7 Best Boozy Fragrances For Women

Fragrance can do so much for you, from keeping your skin hydrated to making yourself smell nice and sexy. Fragrances also give a deep level of personal expression that matches who we are on the inside. That’s why it’s important to find the fragrance that works best for you

The “top 10 best selling perfumes in the world” is a list of the top 10 most popular perfume brands. This list includes some of the most popular fragrances for women.


When utilized in perfumes, boozy notes may provide some of the most luxurious and enticing scents available. There are many of alcoholic scents to select from, with a variety of boozy overtones. What, on the other hand, are the finest drunken scents for women?

How Do Boozy Fragrances Smell?

The word “boozy scent” refers to perfumes that have an alcoholic undertone. Alcoholic notes may come in a variety of forms, but the most prevalent alcoholic notes include rum, cognac, whiskey, brandy, and amaretto.

These alcoholic notes are generally thicker and darker in nature, adding a new dimension of depth to the scent. The note of whiskey, for example, may have a deep, smokey undertone in fragrances. However, there are other drunken scents that are more refreshing. To produce tropical cocktail-like aromas, boozy notes like rum may be combined with citruses.

From fresh to dark, boozy perfumes may be anything. And it’s because of this that they’re so fascinating. They provide a smell depth, warmth, and frequently a seductiveness that sets it different from the competition. In no particular order, these are some of the best boozy scents for ladies!

1. Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah)

Scent: Queen Latifah Queen is a wonderful scent with a brandy undertone. The aroma of this perfume begins with a sweet, warm, and seductive scent. The note of cognac is mixed in with the sweetness in the introduction, giving this scent a drunken mood. The extreme sweetness fades a little after a time, but it’s still there. This leaves you with a lovely aroma that’s warm, boozy, sweet, and all-around alluring. This scent has a faint similarity to Thierry Mugler Angel, albeit it is a little less ‘in your face.’

Mandarin and bergamot are the top notes of Queen Latifah Queen. Coriander, cognac, jasmine, and rose are the middle notes. Musk, tonka bean, vanilla, incense, sandalwood, and patchouli comprise the base notes.

Best for: Queen Latifah Queen is a wonderful scent to wear throughout the cooler months of the year, such as the autumn and winter. This fragrance’s powerful, sensual perfume is ideal for those chilly days since it can readily penetrate the cold. You may also use this scent at night, in addition to casual daytime wear. This scent is great for a night out or even a date because of its sensuous, seductive atmosphere. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

2. Water from the Creed Virgin Islands


Scent: Creed Virgin Island is a British Virgin Islands territory. Water is one of the most refreshing and boozy scents available. This perfume is reminiscent of tropical drinks and sandy beaches. The aroma of juicy lime, coconut, and white rum hits you right away, reminding you of a mojito blended with a pina colada. Sugar cane and floral notes are infused over time, leaving you with a perfume that is wonderfully fresh and exhilarating, suggestive of white beaches, drinks, and you having a good time.

Bergamot, mandarin, coconut, and lime are the top notes of Creed Virgin Island Water. Ylang ylang, hibiscus, jasmine, and ginger comprise the middle notes. White rum, sugar cane, and musk are the base notes.

Ideal for: Creed Virgin Island is a British Virgin Islands territory. During the summer, water is a lovely smell to wear. This fragrance has a wonderful, fresh perfume that is ideal for those hot, humid days. This is a terrific casual scent for those hot summer days, but it’s still luxury enough for formal wear. This is also one of the greatest fragrances to choose if you’re throwing an outside party of any kind. If you’re interested in checking out this real Creed masterpiece, you can do so here on Amazon!

3. Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s fragrance Velvet Orchid is a lovely fragrance with a sweet, flowery perfume and a little rum undertone. The perfume of honey, rum, and fruits greets you as you enter the room. This results in a sweet, almost syrupy aroma with a strong, alcoholic undertone. Nonetheless, it is not overbearing. The fruits fade away after a short while, giving way to the fragrance’s various flowery elements. This fragrance’s base layer adds extra sweet notes, leaving you with a sensuous, sweet, and somewhat drunken aroma.

Honey, rum, mandarin, and bergamot are the main notes of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. Orange flower, heliotrope, orchid, narcissus, black orchid, hyacinth, rose oil, magnolia, and jasmine are the middle notes. Suede, myrrh, vanilla, sandalwood, labdanum, and Peru balsam comprise the base notes.

Tom Ford is the best choice. Velvet Orchid is a wonderful scent to wear in the winter and autumn. This smell is extremely powerful, therefore it wouldn’t be appropriate for hot summer days. It does, however, work well as a midnight scent all year. This scent is powerful, sweet, and seductive, making it ideal for midnight wear. This makes this scent ideal for a date or a night out on the town. Of course, it’s also a nice casual daytime scent. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

212 VIP Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP has a beautiful aroma of rum and vanilla that is sweet and boozy. This fragrance begins with a sweet, fruity fruit perfume that is tropical in nature. This perfume lasts a long time before being joined by delicate traces of gardenia and musk. However, when some time has passed, some delicious foundation notes emerge. Vanilla and tonka bean notes blend well with the initial fruity, alcoholic perfume, leaving you with a tropical, drunken scent.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP has rum and passionfruit as its top notes. Gardenia and musk are the middle notes. Vanilla and tonka bean are the foundation notes.

Best for: Carolina Herrera 212 VIP is a wonderful scent that may be worn all year. Despite being rather sweet, the tropical mood in this scent makes it suitable for hotter days as well. Just keep an eye on your sprays. Finally, this is a wonderful scent to use when you simply want to unwind. It has a laid-back, vacation-like air about it, making it ideal for casual wear or taking on a trip. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon (No. 5)

Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon is a stunning aroma with a nutty, boozy almond and amaretto flavor. The perfume of almond opens this fragrance, which is warm and inviting. The alcoholic amaretto accord is added to this, giving the smell even more warmth and sweetness. After a time, some white flowers emerge, helping to balance off the sweetness. This fragrance’s base includes sweet gourmand notes as well as woody elements. Overall, despite its strength, this is a great gem.

Neroli, amaretto, bitter almond, and gardenia are the top notes of Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon. Rose, cedar, jasmine, musk, and iris comprise the middle notes. Caramel, cedar, dark chocolate, benzoin, vetiver, patchouli, and amber comprise the base notes.

Best for: Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon is a wonderful scent to wear in the winter. The aroma of this perfume is rather powerful and thick, making it a touch too overbearing to use during the summer. Throughout the colder months, though, this is a great scent to wear casually during the day and night. Overall, this is the ideal scent for a self-assured lady who believes in herself. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Tom Ford Champaca Absolute, No. 6


Tom Ford Champaca Absolute is a lovely fragrance with a fresh, but sweet aroma. The aroma begins with a drunken citrus and cognac scent. Floral elements are added, providing you with the distinct aroma of drunken citrusy flowers. After a little time, the fragrance’s base emerges, bringing with it a warm layer of amber and a pleasant touch of vanilla. Although the booziness remains, this fragrance evolves with time, leaving you with two equally wonderful smells.

Bergamot and cognac are the prominent notes in Tom Ford Champaca Absolute. Jasmine, violet, orchid, and champaca are the middle notes. Marron glace, sandalwood, amber, and vanilla are the base notes.

Tom Ford Champaca Absolute is a lovely fragrance with a sweet, boozy, flowery aroma. This perfume is on the stronger side, which makes it ideal for the winter months. This scent, on the other hand, might be worn all year round at night. This scent has a rich quality to it, making it an excellent option for formal settings as addition to casual and nocturnal use. If you’re interested in purchasing this lovely and versatile scent, you can do so on Amazon!

Bond No.9 West Side, Bond No.7, Bond No.9, Bond No.9

Bond No.9 West Side is a great scent with no drunken overtones indicated. It does, however, have a drunken undertone to it. This fragrance has a lovely perfume that nearly smells like you’re standing in a rose garden, despite the alcoholic undertone. There’s a beautiful coating of sweet vanilla on top of the roses, which creates a great mix of fresh and sweet. There are also some woody notes in the background, giving you a warm, somewhat sweet, and slightly boozy aroma altogether.

Musk, vanilla, rose, amber, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and peony are among the notes of Bond No.9 West Side.

Best for: Bond No.9 West Side is a lovely scent that may be worn throughout the year. This scent is neither too light nor too powerful, giving it the right balance and allowing it to be worn in both warm and cold weather. Overall, this scent is perfect for daytime wear, but it also works well at night. You may also wear this scent to any formal occasion. It’s a true work of art that may be used in a variety of situations. If you’re interested in purchasing this scent, you may do so on Amazon!

Is It Necessary To Have A Boozy Fragrance?

Boozy scents are excellent to have in your collection. They not only smell fantastic, but they also have a nice feel to them, and they’re really adaptable.

Most alcoholic perfumes are fantastic for wearing throughout winter, but they also work nicely for evening situations. For example, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is a terrific scent for everyday use, but it’s also appropriate for a date. Of all, not all alcoholic scents are reserved for the colder months. This is shown by Creed Virgin Island Water.

Overall, possessing a boozy smell is something to consider. They have a rich, deep, and refined scent about them. As a result, I strongly advise everyone to include at least one drunken scent in their collection. I’d suggest looking through your existing collection to determine which of these drunken scents might work best!

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