Armaf Clones List [May 2022]

Armaf has been the best perfume creator from the United Arab Emirates. Since the dawn of the new millennium, it has been an established company and has expanded its clientele from South Africa to India.

11 Best Armaf Clones 2022

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Blue Homme

It comes in one extraordinary bluish bottle with silver lines. It is mainly woody, aromatic, and fresh spicy. Citrus is the top note giving men who prefer Blue Homme a beautiful smell. 

Blue Homme is sold as a 100ml spray bottle that costs approximately $28.00. You can wear it throughout the whole day, and it is a perfume for men at work.

The perfume’s duration is satisfactory, and you can enhance it by using it right after you bathe. Blue Homme is an exceptional perfume from Armaf for men who want to smell nice!

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La Femme

One of the most emblematic perfumes for women is La Femme that Armaf has only recently placed in circulation. Its main accords are spices, vanilla, cedarwood, sweet and floral notes. The top notes are white floral and citrus to accentuate the presence of any woman wearing it.

La Femme comes in a luxurious black and gold bottle. It costs approximately $25.00 for the 100ml bottle.

La Femme is the absolute perfume for your night out at the club. You may use it during the day but certainly not in the summer season. The duration could be anywhere between eight and twenty-four hours, covering most of your day.

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La Rosa

La Rosa has been the alternative of La Femme from the house of Armaf. It was promoted to meet the needs of younger women across the world. The bottle has a rose-like appearance with golden details on the cap. 

The base tones are patchouli, nuts, and citrus, while the top notes are fruits, floral, and sweets. 

It costs around $25.00 for the 100ml bottle. Women wear it during their time at the office, and can last for more than eight hours.

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Here comes the floral and fruity fragrance for women, promoted by the Armaf company. Myst has spices, roses, and fruits as the base tones. For that reason, it could become the imperative spring and summer fragrance for women around the world.

Myst usually costs around $30.00 in the European and American markets. You can wear it during the day at work, but you could even use it as the perfume you want to wear when going out with friends. Its durability is more than 10 hours, especially if you are not sweating that much.

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Radical Brown

That is one of the most controversial perfumes Armaf ever presented to the public. It is an oriental spicy perfume for men and can become their characteristic when deciding to wear it daily. 

Radical Brown comes in an incredible brown sphere bottle with a sprayer. Tobacco, citrus, cinnamon, and wood are the base and top tones of this fragrance.

It is marketed in a 100ml bottle that costs about $34.00 in the world markets. Men usually wear it during their night out when they like to distinguish it from others. Its durability is monumental, and it can last more than 24 hours in some cases.

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Ventana pour Homme

Ventana is one of the most recent perfumes Armaf circulated in 2017 for men. It is presented in a black-silver rectangular bottle with a unanimous cap. Ventana has spices, herbs, lavender, and amber wood as the base and middle tones to accentuate the person wearing it. 

If you want to have it, you must spend around $35.00 for the 100ml bottle. 

The perfume is better suitable for your nights out, even though some people prefer to wear it at work as well. Its duration is way above average, lasting for more than 12 hours upon initial application.

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Armaf has decided to initiate a luxury collection of perfumes for men. Aura has been the first one to present in its luxurious brown vertical bottle. The tones are wood, musk, amber, and powder with some sweet spices as the top notes.

It would cost about $45.00 for the 100ml bottle. You may wear it at work, and its duration is almost 8 hours.

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Here is another fragrance for younger men marketed by Armaf. The base tones are fresh spice, floral, fruits, powder, vanilla, and almond. It gives you a personality that no other perfume may offer you.

Craze costs about $29.00 for the 100ml bottle and can give you the best impression when going out at night. However, many people like to wear it at work even though they use fewer portions. The duration is close to 10 hours and can last more to certain skin types.

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It is one of the best sellers in Armaf men’s perfumes. Voyage perfume has the tones of fresh spices, cinnamon, lavender, citrus, and ozone that makes it so different from anything else you have smelled before.

It costs close to $35.00 for the 100ml bottle. Most men use it exclusively at the office, where they can make their presence distinct.

The Voyage perfume’s average duration is close to 8 hours since it has some floral notes that get easily evaporated.

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Voyage Blue

The Voyage Blue men’s fragrance was presented in 2015 as a reinforced edition of the classic Voyage. The tones are relatively simple as they comprise warm spices, amber wood, and citrus that give an excellent smelling effect.

The Voyager Blue comes in a very impressive blue bottle and costs approximately $35.00 for the 100ml bottle. It is good for wearing it at work, and its duration is more than 8 hours.

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Black Onyx

It is one of the few unisex perfumes from Armaf’s house. Black Onyx is marketed in a round bottle with a black cap. The basic tones are patchouli, amber, and cinnamon. The middle and top notes are warm spices, and balsamic, making your smelling sound interesting to all people.

Black Onyx costs about $35.00 for the 100ml bottle and can be the best perfume when you attend a formal ceremony. Its duration is more than 12 hours, always depending on your skin type.

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