone that complements the warm undertone from the opening.

Carner Barcelona Latin Lover’s top notes include magnolia, ylang ylang, and bergamot. Lily of the valley, French narcissus, jasmine, and violet are the middle notes. White musk, Indonesian patchouli leaves, and benzoin comprise the base notes.

Carner Barcelona Latin Lover is a wonderful scent to wear in the transitional seasons of autumn and spring. It is neither too hot nor too chilly throughout those seasons. Although this is mostly a flowery scent, it also has a warm undertone. It’s ideal for the transitional seasons because of this mix. Overall, this is a superb, unobtrusive, and adaptable scent with which you just cannot go wrong. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

6. Salado Carner Barcelona

Scent: Carner Barcelona Salado is a wonderful aquatic, salty, and breezy fragrance. This aroma starts out with a spicy, but fresh scent. The peppery beginning fades fast, giving way to a much lighter, aquatic aroma. The cucumber note contributes significantly to the aquatic vibe; nevertheless, a note of salt is added afterwards, giving the scent an oceanic feel. The overall aroma of this fragrance is salty, marine, and generally summertime.

Bergamot, petitgrain, and pink pepper are the top notes of Carner Barcelona Salado. Cucumber and orange flower are the middle notes. Musk, salt, and woody tones make up the base notes.

Best for: Carner Barcelona Salado is a wonderful scent to wear on hot summer days. This fragrance has a fantastically fresh perfume that works well with the warmer weather. This scent is ideal for casual use in the summer, but you may also wear it to a semi-formal occasion. It’s highly flexible, lasts a long time, and smells great. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Is it Worth Purchasing Carner Barcelona Fragrances?

Carner Barcelona’s residence is very remarkable. You’ll immediately discover why their perfumes are regarded niche quality, thanks to their distinctive smells and stunning inspiration.

The Carner Barcelona perfumes are of excellent quality and have a rich scent. A Carner Barcelona fragrance is well worth the money in terms of scent. There’s certain to be one that matches your scenario among their huge choice of perfumes. However, these more opulent products come at a larger cost. Fortunately, the Carner Barcelona house opted not to make them too absurd. A Carner Barcelona fragrance is fairly priced, particularly when compared to other niche scents.

However, some individuals may find the pricing to be a little too excessive. I propose that you try a decant of Carner Barcelona fragrance for these folks. A fragrance decant is a smaller bottle that has been filled with the original scent. This allows you to sample the original scent without having to purchase a whole bottle. If you’re interested in learning more about scent decants, where to acquire them, and how they may help you save money, check out this post I made!

Finally, a Carner Barcelona scent is well worth acquiring and will make an excellent addition to your collection. I’d suggest looking through your existing scent collection to see which Carner Barcelona fragrances would be the best match!

The “carner barcelona fig man” is a fragrance that has been created by Carner Barcelona. This fragrance is one of the six best fragrances for women.

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