Guess Perfume For Women (Top 10 Best) Review

In this article, we are going to discuss top 10 best perfumes for women. The review of the products will help you make a decision as to whether or not they are worth buying and what your preferences may be.

Guess is a popular perfume brand that creates a variety of scents for women. The “which guess perfume is the best for ladies” is a top 10 list of Guess perfumes.


Hello, Guess Addicts! Welcome to the 10 Best Guess Women’s Perfume Review. The Marciano brothers – Armand, George, Maurice, and Paul – founded Guess as a result of their efforts. Original perfume was Guess’s very first release. When utilized, it’s a perfume with a floral core and a strong woody appeal from the base notes. Guess’s women’s fragrances have a lot of movement. They come in a variety of smells that appeal to people of all ages. Men’s scents, I suppose, are just as nice. Their scents vary from overpowering, warm, delicate, and mild.

If you’re a Guess woman, this piece is for you. Today’s topic will be a review of the 10 Best Guess Perfume for Women. Let’s go right to the point and look at the first item on the list.

1.EDT Guess Girl 1.EDT Guess Girl 2.EDT Guess Girl 3.EDT Guess Girl 4.EDT

For many years, Guess has created goods that exude a sensual and young mood in women. As a result, it decided to create a scent that personifies the whole image of its goods. Guess Girl is a scent that ladies should not overlook. It has a lively scent that immediately entices the senses.

The young nuances of raspberry, melon, and bergamot welcome you as you enter this scent. After that, flowery notes with a somewhat seductive character appear. The creamy and vivid highlights of tuberose and white lily are the most prominent element of the flowery middle note. The base note is excellent. It has a woody, creamy aroma that reminds you of an old-fashioned Italian bakery.

This scent has a decent dry down, in my opinion. Before the base note comes in, the top and middle notes have strong individual durability. Furthermore, I like the decadent nature of the base note, which is uncommon in women’s perfume.

By the way, I recommend getting the gift package version of this item. The gift package version is preferable since it has a fresher scent and has extra benefits.

Advantages of Guess Girl

  • It has a sensual yet young feel about it.
  • It feels nice on the skin and responds nicely to perspiration.
  • It smells like the fragrances Curious and Paris Hilton.


The Drawbacks of Guess Girl

  • The mandarin accent is hardly audible.


Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Girl?

  • appropriate for attires
  • matches the preferences of women in their twenties and thirties


2.Assume the role of Marciano.

Marciano is one of the Guess fragrances that best encapsulates summer festivals. This perfume has a really happy, bright, and clean scent. It’s a wonderful fragrance to wear in the spring, summer, and winter. Barbara Zoebelein designed Marciano, which debuted on the market in 2007.

The sour scent of star fruit is the first note in this perfume. The somewhat boozy and fruity aromas of curacao orange liqueur, grapefruit, and cardamom complement the sourness. Powdery and flowery accords coming from peony, jasmine, and honeysuckle make up the middle notes. The foundation is a rich, creamy scent with notes of musk, vanilla, and woody accents.

Marciano, like Girl, appeals to both young and older ladies. It may, nevertheless, be better for people who enjoy perfumes with powerful base notes. If you’re searching for a long-lasting perfume, this is the one to choose.

Guess Marciano’s Advantages

  • It has a vanilla scent that becomes stronger and deeper with time.
  • It has the same scent as the more costly Dolce and Gabanna Pour Femme.
  • There’s a tiny alcoholic taste to it, which helps to make the sourness acceptable.

Guess Marciano’s drawbacks


Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Marciano?

  • It has a sillage that becomes better with time.
  • It may be used as a night perfume to help you sleep.

3.Name the EDT for Seductive Wild Summer.

Summer is characterized as a season for love and merriment. It’s that time of year when everyone feels compelled to go out and enjoy life before the dreary winter sets in. It’s also the time of year when the environment is alive with activity. Animals are scurrying about, flowers are blossoming, and the air is brimming with vitality. Wild Summer is the perfume for you if you’re seeking for a scent that makes you feel as fantastic as summer does.

The floral-fruity scent of litchi, red berries, and pear ushers in the voyage of wild summer. The top note has a savory scent to me that reminds me of a well-made fruit cocktail. On the other hand, the flowery middle note has a really seductive scent. Rose, orange blossom, and jasmine have deep powdery and sweet aromas that seem to unite the mind and emotions. Finally, the base note is rather bright. It’s made up of scents like cashmere wood, vanilla, and musk.

This scent has a sensual quality to it. Many people believe that this product has a high level of sensuality. However, after wearing it, I found it to be quite the contrary. Wild Summer is still a fantastic scent. It excels at bringing forth the hidden energy inside you.

Guess Wild Summer’s Advantages

  • A scent with a lot of energy.
  • Has strong sillage and projection.
  • It has a decent dry down.

The Drawbacks of Guess Wild Summer

  • This product’s sensuality is exaggerated.


Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Wild Summer?

  • Shows the vivacious nature of the Guess women.
  • Gives you a positive attitude

4.Women’s EDT: Guess Seductive

Guess Seductive is an extremely sensuous scent, as the name suggests. When it comes to bringing out sexuality, eroticism, and appeal, I prefer this product over the previous one. The scent starts with a sweet top note of zesty bergamot, black currant, and pear that catches the eye. The center note is highlighted by orris root, strong jasmine, and warm African orange blossom, all of which have deep and earthy floral overtones.

The base note isn’t very memorable. It is, nonetheless, crucial in combining the intricacies of the top and middle notes.

Guess Seductive is a seductive scent. However, when compared to fragrances from other companies with similar concepts, it lacks depth. In a nutshell, this product embodies the impression of innocent sexiness that certain ladies exude.

Advantages of Guess Seductive

  • It has a soft, seductive scent.
  • It’s ideal for mothers, lone women, and the elderly.
  • Has a scent that isn’t too mature for most folks.

The Drawbacks of Guess Seductive

  • Longevity seems to be inadequate.


Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Seductive?

  • A fantastic referral to friends
  • It may be used as a layer to give sexiness to fragrances that have a fresh scent.

5.Women’s 1981 EDT Guess

The name of this perfume gives the impression that it is a vintage scent. However, when you use it, you’ll notice that it has a really current and sophisticated scent. Women’s 1981 is a 2017 perfume that was launched. Its goal is to combine the contemporary and traditional aspects of perfumery. As a result, this perfume has a fresh, lively scent that emphasizes how simplicity can contribute to elegance and beauty.

Guess Women’s 1981 Pros

  • It has a basic yet appealing scent.

The disadvantages of Guess Women’s 1981

  • For stunning outfits, this isn’t the best perfume.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Women’s 1981?

  • Even when used excessively, it does not have a foul odor.
  • It’s a scent that’s perfectly safe to use at work.

6.Early Bird Dare EDT

Dare was launched in 2014 by Guess. Dare was created by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic to elicit complex emotional feelings like as desire, love, admiration, and compassion. Dare is a must-see for women yearning for romance. It’s a scent aimed at filling the hole in their hearts.

Dare has a zesty floral scent on the top note. It smells a little like orange and jasmine mixed together, but it’s a little stronger. Cactus, jasmine, and peony perfumes make up the middle note, which has a very green white flowery scent. Finally, the base note has a subtle tropical woody aroma that comes from coconut flesh, musk, and woody notes.

If you’re simply curious about Guess fragrances, Dare is a wonderful place to start. It has a scent that is nearly identical to other Guess scents. Nonetheless, get this one to get a sense of Guess fragrances in general.

Advantages of Guess Dare

  • It has a pleasant green flowery middle note.
  • When combined with a fresh powdered scent, it has a nice projection.

The Drawbacks of Guess Dare

  • For some, it may smell unremarkable.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Dare?

  • Ensures a successful and secure blind purchase
  • Even when combined with two or three different scents, it stands out.

7.Gold EDP Guess

For some women, femininity is a foreign concept. As a result, some of them seek for scents with a hint of masculinity. It’s difficult to find unisex scents that flawlessly mix macho and feminine aspects. Nonetheless, there’s no need to search any farther. Guess Gold is a perfume that strong ladies need.

A zesty and green top note drawn from the aromas of apple, lemon, and pineapple kicks off the wonder of Guess Gold. It reminds you of the palm beaches of Hawaii and other tropical Pacific nations when you smell it. The flowery middle note, on the other hand, conjures up images of Belgium’s and the Netherlands’ beautiful floral gardens. Finally, the base note is very powerful. It has a deep woody and warm aroma that is both strong and delicate.

The fact that the base note of Guess Gold smells the strongest and lasts the longest is rather impressive. This perfume has a foundation that smells a little like Guess men’s cologne. Guess Gold, on the other hand, may function as a unisex scent.

Advantages of Guess Gold

  • It has a robust, long-lasting base tone.
  • Doesn’t necessitate repainting
  • Gives the user a flirtatious personality.

The Drawbacks of Guess Gold

  • The top note and middle note dry down too quickly.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Gold?

  • It’s a scent that’s suitable for both men and women.
  • It has a lovely, deep, yet mild aroma.
  • It’s a fantastic scent to use while setting up meetings or appointments.

8.Belle EDT (Guess Girl)

Girl Belle is a reinterpretation of the Guess Girl perfume, which was first introduced in 2012. It was launched one year after its predecessor. This perfume, like Guess Girl, has a strong floral scent with a sweet undertone. This one, on the other hand, could be superior since it stands out more in a throng. Also, even when exposed to a lot of air, the transition from top to base note is smoother.

If you believe Guess Girl is too young, you should try this scent. This perfume has a more mature sophisticated vibe about it. Its odor, on the other hand, is neither enticing nor seductive. Wear this one if you’re going out to have some clean fun with your pals.

Advantages of Guess Girl Belle

  • It settles quickly and dries quickly.
  • Guess Girl in a more adult form
  • Has a strong pleasant odor that immediately attracts other people’s attention.

The Drawbacks of Guess Girl Belle

  • Not suitable for official occasions such as meetings, team-building exercises, project planning, and so on.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in a Guess Girl Belle?

  • Can be used as a fast respray to keep pricey fragrances that don’t last long from running out.
  • Gives you a character that is somewhere in the between of being youthful and adult.

9.Women’s EDP Spray (Guess)

If you like gourmet scents, Guess is for you. This is a perfume that has a lot of delicious fruity undertones. There’s a touch of flowery elements here and there. This one, however, is dominated by the green, pleasant, and fresh scents of fruits. This scent reminds me of a fair when rich and exotic fruits from all over the globe are on display.

Simply expressed, Guess for Women is a fragrance that exposes you to the explosive nature of fruity scents.

Advantages of Guess for Women

  • It has a strong fruity smell.
  • Very relaxing and relaxing.

Women’s Cons of Guess

  • It has a subtle acidic tint to it.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess for Women?

  • It’s a fantastic scent for disguising smells.
  • When exposed to sunshine, this scent shines brightly.

10.Assume the role of Seductive Noir.

The scent Seductive Noir is all about sexuality. It makes you want to force him into bed and offer him fantastic joys that no other woman can provide. This perfume has a strong flowery scent that goes deep into the nostrils. It also has a pleasant, creamy scent that both soothes and seduces the senses. But don’t overdo it with the perfume; it can make it difficult for him to get over you.

Advantages of Guess Seductive Noir

  • Guess scent that is both alluring and enticing.
  • It has a scent that is difficult to forget.
  • It has a strong but not unpleasant feeling about it.

The Drawbacks of Guess Seductive Noir

  • Teens should avoid it.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in Guess Seductive Noir?

  • When you’re spending the night with him, it increases the amount of closeness.


If you’re seeking for high-end scents at a low price, Guess perfumes are worth a go. What I like about the goods on this list is that they all have scents that are hard to dislike. Having said that, I hope my Top 10 Best Guess Perfume for Women Review was useful. If it did, have a look at the items for yourself and let me know what you think.

The “best perfume for women” is a best-selling fragrance that has been around since the 1920s. This top 10 best review will help you find your new favorite scent.

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