Ralph Lauren Women Perfume (Top 10 Best) Review

Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular fashion brands, and their women’s fragrance line has been around for a while. The company is working on expanding its product range with new celebrity scents but they’re still looking to make their mark in this space.

Ralph Lauren Women Perfume is a top 10 best perfume. This review will help you decide if this is the right fragrance for you. Read more in detail here: best ralph lauren perfume for him.


Modern perfumery has its roots mostly in Europe. The oldest and most prestigious perfume companies all began modestly in France, in Grasse, for example. This is why many people associate vintage scents with the old noble and sophisticated European lifestyle. Nonetheless, did you know that there is a perfume line dedicated to capturing the essence of the American spirit? Ralph Lauren was founded in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. Its scents reflect the free-spirited and extroverted nature of the American way of life. Ralph Lauren is a well-known fragrance brand. Tom Ford, Bradley Cooper, Sting, and Anne Hathaway are among the celebrities who have used its scents.

Are Ralph Lauren perfumes right for you? To learn more, read our assessment of the top 10 Ralph Lauren women’s perfumes. Also, read Perfume Tips’ review of Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume.


1.Midnight Romance is a story about a couple who fall in love late at

This fragrance is a reworked version of Ralph Lauren’s Romance, which first hit the market in 1998. Because it had a strong floral scent, the original Romance was considered mature. This is something that Midnight Romance avoids. It has a lighter feel to it, as though it personifies purity and freshness.

The scent of bergamot, raspberry, and lichen greets you as you enter Midnight Romance. Peony, sambac jasmine, and freesia give out a pleasant summery scent. The foundation tones of vanilla, ambroxan, and iris absolute give these middle notes a seductive quality.

Who says purity can’t be seductive? When a woman’s physical attraction meets her unblemished character, she is at her most appealing. Wear this scent if you want to project a quiet yet mischievous personality.

Midnight Romance Perfume’s Advantages

  1. It has an overpowering scent at first.

  2. The tones of the middle perfumes are quite well harmonized.

  3. inspired by one of Ralph Lauren’s most famous scents

Midnight Romance Perfume’s Drawbacks

  1. Other fragrance tones are overshadowed by the raspberry scent.

  2. It’s not a really enticing scent.

Why Should You Purchase Midnight Romance Perfume?

  1. offers a fresh and uncomplicated floral scent

  2. ideal for all ages of women

  3. It has a refreshing and light feel about it.

2.The Second Big Pony

The Big Pony 2 is a female counterpart to the Big Pony 1. This perfume has a light, refreshing scent that is ideal for summer. This fragrance was first released in 2012. Try this scent if you want to attract a lot of people’s attention.

Big Pony 2 demonstrates the benefits of a fruity oriental scent. It has a strawberry-like aroma that I find quite appealing. The mix of tonka beans and cranberries, however, gives this scent its seductive and appealing character.

A lady who is eager to steal men’s hearts. If you want to portray a sexy image, this is the scent for you.

Big Pony 2’s Advantages

  1. Perfume with a fruity but not sour scent.

  2. a wonderful scent for use outside

Big Pony 2’s drawbacks

  1. For formal wear, this is not the greatest perfume.

  2. For business, this isn’t the ideal scent.

Why Should You Buy Big Pony 2?

  1. perfume with a strong scent

  2. does not have a sour odor

  3. feminine in nature

3.Women’s Safari

Ralph Lauren’s safari is a timeless classic. It’s a perfume from the 1990s, and nothing has changed about it since then. Safari is a fragrance inspired by the average American lady. It’s a scent that evokes a sense of adventure, bravery, and elegance.

The top and middle notes of this perfume are highly floral. Despite this, they do not have an unpleasant odor since the aldehyde scent makes a pleasant combination. The base, which includes moss, tonka beans, and styrax, lends a warm feel to the scent.

A woman’s attraction is defined by more than just her appearance. A woman’s reckless approaches that control a man’s character might sometimes make her appealing. As a result, if you want to convey the image of a lady who isn’t constrained by laws or prejudice, try this fragrance.

Women’s Safari Benefits

  1. an invigorating scent

  2. From beginning to end, it’s incredibly flowery.

  3. one of Ralph Lauren’s all-time favorites

Women’s Safari Drawbacks

  1. It’s simple to become weary of

Why Should Women Consider Purchasing Safar?

  1. a wonderful scent for formal wear

  2. caters to elderly women’s preferences

  3. has a pleasant flowery scent that is both warm and inviting

4.Lauren for the Ladies

Ralph Lauren’s Lauren is another timeless masterpiece. This scent was created by Bernard Chant in 1978. Lauren is the scent that launched Ralph Lauren’s career in the perfume business. As a consequence, it’s a perfume that not only smells good but also comes packaged in a really lovely container.

The fresh flowery scent of rosewood, clary sage, and pineapple opens the perfume. The top note of this scent reminds you of a morning dew-drenched flower garden. Lilac, cyclamen, lily of the valley, violet, and other middle notes evoke a bright flower garden in the afternoon.

Finally, the depth is provided by the base note of carnation, vetiver, oakmoss, sandalwood, and cedar. These scents combine nicely with the top and middle scents, preventing any sour or powdery odors from entering the nose.

Lauren’s Advantages for Women

  1. a flowery scent that is really fresh

  2. does not have a dusty or sour odor

  3. has a pleasant projection

Lauren’s Drawbacks for Women

  1. It’s possible that it’ll have a softer scent than the original.

Why Should You Buy Lauren for Women?

  1. a perfume with a nostalgic scent

  2. It has a very refined scent.

  3. blends nicely with Ralph Lauren’s other floral scents


Woman is a new fragrance by Ralph Lauren. It was probably introduced three years ago. Many people mistake this scent with the one I described before. Lauren, on the other hand, comes in red packaging, whilst Lauren comes in a light brown or orange perfume container that looks like a zippo.

The scent of rhubarb, black currant, and pear is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this perfume. The flowery and citrusy middle notes of orange blossom, tuberose, and Turkish rose arrive next, followed by the floral and citric top notes. The product’s middle tones are amazing, caressing the nose with an invigorating passionate scent.

This scent has a little smokiness to it. The base notes of hazelnut, sandalwood, and other woody notes, I believe, are to blame.

Lauren Woman’s Advantages

  1. a perfume based on Ralph Lauren’s most recent recipe

  2. a delicious scent that smells sweet, fresh, and flowery all at once

Lauren Women’s Negatives

  1. has a smokey aroma that overpowers the flowery scent

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Lauren Women?

  1. scent with a wide range of applications

  2. It doesn’t have a very feminine scent about it.

  3. It starts off powerful, but then fades out.

6.Intense Woman

Woman Intense is a spin-off of the original Woman fragrance, which I previously described. This perfume is suited ladies who like strong floral scents. If you believe the other scents on this list are too light or lackluster, you should choose this one.

The top note of this perfume is spicy and sweet, with notes of black currant, pink pepper, neroli, and rhubarb. The middle tone is flowery and somewhat sour, yet it elevates the sweetness of the top note to new heights. The center tone, by the way, is made up of orange flower, tuberose, and sambac jasmine.

Finally, the base note adds a velvety, smoky undertone. Black vanilla, sandalwood, and amber wood make up the scent.

Intense Woman’s Advantages

  1. a more intense version of the classic Woman fragrance

  2. has a seductive and enticing projection

The disadvantages of being a woman are many.

  1. has a sour taste to it

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Woman Intense?

  1. Perfume for ladies in their twenties and thirties

  2. It has a strong flowery scent.


Ralph first joined the market in the year 2000. This is one of Ralph Lauren’s freshest fragrances. Despite being lightness, this perfume clearly displays all of the scents employed. All of the elements for Ralph, on the other hand, work together to bring each other out. If you want a perfume that smells lively but not chaotic, this is the one to get.

The sweet and warm scents of apple leaf, Japanese osmanthus, and Italian mandarin open this fragrance. To put it another way, these top notes remind you of late summer when everything is alive and well. The center notes of boronia, yellow freesia, and magnolia, on the other hand, seduce the senses.

Finally, the base notes of musk and white iris give some respite so that the top and middle notes don’t overpower the wearer.

Ralph might be a name for males. Nevertheless, don’t be deceived because this perfume is feminine in nature in all aspects. Furthermore, it’s light but doesn’t smell lacking nor heavy. Thus, this might be the best floral fruity perfume on this list.

Ralph’s Advantages

  1. has a fresh and lively scent

  2. The top note, middle note, and base note all work well together.

  3. has a very long lifespan

Ralph’s disadvantages

  1. It has a pleasant scent, yet it isn’t overpowering.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Ralph?

  1. a wonderful scent for both young and older ladies

  2. It’s invigorating and reassuring.

8.Ralph Love is a fictional character.

The original Ralph perfume represents a moment in a woman’s life when she is young and oblivious to the glitter of emotions that love brings. Ralph Love, on the other hand, is intended to represent a woman’s first love, when everything looked wonderful and joyful.

Ralph Love’s composition is straightforward. The top note of this perfume is a sweet and zesty apple smell. The center note is a red rose aroma. Finally, the base note is the delicious sugary scent of cotton candy.

Ralph’s Advantages Love

  1. a flowery and sweet fragrance

  2. ideal for females between the ages of 15 and 18.

Ralph’s disadvantages Love

  1. For some users aged 20 and above, it may smell uninteresting or bland.


Romance is a perfume that was launched in 1998. Its original recipe was established by Harry Fermont. Romance is a scent that epitomizes delicate affection, providing warmth and soothing the heart, which is just what every woman desires. Check out this item since it will bring back memories of the love that made you full.

Water lily and white violet fragrance notes give this product a nostalgic flowery smell. Carnation and ginger give forth little blasts of spicy and green scent. Finally, white musk, patchouli, and oakmoss calm the nose while masking the spiciness.

At first, romance projects an unfavorable image. As soon as the base notes kick in, everything will calm down. Romance, on the other hand, may not smell pleasant at first. However, the longer it lasts, the more incredible it gets.

Romance’s Advantages

  1. The longer it’s worn, the nicer it smells.

  2. has a long lifespan

  3. For ladies in relationships, this is a fantastic scent.

Romance’s Drawbacks

  1. early projections aren’t promising

Why Should You Buy Romance Perfume?

  1. works great as a nighttime fragrance

  2. contains a delicate flowery scent

10.Delicate Romance

In 2016, Ralph Lauren released Tender Romance. This scent was designed by Honorine Blanc. Based on the packaging, I believe this is a tweaked version of the original Romance perfume, similar to Midnight Romance. Tender Romance is inspired by the flowery aromas that oriental ingredients may provide. If you like thinking about the warmth of East Asia, this is the one for you.

The scent of ginger, bergamot, and pear is pleasant and stimulating at first. There’s a faint herbal flavor to it. This is due to the presence of ginger. Magnolia, white ginger, and lily make up the center tone. The middle tone is quite flowery, but not powdery, thanks to these elements.

Finally, the base notes serve as a foundation enabling the upper and middle sounds to freely merge. Tender romance has a milder scent profile than the classic Romance perfume, making it a better option for younger ladies.

Tender Romance’s Advantages

  1. a more oriental take on the traditional Romance scent

  2. has a flowery scent that is energizing

Tender Romance’s Drawbacks

  1. It may be an excess to use ginger scent for the top and middle notes.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Tender Romance?

  1. a variation of Romance aimed towards younger females

  2. has a positive first impression

  3. has a strong base note


The top ten Ralph Lauren women’s perfumes are listed below. As you can see, the majority of them are floral scents that have been combined with fruity, zesty, or herbal essences to make them unique. If you like flowery scents, Ralph Lauren is a terrific choice.

If you’re new to flowery scents, trying the perfumes on this list is a fantastic idea. It’s because they contain smells that most first-time users find appealing. Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, is the brand that will educate you to appreciate floral essence perfumes. 

Ralph Lauren Women Perfume is a top 10 best fragrance for women. It’s a beautiful scent that will make you feel like the most beautiful woman ever. The Romance is an amazing combination of notes that are perfect for any occasion. Reference: ralph lauren perfume romance.

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